10 October 2011

Survivor South Pacific Week 4

Christine survived another round! She will be here again next week. She had to take out poor old Papa Bear. I was kind of hoping that he'd be around for a few more weeks, but guess I'll get over it as soon as next week's episode starts with Christine trying to oust Stacey.

I don't know, I think they might be on pretty equal footing. Stacey and Christine were friends and all...so I don't know what it's going to look like.

What happened this week? I watched it and was going to watch it a second time when the satellite went out. Fucking satellite. It is only television though, right?

What happened, what happened? Hmmm...okay, Cochran and Jim were trying to mastermind a plan to get Elyse gone so that Ozzy maybe will start to feel a little bit uncomfortable in his situation. They didn't get a chance to try and pull it off because during the challenge, DAWN kicked some serious ass. She is super tough. It was down to her and Stacey. They were tasked with holding a bar across their backs and then 10 pound sand bags were added to each end at different intervals. The opposite teams decided who would get the weight added to their arms. I think it was Stacey, L'il Hantz, Jim, Dawn, and two others. There was Keith (he lost first I think) and I can't remember who else was there. Either way, it ended up being Stacey and Dawn for the finish and Dawn was just able to hold on just a little bit longer.

For some strange reason everyone on Ozzy's team got bathing suits. I think it might have been on account of Dawn not going into the water in just her bra and underwear. She said that she is a mormon and she was not comfortable. One of the last mormons they had on the show was a bit of a nudist so I never even thought about it. I think it did give explanation to some of the goings on in Survivor though. They didn't let them bring suits because they were hoping that they would all just be comfortable in their skivvys. Good for you Dawn. However, in a real life survival situation you wouldn't have anything but the clothes on your back...in which case if they are going to get fire and canteens right from the get go, they might as well get bathing suits.

What else of significance happened this week on Survivor? Brandon is still annoying. Coach pissed me off at the end when he tried to give Stacey a hug after he encouraged the entire tribe to vote her out. I think Edna should have gone personally. They were showing how much she annoys everyone with all of her chatter. Coach even told Stacey that it wasn't certain who it was going to be. He was all offended that she didn't want to hug him...what a douche bag.

Otherwise, TV hasn't been too much missed. We just downloaded all the shows we missed: Dexter, Breaking Bad, and (for the LOML not for me) Desperate Housewives.

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