29 February 2012

New McNuggets Commercial - REALLY?

Seriously! Can you believe it? Have you seen it? I'm feeling dirty about it, but I'm going to try to find it on youtube and put it on here in case you haven't. It's awful. I haven't watched commercials in a long time apparently. So, these "mom's" go on a tour of London, Ontario chicken factory. They see that the factory workers are in fact handling chickens with gloves and putting the pieces on conveyor belts to be chopped and battered and sold as Chicken McNuggets. So - it's true, they are made from real chickens. So weird. So very strange.
Crap, I can't find it anywhere. This commercial has left me with a 'not right' feeling in my gut.

That Nutella commercial has a kid with asberger's in it! I love it. This kid builds up a giant wooden block tower of a sky scrapper. Super awesome. The caption is: Someone had their Nutella this morning...okay not a direct quote - it's something like that...maybe you'll see it below.
And I can't find that one neither (or is it either?).

I sent out my tattoo request! AH we'll see if it's possible or not.

1 Faery 

2. Crouching Faery - Could I have his hands in the Zazen hand position? Sitting on a multi-coloured maple Leaf? with his hands and the leaf sort of highlighted and the wings - subtle in the back. 
I really like the smile and sharper nose features of the faery above this one numbered 1. If you think that's okay. 

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