18 November 2011

I ate a McChicken Sandwich.

...and it was fucking delicious. I know...vulgar statement all around. Not only did I consume "the taint" contaminating my car, I also dropped an "F" bomb. Perhaps this combination of nasty makes for something somewhat palatable? I could be stretching it.

Interesting observation - I am doing the exercising, eating healthier (for the most part...don't judge - judgy-judgerson), and trying to be present - HOWEVER - when I pulled up to the Tim Horton's drive-thru I was present enough to notice I was throwing away THREE (3) take-away bags from McD's and all that remained inside was McShame. McShame I tell you. What did I do? I tossed the bags and wondered what the person behind me was thinking and 'how dare they judge me' thoughts came to mind. What else did I do? Tonight after the CLiFF (labour film festival) and after a long overdue coffee date with my friend and then after getting gas and milk...I pulled into McD's and ordered a McChicken sandwich. I was "hungry". You know what I mean? The, 'I really didn't eat timely today so I'm going to eat shit food' kind of hungry. I loved every bite of that McShame. I always get onions, pickles, and tomato added. Delish.

I wonder what my lesson is here. Am I not eating enough? I'm eating throughout the day...I start with a protein shake, breakfast a bit later (eggs/oatmeal), lunch, snack (yoghurt/protein bar/fruit), and then dinner. And sometimes I have ice cream - mint chocolate chip - okay...honestly, I typed those words Mint Chocolate Chip and I had a daydream. I paused and fantasized about how much I love it. It's so good. It is really good...I'm not kidding.

Maybe I should eat a little more ... I get the good stuff...veggies, protein, dairy, fruit and I exercise and then I think it should be fine if I have those extra foods. I suppose there is nothing wrong with me doing this. I will keep better control over the McCrap cravings. I should have just had a protein bar from the backseat of my car. That's what they are there for - in case the cravings hit. At least there is something fuel worthy in them. :) So, the observation I suppose is me acknowledging that I can still be healthy and at times indulge - but I need to keep myself in check and recognize when and why I'm craving when I do.

Time for bed.

09 November 2011

Cochran is in for the win! Survivor 23 South Pacific

I can't wait to watch this week. I'm so nervous for Cochran. I don't know why he's my favourite. I mean, if Coach were more consistent in his behaviour I think he would be my fav. Is it fair though that I judge him based on some of his flaws? Does that not make him the man he is? I should love all of him and just come out already as a huge Coach fan. Coach and Cochran just like CC. Canadian Club. Coincidence?

I wonder what will happen with the little one and if his name will change to Cockroach? What do you think?

Oooohhh Ozzy pulls Cochran off to the side alone to talk. Ozzy feels that he was totally screwed over. Brandon is over there ensuring that no one is going to be aggressive with him because he is afraid. LOL. I can't stand Ozzy..."you just stabbed me in the back so hard". Whatever. "That's how a wiener plays." Jim is an asshole! He said that he was a poor excuse for a man. Whatever dink-face. Whitney saved him? Really? Her true colours are showing now. "You have a lot to learn buddy, you disgust me." I can't believe they all just spanked him there and humiliated him one after the other. Rick put his arm around Cochran and let him know it's alright. Jim's a douche bag - I hope he's the next to go.

I mean, okay, they are all skeered because they felt they were solid until the final five...they were getting rid of Cochran as soon as they had the numbers to sacrifice him. I'm glad he stood up to the "cool kid" bully club.

Coach is happy and feels more grounded and confident - humble but not weak, and not arrogant. He did his Thai Chi.

Ozzy's strategy? Keep winning until there is no one left. I hope that doesn't work for you, Ozzy. Sorry.

Tossing coconuts...first four move on to crack open four...take the milk and fill up a tube after running through an obstacle course.

Dawn needs three more...she got the first one. Sophie, Jim, and Whitney. Ozzy's strategy hasn't worked out.

Sophie is tough...her and Dawn made it through first with the milk. I hope Sophie wins!!! Jim is pulling ahead, but they are so close! I want Sophie to win because she's my person in the work pool. Sophie was almost throwin gup and she's OH NO - she threw up! Shit! She would have won. Jim's going to win it. I hate that Jim won. I was really hoping that he was going to hit the road. Cochran wanted him voted out next and they were willing to take him out.

Awesome, they showed a turtle flying through the ocean. Super awesome.

They are voting out OZZY! Or so they say. Now Ozzy is appealing to Coach's sentimental side. He is giving the fakeness some credence and he appreciates it. He did say that it is "too little too late."

Dawn is nearly prepared to go down in flames with her original Savaii Tribe or she might flip.

