29 February 2012

New McNuggets Commercial - REALLY?

Seriously! Can you believe it? Have you seen it? I'm feeling dirty about it, but I'm going to try to find it on youtube and put it on here in case you haven't. It's awful. I haven't watched commercials in a long time apparently. So, these "mom's" go on a tour of London, Ontario chicken factory. They see that the factory workers are in fact handling chickens with gloves and putting the pieces on conveyor belts to be chopped and battered and sold as Chicken McNuggets. So - it's true, they are made from real chickens. So weird. So very strange.
Crap, I can't find it anywhere. This commercial has left me with a 'not right' feeling in my gut.

That Nutella commercial has a kid with asberger's in it! I love it. This kid builds up a giant wooden block tower of a sky scrapper. Super awesome. The caption is: Someone had their Nutella this morning...okay not a direct quote - it's something like that...maybe you'll see it below.
And I can't find that one neither (or is it either?).

I sent out my tattoo request! AH we'll see if it's possible or not.

1 Faery 

2. Crouching Faery - Could I have his hands in the Zazen hand position? Sitting on a multi-coloured maple Leaf? with his hands and the leaf sort of highlighted and the wings - subtle in the back. 
I really like the smile and sharper nose features of the faery above this one numbered 1. If you think that's okay. 

22 February 2012

Survivor 24 Week - MOST BORING episode in the history of the game

2 tribes, one beach. I wonder if there was a lot of flack from people about how much damage the Survivor crews must do when they are filming in two pristine areas of a country. What do you think? Maybe that's why there is a smaller area available. Maybe.

Salani Tribe comes back. The boys all know that Courtney is gone and she broke her wrist. I think they were pretty disappointed.

Christina tries to work things out with Alicia. OMG...I can't believe Alicia thinks Christina looked crazy. Does she really think so? Alicia was being rude. "That was not my intention," Alicia. "If I saw her drowning, I would probably look the other way," Alicia. I don't like you. I can't wait until you get gone.

The women have a group meeting. Ground rules: all have a right to be heard. When you talk be direct and to the point. Sabrina gets called out to be the leader. They like her. She takes on the challenge. "Managing the airheads." That's hilarious. Three categories: water, food, shelter. Monica gets water. Kat and Alicia get food. Nina has pointed out the tribal lines. The young girls are getting on her nerves...she's 51 and the others are so lazy. They decided to go sit in the water instead of going to look for food. Don't they realize that they too will starve?

Treemail was a giant trunk for each. So, they get treemail together...this is also a new twist.
"Do it yourself reward challenge." So, they have to untie knots in order to win reward. They get a tarp and ropes. That blows. They are sitting out Big Mike from the challenge because the boys have one extra person. "Jazz fingers," Tarzan. I giggled.

Jay, male model, describes what's up for the challenge. He was the one that started the fire for the guys last week. That's cool because he's mine in the Survivor work pool.

The girls are in a groove, they might win it!

What are they doing without Jeff giving them hints along the way? The boys won reward. It was really close...I'll give them that. LOL - the midget got lifted up on high.

More bats.

Manono: Ewww...why does Tarzan have to wear a banana hammock? Mike thinks they are going to have the best camp in history. Colton is sitting there doing nothing. NOTHING. He's such a drama queen. He is probably going to think that they don't like him because he's gay, but really it's because he's a lazy fucker and nothing else.

WHY did they wait three days to build their camp? They should have built up their camps sooner. Colton went over to the girls' tribe and he was helping them. They actually had to ask him to stop helping. Sabrina, "Colton is like a virus and there seems to not be a cure for him yet." They have to entertain him all the time. They kicked him out! That's hilarious. They made him go home. No one likes him. I feel a little bad, but I don't. Know what I mean?

