25 March 2012

Ding Dong the Witch is dead. Survivor 24

Okay, thank god he didn't really die because then my title would be HORRIBLE. He was just medically evacuated for acute appendicitis. OMG. I really had no idea what it was either and could really relate to Kat's complete and utter shock and fear of not knowing what appendicitis is! I just googled it and got my wiki(pedia) on. I won't even send you to the info page and I don't recommend you see it if you don't know - it sounds horrible. My sympathies to anyone who has had this happen.
Okay, let's get back to something more light-hearted. Kat did seem kind of dense at tribal. I like her, she's 'honest'.
Colton is terrible! I don't know 100% if he even realizes it. I didn't know there were people out there as mean as him and low and behold there are two of them on the same tribe - you know who you are Alicia. You know.
I couldn't believe their behaviour. I hope they watch and are embarrassed for themselves. They were so mean to Christina. She knew she was going home when they lost the challenge. She fricken couldn't have not known. They were so mean. Colton referred to Christina as the cockroach of Survivor, that no one likes her - even the girls don't like her, and that she could if she was so inclined to do so - jump into the fire. Alicia was sitting there nodding all along, petting him like he's a puppy or something. I wanted to be sick...but not really sick of course - I'm still scared of the appendicitis. 
So - they proceed to be abusive towards their peer - I'm not even kidding. I'm so ashamed for Alicia. She teaches special needs kids, right? She just seems like a bully right now and that's not cool. I'd like to see her at work. She's probably not that person. She can't be, right?
Instant karma's a bitch, Colton. A bigger bitch than you could ever be. And I'm sorry - this is your lesson for this part of your life. I hope you've grown up a titch. We see in night vision Colton being petted by Christina. It's late and he's complaining of a crazy headache. She thought it was just a stress related thing seeing as he has never been away from home...tummy ache and tension headache is all she thought it was. This continued into the daylight. Colton went on a walkabout into the woods and he didn't return. He was lying there on the ground nearly in a puddle of his own excrement and vomit. Christina freaked out when she found him and summoned medical.
Jeff showed up with the medical team. They pushed on the area just below his ribcage on the right hand side. When they did that he cried like a baby and his heart rate increased from 60 bpm to 120. Wow. So, then he started crying and the medical team determined that he could have appendicitis so he would have to be removed from the game. Colton said he didn't want to go, but m'eh...you won't be too terribly missed. I think I'll miss the fodder though.
In the middle of Colton's depressing news and illness - Jeff leans right over him, "So...uh, whatcha gonna do with that idol?" I laughed so hard. He didn't even say anything about how he wished he was feeling better or anything like that. Colton asked if he could give it away to someone, but in the end he asked Alicia to please tell Sabrina, "thank-you for the souvenir". They left it as if he didn't give it to anyone. Now, I'm not sure whether he gave it away or not. I wouldn't be surprised either way. Alicia, in a solo interview, said she was annoyed that he never gave it to her. I hope she goes home next.

Both tribes still find themselves at Tribal. They drop their buffs and become one tribe once again. They didn't show where they go to live - not that I can recall. I can't even remember what colour they are now. I think it might be brown. There are six women and six men left in the game. I was surprised they rejoined tribes after just two challenges, but hey...it'll work for ratings, right? I have no idea. They could have had this arranged ahead of time before Colton got the boot.

The challenge this week before Colton's medical emergency was pretty boring. They had to throw coconuts from atop a little bit of a climb and knock out five different targets after said coconut bounced off of a trampoline. The weird thing about it though was this was supposed to resemble something from their childhood backyard games. I never played anything like that did you? I tried to find a picture of at least the Adonis tribe winning, but couldn't find anything...that's how much this challenge sucked.

There was some interesting dynamics this week, but I don't know how important they will be in the future of the game with the individual game starting next week. Leif, Jonas, and Christina might have something going. Maybe she really is annoying though. She seems nice enough in all the edits they show us. Jonas should step up his game already and find a stronger place. I am pretty sure that Jay, Troyzan, Kim, Courtney, and Sabrina will have some type of alliance. I wonder if they will pick up and carry Kat again.