Fuck you Jim and Whitney. He apparently has a an idea. He is going to give Ozzy the necklace/immunity. I hope Jim's ass ends up getting voted out. He knows he doesn't have a long time there anyhow and he said they only need two people to flip from the other side and they might have a chance.

Okay, I had to take a bit of a break because I was eating the most delicious fucking pizza in the world. It's Donair Pizza from Tony's.

Okay, they are all sticking together with Cochran! Jim is trying to appeal to the Warrior in Coach and then Jeff asked him if he was going to switch it up and get rid of Cochran and what change would that make to the game...Coach said that if they voted out Cochran all they would be proving is that if you stick up for yourself you get screwed! Right on! Brandon even said that they were sticking with Cochran and that was that - period. I sincerely hope this is accurate. They keep panning between Sophie and Albert and if they switch I swear to GOD. I swear to GOD I will bitch slap them both. Hard. Verbally in this blog.
I don't have to - they followed through with the right thing to do. So, Ozzy thinks he's going to win every redemption challenge and then win the game for good. I am even going to salute you Dawn - You voted proper.

Ozzy caught the biggest fucking fish in the world at redemption. They are going to be strong. I kind of hope Keith wins now.

Cochran was being cute and wearing Coach's dress coat and Rick's cowboy  hat. It was really cute. I see why he does that as well. He is trying to appeal to their egos. Good, smart, man.

Ya, another immunity challenge. Stand on narrow beam and balance a ball on a wooden bow. I think Dawn will win. Oooh! Confidence offers you the chance to mange. They get pastries and ice coffee. Coach wants to compete today. Jim, Dawn, and Whitney are competing. Solidarity forever Bitches - they are eating. I don't know if I could have sat out and ate the sweets.

Jim lost in a heartbeat! LOL - Jeff, "Jim has no chance to win immunity." Jim - "I KNOW" and he moves to his seat.

Dawn and Whitney are left. Dawn is like near throwing up and she recovered from it. Dawn could not hold on anymore and Whitney won. I thought for sure Dawn would win.

Keith was not happy with how inclusive they were being with Dawn during the challenge and he would "like to nip it in the bud" right now. Not too sure what he means by that...perhaps just vote her out. He has been strategizing to get her out. He thinks she's really strong. Jim thought it would be fun to get rid of Edna, but Keith is not interested in getting them out.

Brandon is not sure what to say - he gets it in his head that someone is going home and then he is mean towards them. I understand why he does that - it's a good distancing technique. Whitney is crying because she doesn't feel like she is a bully and a mean person, but she had no qualms about putting down Cochran and calling him names. So - if that's what you are feeling poorly about get over it...apologize but don't minimize your role in how the majority are voting.

OMG Coach has a rosary. See, I like that. If I knew both the necessary prayers I might find meditative qualities in doing it. Edna got three votes. Jim is now with three votes. Four for Jim, five, and seventh person voted out of Survivor South Pacific - Jim. I wonder what Brandon was going on about then with respect to Dawn.

Next week they show Coach threatening anyone who goes against the family. Albert is the one he is alluding to. I'm sure of it.

02 November 2011

OMG - picked on kid's nightmare. Survivor 23

After Coach's sermon of last week - god how annoying was that? Does he really think he's a preacher? I can't get past it. I really wanted to blog about it...okay, pause...I enjoyed the episode and had fun laughing about it with a friend of mine via text, but then I got caught up in school work and Yukon Employees' Union Convention (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and then I had to work night shift Monday and Tuesday.
Anyhow, excuses aside - Christine kicked ? out. Ozzy got super pissed and punched at the wall and kicked and cried about the whole thing. So, he ended up giving Cochran his idol and said that they needed to vote him out so that he could beat Christine on redemption island because he's so awesome. I hope she kicks his ass.

Right now it's going to happen. Cochran really fucked up the immunity challenge and so I thought he was totally going to redemption island. They might end up going to the merge very soon and they are at risk of being less in numbers...that's why Ozzy went.

Cochran is supposed to be a double agent - he said he already is good at acting because he doesn't really like his tribe - however, then he tried to do a Pachino accent and it sucked. No offence...Cochran is probably my favourite character on this season.

I can't remember who got voted out last week. I wish they would just say already.

Ozzy is, to quote a friend, a "dough head". I hope Christine doesn't believe the story he's telling - they as a team decided that Cochran was supposed to be getting voted out and then he pulled out the idol and Ozzy ended up getting sent to redemption. Douche. I hope she kicks his ass.

Everyone is at the Redemption Island arena...I think they'll merge. Ozzy can't act for shit. He's trying to play it up...Albert doesn't buy it and neither does Coach.

