25 March 2012

Ding Dong the Witch is dead. Survivor 24

Okay, thank god he didn't really die because then my title would be HORRIBLE. He was just medically evacuated for acute appendicitis. OMG. I really had no idea what it was either and could really relate to Kat's complete and utter shock and fear of not knowing what appendicitis is! I just googled it and got my wiki(pedia) on. I won't even send you to the info page and I don't recommend you see it if you don't know - it sounds horrible. My sympathies to anyone who has had this happen.
Okay, let's get back to something more light-hearted. Kat did seem kind of dense at tribal. I like her, she's 'honest'.
Colton is terrible! I don't know 100% if he even realizes it. I didn't know there were people out there as mean as him and low and behold there are two of them on the same tribe - you know who you are Alicia. You know.
I couldn't believe their behaviour. I hope they watch and are embarrassed for themselves. They were so mean to Christina. She knew she was going home when they lost the challenge. She fricken couldn't have not known. They were so mean. Colton referred to Christina as the cockroach of Survivor, that no one likes her - even the girls don't like her, and that she could if she was so inclined to do so - jump into the fire. Alicia was sitting there nodding all along, petting him like he's a puppy or something. I wanted to be sick...but not really sick of course - I'm still scared of the appendicitis. 
So - they proceed to be abusive towards their peer - I'm not even kidding. I'm so ashamed for Alicia. She teaches special needs kids, right? She just seems like a bully right now and that's not cool. I'd like to see her at work. She's probably not that person. She can't be, right?
Instant karma's a bitch, Colton. A bigger bitch than you could ever be. And I'm sorry - this is your lesson for this part of your life. I hope you've grown up a titch. We see in night vision Colton being petted by Christina. It's late and he's complaining of a crazy headache. She thought it was just a stress related thing seeing as he has never been away from home...tummy ache and tension headache is all she thought it was. This continued into the daylight. Colton went on a walkabout into the woods and he didn't return. He was lying there on the ground nearly in a puddle of his own excrement and vomit. Christina freaked out when she found him and summoned medical.
Jeff showed up with the medical team. They pushed on the area just below his ribcage on the right hand side. When they did that he cried like a baby and his heart rate increased from 60 bpm to 120. Wow. So, then he started crying and the medical team determined that he could have appendicitis so he would have to be removed from the game. Colton said he didn't want to go, but m'eh...you won't be too terribly missed. I think I'll miss the fodder though.
In the middle of Colton's depressing news and illness - Jeff leans right over him, "So...uh, whatcha gonna do with that idol?" I laughed so hard. He didn't even say anything about how he wished he was feeling better or anything like that. Colton asked if he could give it away to someone, but in the end he asked Alicia to please tell Sabrina, "thank-you for the souvenir". They left it as if he didn't give it to anyone. Now, I'm not sure whether he gave it away or not. I wouldn't be surprised either way. Alicia, in a solo interview, said she was annoyed that he never gave it to her. I hope she goes home next.

Both tribes still find themselves at Tribal. They drop their buffs and become one tribe once again. They didn't show where they go to live - not that I can recall. I can't even remember what colour they are now. I think it might be brown. There are six women and six men left in the game. I was surprised they rejoined tribes after just two challenges, but hey...it'll work for ratings, right? I have no idea. They could have had this arranged ahead of time before Colton got the boot.

The challenge this week before Colton's medical emergency was pretty boring. They had to throw coconuts from atop a little bit of a climb and knock out five different targets after said coconut bounced off of a trampoline. The weird thing about it though was this was supposed to resemble something from their childhood backyard games. I never played anything like that did you? I tried to find a picture of at least the Adonis tribe winning, but couldn't find anything...that's how much this challenge sucked.

There was some interesting dynamics this week, but I don't know how important they will be in the future of the game with the individual game starting next week. Leif, Jonas, and Christina might have something going. Maybe she really is annoying though. She seems nice enough in all the edits they show us. Jonas should step up his game already and find a stronger place. I am pretty sure that Jay, Troyzan, Kim, Courtney, and Sabrina will have some type of alliance. I wonder if they will pick up and carry Kat again.

Quote of the Week: Tarzan, "You wouldn't be my friend. I do respect you though Catherine." Her name's Christina. The quote worked better when I actually heard it the first time...this time I can't remember exactly how it went.
Next week: Tarzan decides to go it alone.

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