Quote of the Week: Tarzan, "You wouldn't be my friend. I do respect you though Catherine." Her name's Christina. The quote worked better when I actually heard it the first time...this time I can't remember exactly how it went.
Next week: Tarzan decides to go it alone.

15 March 2012

The ADONIS tribe and the Not so much Adonis tribe

The girls are ready to be one, they finally get along with each other. 
Troyzan is really cuddly with the gals. 
Sabrina is awesome. I like her. She might be my favourite Survivor this year. The guys are so dumb according to Alicia the special education teacher. 
Oh! We're heading for the first challenge. Looks exciting actually. I have the same shirt as Colton. I'm not even kidding. 

They dropped their buffs! Tribes are switching up! Holy funky hell. 
Random switch. They draw eggs and smash them on their bodies...recall this from last season...it was so fun last year with Coach and Rob we'll do it again. I hope they get all emotional about it too!
Blue and Orange are the new tribe colours. Please note that Jeff is once again wearing these colours before hand. I suppose we should have known once we saw this. 
Shit. How am I supposed to keep this in order.
There is no more a distinction between the men and women. Only Salani and Monano with no gender implications for either.  
Salani - Blue Tribe: Kat, Sabrina, Troyzan, Mike, Chelsea (my draw for work), Jay (my other draw from the work pool), and  Kim
Monano - Orange Tribe: Leif, Tarzan, Jonas, Monica, Alicia, Colton, Christina
Okay, okay back to the challenge: Carry a large bucket filled with holes and water...plug the holes. When you heave it over to this larger, bigger bucket thing you dump whatever water you have managed to keep from pouring out of the holes on the sides into it - so when it gets full/heavy enough the gianter bucket will drop thus raising your new tribe colour be it orange or blue...determining your win and therefore immunity. 

The winning tribe gets peanut butter and jelly with good fortune of keeping the one world beach. I guess it didn't quite work out as a love fest for the producers so now they have to have another camp. Or maybe they didn't want any more of Colton's shenanigans disrupting the integrity of the game. Not once in 23 seasons did a tribe give up immunity. Duh. I think that's because they weren't allowed to be in cahoots with each other.

Blue Tribe (not Colton's tribe) wins! 

I'm pretty happy that Colton has to start up a new camp. It actually doesn't look that bad. I'm so happy he is with so many people that he can't stand. He's going to be the first one gone. At least that's my wishful thinking. Seems awesome to me. BAHAHA! Colton just said that he has a way of relating to people and he is able to talk to them and charm them. Sure. Let's ask Bill. Or every single person on your new tribe after they watch all of this. Oh and how about all your "friends" that will see this when it airs. 

Colton, Christina, and Alicia are talking. He wants people to trust him. Monica is part of it now. So, now he has the four number on his side on both sides. There are four men left. If Colton isn't with them, then he would be with the other three guys and it would be four against three and the girls would get plucked out one by one. 

Blue Tribe: They speared four crabs, Mike and Chelsea did. Oooh, another chicken. Nice. They got it! Troyzan captured it with the assistance of the rest of the tribe. I hope they didn't kill the rooster...oh wait, they did because of course you would. I mean you only have four giant crabs that you will all share because they are already dead. I don't quite get it. They roasted it. Kim, Jay, Troyzan are talking. I think they'll keep Chelsea in on it. They know that Mike is not really part of it. Kim is really just talking making a safety play because she then said she would stay with the women. The women have the numbers on this tribe. I think they will be my favourite core alliance throughout the game: Jay (me), Chelsea (other me), Troyzan, and Kim. I hope it bodes well for them considering I now have all my eggs in one basket. The only person that will make this the "bomb" alliance would be the inclusion of Sabrina. 