Colton doesn't believe in the game and he doesn't want to talk strategy. He's crying and asking to stay on the girls' side. The girls are trying to tell him that they don't want him there because they are on different tribes. They are trying to be a more cohesive tribe right now. I get it. They don't want a dude around hearing everything that they do and discuss. I get it. He just has to get over whatever it is that he's got against men and move in with his tribe.

Dear Lord. Tarzan is dancing with a stick in his undies. He's crazy. Colton is talking about having an idol with Troyzan (not to be confused with Tarzan), Leif, Jonas, and Tarzan (please don't confuse him for Troyzan). So, now Colton is the ring leader according to Jonas. They are going to be reign supreme. I can't believe it. I can't believe Colton just called that random crew of guys misfits. Sister, you fit in with the misfits. These are your people. They are going to try and get rid of Mike or Matt at tribal for boys.

The challenge with immunity up for grabs. They are balancing on a beam. They have to walk around the other tribe members to get to the other side. They are only allowed to touch one player at a time. Only one person can cross at a time.

Tarzan is sitting out for the boys. The girls should win. Leif is going across for the boys first. He touched two people at a time. Kat seems to be frozen there. Leif is probably pretty used to moving through people being so little. Kat is so stuck. She's frozen there. Leif is through. Colton is going through now. Kat is finally moving faster and then two people fall and have to go in the water. This challenge is ridiculous. The girls still haven't gotten one person across.

Monica finally gets something going for the women. It took forever, but they got one at least. The guys aren't afraid to touch each other. You would have thought that this would be the other way around. At least that's what my presumptions were. The boys finish like no problem. They get immunity twice in a row. The women are going to tribal again. The women are blaming their boobs for getting in the way. I am so bored this year. Kat was jumping in the water for no reason...she did it twice. I hope she's gone next. We shall see.

Nina wants Kat to be gone. Monica is not part of the five, but she's in the best shape of all the girls. She is part of the older tribe (less than tribe) so she's going to have to play her cards smart. Nina thinks Kat is "witless" so she can't really win at all. Nina is trying to talk strategy to get Kat out of the game. Chelsea is gunning for Kat now. I think she's going to go home. I guess it's between Nina and Kat.

Jeff is talking down to them so much. Sabrina, Alicia, Kat, Kim, and Chelsea. Nina, Monica, and Christina are the other three. Nina asks what life experience Kat brings to the tribe...she's outdoors a lot and she works sails. Jeff gives her words to use because he doesn't want Kat to go home. Nina is annoyed. Athlete: ability, smart, and handle pressure. Nina doesn't think Kat is an athlete at all. Chelsea believes that they would make different alliances and so does Sabrina. I really hope Kat goes home. Kat cries because it's her fault they lost. Dear lord, please keep Nina on the tribe and send Kat home.

"I'm not calling Christina out, but..," Kat. I can't believe Kat just said that. How the hell does one person say they ain't calling you out and then blatantly say their name like that...?

The women are the least cohesive tribe I have ever seen in this game.

I am so nervous...who is going home? I don't even really care at this point. Nina was voted out. They are stupid. What a dumb-ass game this year. I'm bored.

Let's hope next week is better:
Men vs. Women and chivalry is dead. Colton is a republican. Are you kidding me? What self-respecting queer is a republican? Oh, I see...self-respect would have to be there.

15 February 2012

Survivor 24! One World! South Pacific...again?

Hello, hello, hello! We are back at it...
We meet some of the men. We've got a gay guy and a playa, a sushi chef, and an old guy with a giant stash. 2 tribes living together on one island. First time ever...this will happen.
Ooooh, bats. The rats with wings.
Sounds like Probst has a cold. He was standing outside of a helicopter! Is he nuts? Did they have him crazy glued to it? It was flying away and he was leaning against the outside of it on the rails.
"Welcome to Survivor."
Probst, "Courtney, where do you fit in with the other women? - she doesn't fit in anywhere she says. Why are you wearing a fish hat? Not to mention it's a touque in the South Pacific. Maybe that's why you don't fit in. Flamboyant guy is wearing pastel golf shirt with a sweater tied around his shoulders. There are 2 TARZANS! I'm not lying at all. Awesome! Colton is the sweater knot guy's name and he believes himself to be, "...the girl within the guy tribe."
Manono Orange Tribe for Men. Salani is Blue for the women.
The LOML pointed out that Jeff is wearing a blue shirt and an orange hat and she knew these would be the tribe colours.