Please Christine! Please win this dual. Ozzy still has red on his shirt...over his heart. They are takin gtheir spots. This is so exciting. EEEEEEEE. Someone will get back in the game after this challenge. They have to build a pole to reach over and grab a key.

Christine tries first...not strong enough. Ozzy trying...it dropped (the key ring). Ozzy gets his first key. He needs two more. Now he has the second key. He needs only one more. Now he has all three and Christine has none. FUCK. He won the dual and Christine is going home. That blows. What a dick.

Are they merging or what? Yes they are. The buffs are dropped and the new colour is....they didn't show what the new colour is...unless they are grey like the colour in the bag...nope...they are yellow. Food and wine for merging. 6-6 for numbers for both teams. Cochran and Coach are bonding. He's really just going to try and get Keith out I think. Coach told him straight up that he thinks they are trying to play their entire tribe...Cochran got schooled by the COACH - biatch. Cochran thinks Coach is a smart guy. What the hell was Cochran sitting in? It looked like a hive or something. Cochran totally told the other tribe what happened for real. That Ozzy had a dream about winning redemption. Cochran totally fits in with the Upolo tribe. He ended up giving Ozzy back the idol so he could be honest about that. He's going to betray his other tribe and he's happy that he has the power to determine possibly the outcome of the game. I knew he had it in him to be the one running the show. He's awesome. Cochran I salute you.

Dawn...Cochran and Dawn are having a conversation. I think the two of them will merge together with the other tribe and get rid of everyone else. She saw Cochran get treated poorly and not as an equal member of the tribe. She doesn't want to stay with their old tribe because the others are really much nicer. She's crying because she didn't stand up for Cochran and she feels bad about trying to protect her own interests...she feels so bad about that. I get it. What an interesting psychological perspective in this game. Maybe I'll write a paper about it. If Cochran can write a paper in law school...I probably can for psychology...or even just for fun...hmmm....I wonder if it is already out there. She's going to side with the other tribe. They are nicer people. They really are.

New Tribe Name: Tuna something...Te Tuna? Now we are up for individual immunity. Two people get it. One man and one woman - have they done this before?

Challenge: Balance game...balancing  themselves and holding a double rope thing with a coconut on top. Who has good balance...my money is on Dawn. Edna and Cochran are out quickly. Maybe the dragon slayer will get it. Whitney didn't make it very far. Two women left - Sophie and Dawn...Dawn wins immunity for the women. Keith will probably win for the men...Coach is now out. Rick - the ranger - is now out. Jim - the dealer - is out and now Keith. Ozzy and Brandon and Albert are left. Ozzy will get it...he's a surfer so he has balance. Brandon is out. Keith is out. I wish he would have won. Ozzy got immunity with Dawn - both from the same original tribe. I think Keith will get sent out to redemption.

They are talking about voting out Sophie. I think they are only picking her because she's not the super pretty girl. Now they are questioning whether or not they are all solid...if they are all solid they might have to pick rocks because there will be six/six. Jim is a douche bag. He figures Ozzy should give Whitney the idol...I don't know...

Cochran is scared he's going to get beaten up because he's flipping on his tribe - Sophie, "which is a legitimate things for a dodgeball target to be scared of." Coach said he's sleeping between Edna and Coach or he can sleep next to Sophie if he wants to. "The nerd will finally rise up to the bully." Awesome. I can't wait...it's going to be HAWESOME. Dawn is now not too sure what to do. I think Cochran is freaking out about it. She doesn't want to start a war. I don't get it. She was making so much sense and now she's scared. I think he should flip - they won't give Cochran a million dollars even if he does not flip. So, now that she has the idol around her neck she's comfortable. She doesn't think he should flip, but she's not telling anybody else on their tribe. Whoa...what's going to happen?

Tribal Council - what's going to happen...it will be a six and six tie. Jeff brings up the possibility of a switch. What a boring tribal tonight. Sweet - Sophie said she was offended that they thought they would be so stupid. She even said that they were pathetic. Ozzy said that the idol is in hand and it belongs to the entire tribe. The LOML thinks Cochran will jump ship (unless of course he changes his mind). He gave the idol to Whitney. The votes are turning up for Keith...AHHHH  - 6 votes for Keith and then RICK. Why are they doggin on Rick? Cochran did not jump ship. I wonder if he will change his vote now. They can only vote for Rick or Keith. YES! He did jump ship. Awesome - so awesome. He got a little scared after and Jim called him a Coward. Brandon stood up for HIM! Yes! "Don't talk to him like that! That's what you get for talking to people like that." Brandon is going to stick up for him. OMG I hope this doesn't back fire too badly. They were showing that Albert and Sophie might switch up the game even more. I feel a little sick to my stomach about the whole thing.