Utoh, Colton just indicated that they have to get out Christina first. He doesn't like her. Alicia even disagreed with it. She just told him that the guys are crazy. Jonas is wondering what's the story with Colton and Alicia. Finally, the guys might be able to get Colton's butt out of this game. I hope they do something. Colton told him that he is totally sticking with the men. He asked Jonas to write down Christina's name because she's going home first. 

Colton: Master Manipulator. Is he a genius? 

Someone finally woke up - Kim is looking for the immunity idol for the women. She found it! I'm not sure where she hid it. Oh of course, she hid it in her crotch - duh. She just told us. Gross. She included Chelsea in the secret. Now they are scheming a bit. They don't want people to think that they are a pair. 

Ooooh, orange tribe (aka not Adonis Tribe) is catching chickens too! They set a trap and now they have it. Hahaha! The chicken just escaped. Oh well. Now Colton wants to get rid of Monica. He wants her gone because Christina doesn't have any friends and if they get to the merge Christina will be easier to get rid of. Alicia fell for it. She just told him that she won't vote with him, but she doesn't have the numbers on her side at this point. At least she doesn't have to sell out the other women just quite yet. 

First immunity challenge.

Who will it be? Three members race to get a ball in the water. Shoot a basket and the other tribe tries to stop you any way they can. This could get ugly. I wonder what the queen will do?
Men vs. men so no one really gets hurt and if they do it's okay because it's same gender-ed potential abuse. Jay vs. Colton. I don't really care about the other match ups. Jay takes out two guys and Mike scores the first goal. Blue ahead by one.
"A little height disparity in this one." Did Jeff really say this about Leif? Leif knocked him (I think him is Mike) down. That's hilarious. OMG. Leif got the closest to the basket so far in round two. These guys can't score for shit. Mike finally scores again. He did dump some pretty small people into the water (Monica, Leif). Blue is ahead 2-0. One more for Salani and they win. Monica scores for Monano putting them on the board. she's trying to keep them happy and enthused. 
Colton is defending the goal. He got to the ball first. He's yelling out HELP ME. Jay took two shots and missed. Mike scored. Salani wins immunity and Colton quite nearly drowned. 

Who will go home from the orange tribe. Alicia thinks it's going to be the best blind side ever put on by her and Colton. They are sending home Monica. Of course they are getting one of the girls out - this won't be a blind-side. I mean, not if you really think about it. She would have a one in three shot at going home. She should have calculated that. 

Unless of course, Monica believes that the guys are going to vote out one of the guys when they have four people. Now Jonas doesn't trust Leif. "She's the head of the snake," Colton said about Monica. "Tarzan is like having a grandfather with alzheimers," Colton. They have to keep telling him over and over again attempting to instill her name to his memory. Now he thinks he's the leader of 'a bunch of idiots'. He finds this difficult. I'm surprised he's the leader too. I guess it's his huge ego which must present as confidence when you are that close to him. That or fear. 

Jeff is asking about the new tribe and now I'm bored and bored. Jeff is asking "is Monica what you need to turn this tribe around?" He asked Alicia and she gave a flowering speech with a hint of, "I smell a but coming." I thought Alicia was going to be an award winning actress and then she turned around and said that Monica could be a threat. So, with no hackles up before Alicia's comments, now Monica seems nervous. Now they realize that Tarzan has a huge vocabulary. And then Jeff made fun of Leif for saying explanate because it ain't no word. Tarzan is just trying to be precise. I love his vocabulary. He has a 'nomalaffasia'. I googled that shit and can't find anything close to that word. I even typed in "correct term for forgetting names" and nothing but Alzheimer's came up. I really want to find it. I'll continue to search for it. He can't remember names. He was able to name his tribe though. No one knows that he is a plastic surgeon. He's keeping information on the DL considering "the game is afoot, Jeff." 

Why is Colton in such high standing? Are people afraid of him? Will this be predictable? Yep. Monica is voted out. What was not predictable? Alicia voting for Monica when she clearly did not have to. 