They got to strip the truck of everything they could. The truck was loaded with useful Survivor type things. There's one guy stealing shit from the women's pile! What a douche! hahahaha! This season is going to be fun.

The women are left with like nothing! They took all their stuff. The little man said that they did not take anything when asked where all their stuff went. Liars. It's so obvious.
This season will still have hidden immunity idols. There is no redemption island. So, if you are sent home you are sent home. Good.
The girls ended up with all the food. The thief should get sent home  first. He is relentless though.
As both tribes are sent on different directions unbeknownst to all of them that they will be on the same island we see other silliness...for instance...
They are in the jungle carrying heavy fire wood. Is that necessary? Is it even enough to last longer than about an hour and a half? Leif was carrying the heaviest articles and the sushi chef was quite impressed, "He's a buff little dude."

The old guy said that they had to trek 100's of miles. I doubt it. I don't think it was that far away.

Fricken Courtney - chick with the tattoos and redonKulous touque was carrying a pan. A PAN. Someone else was trying to carry a heavy load with another person AND she had an entire bundle of coconuts in the other hand. They had to ask Courtney to put the pan in the slung basket and take the bundle of coconuts. First alliance set up ten minutes into the game: Kat, Sab, and Kim with Alicia and  another girl.

So, they get to the camp and they realize they'll be camping together.

Three, four, five chickens just running free. First thing they do is try to hunt the chicken. They probably ate last like three hours ago. The country girl caught the first chicken and then she got another one. She's awesome! Her name is Chelsea. Bahahaha, after the men and women make a deal to share the spoil the girls reneged. Now they want to barter for the poultry. Is it fair? I mean the guys did steal from the women at the beginning. They sort of started it all.

"Give us that chicken as an apology..." douche bag attorney, Matt. What do they have to apologize for? You guys stole all their shit.

Colton's just sitting there on a log feeling sorry for himself. He's not doing anything. So, the girls are taking him under their wing while he not help out his tribe AT ALL.

Matt (lawyer) said that Colton is going to have a hard time because he is not trying at all to fit in. No one seems to have an issue with his sexuality. So, now Colton is saying that he will be a mole in the female tribes. Colton already wants Matt gone.

Three of the guys are peacock-ing - shirts off abs exposed.

The first alliance of men are: Big Mike, Jay Bird and Bill with Matt. Colton would be the swing vote with the other four being: Leif, Jonas, Troy, and Greg.

Sabina likes Colton because he's funny but she's being a little wary at the same time.

Cool - one of the Survivors is crafting a makeshift bow drill-type-fire-starting-thing. The model (is not that person) is clear that there are two tribes. The men got their fire going first.

Sabina asked if they could start them a fire and they would give them a chicken.

The little man gets free funnies I think. And I don't think he minds. By that I mean lots of cuddles and things. Now the women are talking about taking pants off for fire. Now the men propose a pole dance naked might get them fire. One of the guys said that they've only been there hours and they aren't that hungry yet. He followed that by saying to the cameras something about them "Comin over here with yer set a taters on ya..." bahahahaha! I'm pretty sure that was Troy. He's one of the old guys. He wins quote of the week.

I can't believe the women are so typical and trying to barter their own bodies for fire. Is it typical?

What's wrong with the male-model's voice?

