07 March 2012

EPISODE THREE: Survivor 24 - One World

Well here it is, one week late! Sorry about that everyone. I was away in Vancouver Tuesday through Friday and haven't taken the opportunity to write up the weekly review. I went to Vancouver to attend the Bottom Line 2012 Conference: Practical Steps to a Psychologically Healthy Workplace. It was put on by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Fantastic first day and the second half day was also promising. I learned about Peer Support and Occupational Stress Injury.

I loved this week! I watched in on the plane from Vancouver to Whitehorse on Friday. I'm going to watch it again and give you the highlights!
Alicia gives some good advise to Kat: "Don't cry at tribal counsel." 
Colton and Jonas head over to the women's side of the camp to see if they want to go and hang out with them under their tarp so they can keep dry through the pending storm and stay warm. The women decide to tough it out - through the worst of it on their own. Oh no, the women don't have a fire. The girls beg the boys to go and dry up by their fire. So, Colton and Troyzan tell them to go over there and warm up. 
Matt was all pissed off because the women were warming and drying by the men's fire, but he realizes that "some of the guys might be sensitive to that." Sensitive to freezing cold women. 
The reward challenge this week is for a canoe and fishing gear.This is a memory challenge, they will be shown a line of items (chain, rocks, bags, skulls).
Sabrina vs. Matt: She kicks his butt. Sweet.
Colton vs. Monica: She beats him. Nice.
Alicia vs. Jay (male model): She took it. Right on.
Kat vs. Troyzan: Neither one got it right until the SEVENTH time where Kat managed to FINALLY steal it. Yes.
Women winning 4-0
Bill vs Christina: WOMEN WIN REWARD! About time. I hope the canoe doesn't go to waste. I'm just saying. 

The women got together and started repairing their shelter and attempting to get a fire going. They couldn't do it because everything else was so wet. So, what did they do? They went to the men's camp begging for an ember. The men gave them the ember, but they are getting annoyed with the women mooching off of them and they want something for it. They want to use the boat if they are going to keep helping them out. And Colton? What the hell is he talking about - he's a republican. Come on. No you ain't. 

Poor Chelsea's hands are disgusting. 
Alicia and Chelsea head back over to the men's fire. Jonas is getting annoyed. He thinks they should tough it out. Jay is getting up in their faces too. He wants to make a deal. the girls don't think the guys are making good deals. Bill is all annoyed too. Tarzan sends the two ladies back to their camp to see if they can come to a consensus about letting them borrow the boat and fishing gear for use of their fire. Nah. They ain't gonna do that. See I don't like the way Chelsea is presenting it. She's making it seem like the guys were like, "you're letting us take that boat and fishing gear since we gave you an ember and you better or we're just going to take it." Flippin' Kat pipes in with, "we're just girls. we're not meant to be beat down this well." What does that even mean? I hate that type of talk. 

Initially I thought, if the women win this what a waste of fishing gear and a canoe. I automatically thought they would not be able to do anything with it. Holy cow was I ever wrong! The women were awesome this week! They went out and they caught three fish. They were small, but they caught some! 

The men are seeing the increase in confidence from the women. I am pretty sure that Troyzan will be on side with the women when the merge finally happens. 

Immunity is back up for grabs: They have one person designated as a caller. They will lead two people tethered together and blind-folded to a series of buckets that when dumped drop a bag of puzzle pieces not to mention a random coloured liquid. Once the puzzle pieces are returned, the caller will then get all the puzzle pieces and build the puzzle. Sabrina is the caller for the women and Bill the comedian for the men. The guys head back quick with their first puzzle bag. Sabrina is having a hell of a time directing the women. The guys have two and now three. FINALLY the women have one. The men now have four. Sabrina can't direct for nothing. She's telling people to go forward when it's not possible...Women now have 2 bags. The men have all necessary parts and Bill starts the puzzle just after the women get back with the third bag. Sabrina is now sending girls over fences.She was much better at directing once Bill stopped screaming in her ear. Bill is still working on the puzzle. Women need to get two more bags for the puzzle. 
"You need to MOVE women," Jeff Probst in his black shirt and black, white, and green hat screams at them.
The men are ahead in the puzzle challenge. They have a big lead. Sabrina starts kicking butt. She's got three pieces and now four. Men are in the lead still, but then they get five pieces and six tying the game. Now we are at seven/seven. Three pieces are left. Men get 8 and then the women tie it up, they get the ninth piece and it's tied again - the women WIN IMMUNITY!
The men will find themselves at their first even tribal counsel. 
Matt has created some power and he's ready to execute it. Tonight at tribal. What the hell does that mean? He's been building up power for eight days...how? 
Boys on the chopping block: Matt and Bill - Bill because he lost the puzzle making ability and because Colton is a racist. When explaining why he wanted Bill voted out: "I can't deal with his like 'ya bro, ya bro, like ya' shut up. Like go kill yourself." and he tops it off by calling him "ghetto trash." The five are meeting and Tarzan thought Bill was their floater - their sixth man in the alliance of five. Colton shuts him down and says he needs to go home first. He says Bill is too wishy washy. Tarzan doesn't think so. They kind of want to get rid of Matt first because he's more influential and stronger than Bill is. Tarzan tells everyone that walks up to their caucus that they are meeting as an alliance and they will decide who is going home. Jay might be persuaded to vote with the five misfits. And after about 12 seconds, Jay bird is voting with them. Matt approaches and asks what's going on. Tarzan says, "We're talking strategy. I mean it's obvious, right?" I thought it was hilarious. Matt asked if his presence was bothering their strategy talk. He basically went there to get Troyzan to see "if he would like to be with (him) and (his) guys or you're with Troy and the Average Joes." So, they are the roosters? The guys that are really in power will take out the Average Joes because they are roosters? Troyzan basically thinks Matt's a jerk. He was able to sell the idea to vote for Matt to go home. Matt starts to scramble and he attempts to call out Tarzan to put a target on him so that someone from the five strong believe they should vote him out. Bill gets a little crazy and awkward at tribal. So - Colton has the idol and says he's going to play it. He doesn't. He knows he doesn't have to. That would have been interesting though since he said that he wasn't going to be a James and get voted out with an idol on hand. He did get at least one vote. Bill got one vote. Matt got five. Finally - Jeff calls Colton out on being a douche bag. Colton thinks it's supposed to be obvious that he would want to spend the majority of his time with the women's tribe. Jeff wonders why that is. Why would it be obvious that a guy on the guy's tribe would spend all their time with the women's tribe? 
Tarzan asks to see if the can get the last two votes from Jeff because they weren't read out. Jeff says, "No."

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