Salani Tribe (BLUE)
Jay Byars, 25, Gaffney, S.C., model
Kat Edorsson, 22, Orlando, timeshare rep
Chelsea Meissner, 26, Charleston, S.C., medical sales
Michael Jefferson, 30, Seattle, banker
Kim Spradlin, 29, San Antonio, bridal shop owner
Sabrina Thompson, 33, Brooklyn, high school teacher
Troy/zan Robertson, 50, Miami, swimsuit photographer

Manono Tribe (ORANGE)
Christina Cha, 29, West Hollywood, Calif., career consultant
Alicia Rosa, 25, Chicago, special ed teacher
Colton Cumbie, 21, Monroeville, Ala., college student
Leif Manson, 27, San Diego, phlebotomist
Jonas Otsuji, 37, Lehi, Utah, sushi chef
Greg/Tarzan Smith, 64, Houston, plastic surgeon

Home already...
Kourtney Moon, 29, Austin, Texas, motorcycle repair - injured WHOA! OMG, OMG, OMG. My colleague that got Kourtney's name for the draw actually BROKE his wrist just a couple of weeks ago! How creepy is that? Do you think it might have been foreshadowing? Cool...cool yet creepy at the same time.
Nina Acosta, 51, Clovis, Calif., retired LAPD officer
Matt Quinlan, 33, San Francisco, attorney
Bill Posley, 28, Venice, Calif., stand-up comedian
Monica Culpepper, 41, Tampa, ex-NFL player's wife

12 March 2012

Future Tattoo: Moksha

I want to make sure I can see this again. I will get this as a tattoo one day. So far I've book my appointment for my new faery tattoo (August 1/2012). I don't think I'll get this one quite yet. I will one day. My biff told me that if there is an added T type letter to the very end of this word it turns it feminine. I might do that. My dog's name is Moksha and she's female and I'm female too...might do it. Not too sure yet. I don't know where I would get this tattoo either. I'm thinking between the two faeries on my back OR maybe on my chest - left side - not sure yet. 

08 March 2012

Survivor One World - Ignorant, rich, white kid with a black maid calls the shots.

Episode Four. I just recently (like yesterday - or would it be considered today? It might not because I won't publish this until after midnight...) posted week three. I'm looking forward to this week though - the women seem to be making this an actual game.
Why do they keep showing Colton saying, "I'm sorry. I am not a democrat. I'm a republican. I don't believe in handouts."
Hahaha...they call them "the misfit" and "the muscle" alliances. Michael is getting a little scared. He's saying they should continue to vote out the strong guys so that they can continue to lose.
Tarzan is a plastic surgeon. Interesting.
I can't believe Leif is sleeping in the crate that had their rope in. That's awesome! I suppose it's a smart idea. He stays dry and warm.
Bill is dangerous according to Tarzan.
I want the new iPad.
Salani Tribe: Are they really eating like tiny, tiny snails? They have all the fishing gear and a boat. I guess they aren't starving, so informs Monica.
The men have raced over to the women's tribe and they really want to use the net. "We are willing to give you half of it." Really...you are willing to give them half of the bounty? They should get a little bit more than half. Jonas says that they are doing all alright - they are getting enough food. The men will do all the work and the women get half the fish caught. Troyzan doesn't understand why the women are being hard asses about the net. I do. They are finally in a good position. Troyzan is wondering why the women don't want to suntan on the beach while they go out and get all the food and the women will get half for doing nothing. They aren't letting you use the net because you aren't getting as strong as they are! The men will need more food to keep up their strength and the women are doing just fine...they don't need the guys to get them food when they are capable of getting their own.

