24 July 2012

A motherfucking parking TICKET. shit.

I was wondering how many swears I could work into the title of this so long time taken to write blog post. There are two and rest assured I could have included more but my mom reads this when I post.
So. The LOML and I drove to town. She was getting her hair did and I just wanted to sit at Starbucks and have a coffee and mess around on the Internet for free. Sort of free. Appears it will cost me the $10 ticket, the $5 coffee, a $10.99 digital album download (Passion Pit), plus the soon to be heard 'I told you so' which will be pointed out by the LOML. sheesh. I had just glanced outside to see if there were any parking meter minders and I saw none. I thought for sure I would see before they struck me. I guess I was wrong because it seems that they are ninjas with specific training in not being detected. Not to mention or bitch BUT they never ticketed the three people I saw parked in the handicap spot! Not to bitch though mind you. I wouldn't do that.
I should get out there and put more money in and pay the ticket before the hair appointment finishes. I can't keep a secret so I'll tell her and she'll be right. She usually is. Drives me insane! No joke.
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