The girls are finally doing something smart. They are creeping over to the fire after everyone has fallen asleep to steal it! I hope they get away with it. THEY DID IT. Will it start when they get to their side of the camp? Commercial break, how convenient. Christina was part of the raid, but they fricken let it go out. There are a fuck load of bats. Now the girls want to work together. They just negotiated 20 palm fronds weaved. Alicia is getting annoyed with Christina - ready to "punch her in the face." She should just put a shawl across her breasts and stop worrying about Christina.

Sabrina found the hidden idol. She better hide it. Bahahaha! She found the one for the men's tribe. She has to give it up to one of them. I think she has to give it to one of them by the next tribal council. Colton's super pumped. I don't know if that's true...how would they know she found it.

The challenge: Jump 20 feet onto a net...walk balance beam...walk rope bridge and then I got distracted. They're playing for immunity in the end. They are also winning fire reward.

Jeff has to give instruction so people don't get hurt. Courtney needs to go home very soon. Everyone is losing their shoes. It's like they've never been on trampolines before. Men are in the lead thus far. Women are now ready to go too. Apparently Courtney is very hurt. Does she need medical? Should she just get kicked out? The FIRST CHALLENGE AND YOU NEED MEDICAL! She's all faint. I thought she was supposed to be a tough mechanic. Update: Courtney landed on the net and maybe broke her arm. Maybe. It's unclear right now so they need to do an xray. She should just be out of the challenge. I'd be pissed. They have to wait there? They don't have to wait. They are bending the rules...men can take the victory and send the girls to tribal. Or. Continue the challenge and see who wins...Jeff's tip? Don't piss off half the players! HAHAHAHAHAHA! The men are sending one of the women home. Challenge is over.

Object is to win...lots of time to prove they can win. The men declared that the challenge is over and the women are going to tribal. Nina started swelling up on her lips for what she believes to be no reason!  Kim is annoyed with the men's decision, but she kind of gets it. On the other hand, she's from Texas and no guy she knows would have made that choice.

Colton loves Sabrina. He said so. Right after she gave him the idol.

Poor Nina...her face is so swollen.

Sabrina is hoping Courtney is not going to come back. I would have voted her out either way...whether or not she got hurt. Now this other girl (Alicia) wants to get Christina gone. She's angry about everything, Alicia I mean. I think Christina is just nice and trying to work with the men to the advantage of all. I mean, they don't show us everything, I'm not that naive.

TRIBAL: Alicia...she's the angry one and she likes to bond with women more. Really? Kat is asked about who is leading...she thinks everyone has their own job. Christina explains her role in the fire debacle and then Alicia cuts her off and she's such an itchbay! OMG. They are annoying. I would start to cut. I would find a frond that would slice my skin if I had to live on that tribe. They are already bickering more than high school. Poor Kat is hiding her head like I am. Alicia threatened (out loud mind you) that she would PUNCH HER (her being Christina) IN THE FACE. They've known each other for like three days. Jeff didn't even flinch.
LOL...Jeff just said they were NUTSVILLE. Can you believe it? I mean it's true, but I don't know if he should have said it. Update on Courtney's status: She's fine, but she needs surgery. No one else is going home tonight. She broke her wrist in a few places. Maybe the girls just need to duke it out. Now I feel a little bit bad about insinuating she was wimpy...she was though, right?

NEXT WEEK ON SURVIVOR: "Colton is a virus," Sabrina.

02 February 2012

I want a new Tattoo

I'm not too sure what I should get. I was thinking about some other Buddhist symbols...like Beginner's Mind or Emptiness or something like that. I'm going to have to figure something out soon because the dates are coming quickly. I don't even know if I'll be able to get an appointment. We shall see. I'll be in Ontario in August...I'm trying to book an appointment, but I am quite certain he's going to need some idea of what I want first! :) I think maybe I want another Froud inspired/stolen faerie, but I already have one...should I get the same thing twice when I only have one other tattoo. I would like to get a dragonfly based on the pictures above. Once I figure out the design, I'm going to have to figure out where on my body it should go. I think I want this one to have colour and I want to be able to see it easily.