Reward Challenge: The game is starting to feel like it did way back when. The challenge is to take out five targets in a row with a slingshot.
They will win a choice of one of three things - comfort, protection, or luxury.
Bill is sitting out this one. Monica and Colton - Neither one of them knocked out a tile. It's like the tiles are made of wood and they just splinter.
Kat and Tarzan get one point each. They still have to get five in a row. The men have 2 targets out now. Monica knocked out one. Sabrina knocked out another one...they have two of five matched up. To be honest this challenge is really boring, not only to watch but, to write about.
Women have three connected - now four. One target left at the very bottom. Jonas is up for the men. Chelsea could win it. She knocked out another one, but it wasn't the one they needed for the win. Monica could now win it AND WOMEN WIN REWARD! Three in a row! Sweet.
Thank GOD. I thought they were going to take the donuts. They took the tarp. They need a tarp. I'm so glad. I really was waiting for them to grip the donuts. The LOML thought they should have grabbed 'em just to eat them in front of the guys.
Tarzan thinks they won from luck. I think he's just fun. I really do. I like the way he uses his words.

One of the guys said that they didn't get a chance to learn the game. Bill says, "Neither did they." That was awesome. Bill and Leif are talking about the idol. Leif just told Bill that Colton wanted him to be voted out. Bill's not too happy about that. He just got "wowed". He just learned that his head was on the chopping block. He now knows the game is on.

"That little munchkin...is about to get knocked back to Oz," Colton, AKA DICKhead. Michael is really trying to stir it up. Colton asked Leif what he told him and now he's trying to act like he's the king of the island. So now, Leif has apparently sealed his fate. COLTON! DID YOU REALLY JUST CALL LEIF AN OOMPALOOMPA? For real? So, Leif knows he messed up and he hopes that he can redeem his status in the tribe and Colton is an ass.

I want the new iPad.

Treemail is a puzzle. They will be in pairs. Alicia got all fired up because Kat said she didn't think they should be partners because Kat herself is not that good at puzzles and therefore she must think Alicia sucks at them too. It's really good Sabrina is on their tribe. She's pretty cool headed. She's a high school teacher so I guess she deals with this type of silliness all the time.

The challenge is to get puzzle pieces and keys and raise up a flag. Jonas is sitting out for the men. Oh, they are doing this puzzle in pairs.
Colton and Tarzan paired up for the men.
Alicia and Chelsea are taking forever. They peaked over at the men's finished puzzle, but the men are already almost done the entire thing. Finally they get the first key and are now working on the second puzzle.
Michael and Jay finished.
Troyzan and Bill on the third and final puzzle.
Kim and Sabrina are working on the second puzzle.
Tarzan is yelling out CHEATER because the women are looking at the finished puzzles. Who cares? Okay, he's annoying me now.
Leif has two locks and the third lock and the men have raised their flag. MEN WIN IMMUNITY.

Which woman will go home? I hope they send Alicia or Kat home.
Colton is an ignorant bastard. Ignorant. I don't think I can say it enough.

Sabrina is pissed off with Alicia, "She's just dead weight with a mouth."
Bill wants to talk to Colton so they can clear up whatever beef they got between them. Colton is being annoying and doesn't want to talk to him. He covered up his eyes and ignored him and then he told him that he doesn't want to be around him. Colton can't stand him. Colton hates him so bad he is asking if the guys want to trade out the immunity so that the men can go to tribal and vote out Bill. Jonas doesn't like that idea, but Colton is calling the shots right now. Why is Colton calling the shots right now? Jay believes this is a hasty decision.
Apparently the girls have let the guys use the fishing gear. I can't believe they didn't tell us about that. This was such a huge deal.
Tarzan thinks they are going to tribal counsel to vote out Leif. Jay has no idea what the hell is going on. Tarzan says Leif betrayed everyone and he needs to go home. Jay is under the impression that Bill would go home. Colton and Tarzan are the only ones that put their hands up to go. Jay, "I'm completely bum-puzzled right now." THIS is the quote of the week.
I can't stand Colton.
Who will it be at tribal! HOLY crap! They guys are at tribal counsel. How stupid.

"24 seasons, some 100 tribal counsels, never had a tribe arrive at tribal counsel after winning immunity."
Troyzan is explaining why they are at tribal. So, they are voting off Leif because he told Bill that he was going home. Is this just a ruse? Seriously? Do other people know that this is a joke and they are voting Bill out? Are they voting Bill out? What the hell is going on?
Jay is the smartest one in this game so far. I'm not even kidding. He's at least honest and is clearly able to say that he does not understand what the hell is going on. Colton doesn't like Bill because he's obnoxious and loud. And now Colton is telling him that he needs to get a new job because Bill is a stand up comic. Colton apparently has African American people in his life - his maid. Seriously. Bill finally called Colton out. Bill asked Colton to not look down at him.
Why does Tarzan always stick up for Colton? He's apparently fed up with race talk - they have a black president for crying out loud. Colton is from Alabama and he's a prick. I'm not going to edit that out. He has no idea about life. His mind is small. I would love it if they blind-sided him tonight. How sweet would that be? He didn't play the idol...maybe...shit. Bill is voted out.
Colton totally got all the men to go to Tribal just to vote out the poor black guy. AND they all went for it! Wow. I don't understand it.
Apparently something crazy happens next week. I wonder if they are mixing up the tribes.

07 March 2012

EPISODE THREE: Survivor 24 - One World

Well here it is, one week late! Sorry about that everyone. I was away in Vancouver Tuesday through Friday and haven't taken the opportunity to write up the weekly review. I went to Vancouver to attend the Bottom Line 2012 Conference: Practical Steps to a Psychologically Healthy Workplace. It was put on by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Fantastic first day and the second half day was also promising. I learned about Peer Support and Occupational Stress Injury.

I loved this week! I watched in on the plane from Vancouver to Whitehorse on Friday. I'm going to watch it again and give you the highlights!
Alicia gives some good advise to Kat: "Don't cry at tribal counsel." 
Colton and Jonas head over to the women's side of the camp to see if they want to go and hang out with them under their tarp so they can keep dry through the pending storm and stay warm. The women decide to tough it out - through the worst of it on their own. Oh no, the women don't have a fire. The girls beg the boys to go and dry up by their fire. So, Colton and Troyzan tell them to go over there and warm up. 
Matt was all pissed off because the women were warming and drying by the men's fire, but he realizes that "some of the guys might be sensitive to that." Sensitive to freezing cold women. 
The reward challenge this week is for a canoe and fishing gear.This is a memory challenge, they will be shown a line of items (chain, rocks, bags, skulls).
Sabrina vs. Matt: She kicks his butt. Sweet.
Colton vs. Monica: She beats him. Nice.
Alicia vs. Jay (male model): She took it. Right on.
Kat vs. Troyzan: Neither one got it right until the SEVENTH time where Kat managed to FINALLY steal it. Yes.
Women winning 4-0
Bill vs Christina: WOMEN WIN REWARD! About time. I hope the canoe doesn't go to waste. I'm just saying. 

The women got together and started repairing their shelter and attempting to get a fire going. They couldn't do it because everything else was so wet. So, what did they do? They went to the men's camp begging for an ember. The men gave them the ember, but they are getting annoyed with the women mooching off of them and they want something for it. They want to use the boat if they are going to keep helping them out. And Colton? What the hell is he talking about - he's a republican. Come on. No you ain't. 

Poor Chelsea's hands are disgusting. 
Alicia and Chelsea head back over to the men's fire. Jonas is getting annoyed. He thinks they should tough it out. Jay is getting up in their faces too. He wants to make a deal. the girls don't think the guys are making good deals. Bill is all annoyed too. Tarzan sends the two ladies back to their camp to see if they can come to a consensus about letting them borrow the boat and fishing gear for use of their fire. Nah. They ain't gonna do that. See I don't like the way Chelsea is presenting it. She's making it seem like the guys were like, "you're letting us take that boat and fishing gear since we gave you an ember and you better or we're just going to take it." Flippin' Kat pipes in with, "we're just girls. we're not meant to be beat down this well." What does that even mean? I hate that type of talk. 

Initially I thought, if the women win this what a waste of fishing gear and a canoe. I automatically thought they would not be able to do anything with it. Holy cow was I ever wrong! The women were awesome this week! They went out and they caught three fish. They were small, but they caught some! 

The men are seeing the increase in confidence from the women. I am pretty sure that Troyzan will be on side with the women when the merge finally happens. 

Immunity is back up for grabs: They have one person designated as a caller. They will lead two people tethered together and blind-folded to a series of buckets that when dumped drop a bag of puzzle pieces not to mention a random coloured liquid. Once the puzzle pieces are returned, the caller will then get all the puzzle pieces and build the puzzle. Sabrina is the caller for the women and Bill the comedian for the men. The guys head back quick with their first puzzle bag. Sabrina is having a hell of a time directing the women. The guys have two and now three. FINALLY the women have one. The men now have four. Sabrina can't direct for nothing. She's telling people to go forward when it's not possible...Women now have 2 bags. The men have all necessary parts and Bill starts the puzzle just after the women get back with the third bag. Sabrina is now sending girls over fences.She was much better at directing once Bill stopped screaming in her ear. Bill is still working on the puzzle. Women need to get two more bags for the puzzle. 
"You need to MOVE women," Jeff Probst in his black shirt and black, white, and green hat screams at them.
The men are ahead in the puzzle challenge. They have a big lead. Sabrina starts kicking butt. She's got three pieces and now four. Men are in the lead still, but then they get five pieces and six tying the game. Now we are at seven/seven. Three pieces are left. Men get 8 and then the women tie it up, they get the ninth piece and it's tied again - the women WIN IMMUNITY!
The men will find themselves at their first even tribal counsel. 
Matt has created some power and he's ready to execute it. Tonight at tribal. What the hell does that mean? He's been building up power for eight days...how? 
Boys on the chopping block: Matt and Bill - Bill because he lost the puzzle making ability and because Colton is a racist. When explaining why he wanted Bill voted out: "I can't deal with his like 'ya bro, ya bro, like ya' shut up. Like go kill yourself." and he tops it off by calling him "ghetto trash." The five are meeting and Tarzan thought Bill was their floater - their sixth man in the alliance of five. Colton shuts him down and says he needs to go home first. He says Bill is too wishy washy. Tarzan doesn't think so. They kind of want to get rid of Matt first because he's more influential and stronger than Bill is. Tarzan tells everyone that walks up to their caucus that they are meeting as an alliance and they will decide who is going home. Jay might be persuaded to vote with the five misfits. And after about 12 seconds, Jay bird is voting with them. Matt approaches and asks what's going on. Tarzan says, "We're talking strategy. I mean it's obvious, right?" I thought it was hilarious. Matt asked if his presence was bothering their strategy talk. He basically went there to get Troyzan to see "if he would like to be with (him) and (his) guys or you're with Troy and the Average Joes." So, they are the roosters? The guys that are really in power will take out the Average Joes because they are roosters? Troyzan basically thinks Matt's a jerk. He was able to sell the idea to vote for Matt to go home. Matt starts to scramble and he attempts to call out Tarzan to put a target on him so that someone from the five strong believe they should vote him out. Bill gets a little crazy and awkward at tribal. So - Colton has the idol and says he's going to play it. He doesn't. He knows he doesn't have to. That would have been interesting though since he said that he wasn't going to be a James and get voted out with an idol on hand. He did get at least one vote. Bill got one vote. Matt got five. Finally - Jeff calls Colton out on being a douche bag. Colton thinks it's supposed to be obvious that he would want to spend the majority of his time with the women's tribe. Jeff wonders why that is. Why would it be obvious that a guy on the guy's tribe would spend all their time with the women's tribe? 
Tarzan asks to see if the can get the last two votes from Jeff because they weren't read out. Jeff says, "No."