16 September 2011

You slay me Dragon Slayer - Survivor 23: South Pacific

Oh HAIR no.
Oh yes! Another season - Coach, my muse, my love to hate to love of you is inexplicable...know what I mean? :) Coach is back and I am happy. He's going to try to not be so self-righteous and judgemental of others this season. Good luck, Coach. I can see you have done a lot of personal work (finger point to me - self righteous, judgemental one) and are also working on the confidence.

The tribes meet and are introduced to Coach and Ozzy. No one wanted Coach to be on their team, but everyone wanted Ozzy.

Oh - it's Redemption Island again. Sweet.

Why is Russell's nephew even here? He's 19 and says that he's not going to reveal his relationship to Russell...he won't be able to take his shirt off - he has two different tattoos with Hantz in them.

One point - did anyone else notice the entire blue tribe is wearing all dark clothing?

Cochran - he LOVES this game. He is a Harvard, pale-skinned boy who has no shame in expressing his emotions and being open and honest. I don't know if he does this because he can't hold back or if he really is as awesome as I think he is.

When Coach and Ozzy got their paint-filled eggs to smash...Coach was really hesitant to get his fancy shirt stained and seemed like he didn't want to get dirty. Ozzy was all - YA, SMASH EGG SMASH OVER MY HEART. MY HEART IS IN THIS GAME WITH THIS TEAM. MY LOVE. He ended up rubbing it in his hair and ran to his tribe with open arms.

Poor Coach was nearly repelled away like magnet ends of the same polarity.

Coach and Ozzy had to compete in a challenge to win their tribes fire and taro (potatoes). Ozzy won in the end with the clear direction of his tribe and keeping his cool. I didn't get the puzzle instructions and neither did the boys...they had to be told how to do it numerous times. It was really funny when the challenge started - okay, I'm sure it was all sentimental and meaningful, but they did a prayer to the heavens and centring of self - only worked for Ozzy though.

I was wrong before about Ozzy's hair - it don't look so bad when it's wet - it just looks fuzzy when dried and brushed.

See, Ozzy's team used clear direction like left and right and Coach's team used words like, "over there, no over that way" - not so clear to me.

Ozzy is taking on the tribe like he's a god or something. He just wants to enjoy the time and relax and play. They didn't even work on their shelter the first day.

Semhar - she's a poet. beatbox. she had to represent. You should have seen Ozzy's face if you missed it! He's so smitten with her and mesmorized. He loves her. I mean, he respects her passion and wants her around for the long haul. I think he's looking for his Amber.

Poor Cochran was so shy to show off his translucent body. He did a slo-mo run like Bay Watch into the water. Sweet.

Pappa Bear (gay NY detective) - HOLLA. I'm so happy he's out there representing for the other gay cops out there that might not feel super safe in being who they are. It's all good. We are all right. I'm happy he's there. He seems descent thus far.
Papa Bear
Coach took the lead and encouraged and 'coached' his team through the first day of building a shelter and he let everyone know that he's just going to be real and that's it.

Sophie - Russian and Economics major - I think she JUST recently graduated. I think I like her so far. She seems pretty down to earth. She's my player in the work pool. Hold on, her caption says, "Medical Student." Super smart. She must be the Cochran of the blue team.

Christine is all about trying to find the idol - oh sorry, she's out looking for firewood, but I don't think she brought any back. She seems tough. She leaves Coach pretty nervous. She's his target number one. Before the returning Coach and Ozzy went to their teams, she mentioned that "they are just temporary players."

Jim - he's a "science" teacher - the cool teacher...more like the MARIJUANA DEALER. He said he won over 40 poker tournaments and he has his MBA. Okay, so they are medical marijuana dispensaries. And he's not saying a word about his contribution to different levels of addiction in society. He's sticking to the noble teacher story.

Dawn was losing her shit about not having the shelter done. I was talking with a colleague and her perception was that of "control freak." She said she's a planner and she's not sure if Bob Marley (Ozzy) is. She is an English Professor and mother of 6 - her and her husband adopted all of their children.

Coach and Mikayla (lingerie football player - wtf is that?) were buggin little Russell. He seems so nervous about the pretty playboy bunny (February 2011)! I bet it's on account of his youth and inexperience. Mikayla seems quite confident in herself and her sexual being and he is not comfortable at all. I think it's on account of his immature sexual expression -  he might not be able to control some somatic responses and that's nerve wracking. He's a 'young married gentleman'. He doesn't want to get close to her because he knows that he WANTS her and is scared of his normal biological responses. Good luck to you sir in your growth. Don't be a dick because of your fear.

Commercial interruption - I want to watch "Two Broke Girls" because I love one of the stars. Okay, I don't 'love' in that way, but I believe she's a good actress.
Kat Dennings (to the right - your right - as you look at the screen)
Sophie wants an astrologer, but she's sure Coach can do it. They were just sitting out there chatting and getting to know each other. They set up their alliance of five. Very smart move! It's comprised of Coach, Sophie, Russell Jr., the Ranger, and Albert...and it's Coach 3.0 actually. 3.0, that's pretty high expectations Coach. Please don't disappoint.

Pappa Bear and Dawn are chatting. He's trying to help her keep her shit together because they are the oldest in the tribe (Ozzy's tribe) and might be the first up. She couldn't handle herself the second day because she didn't sleep well at all. Ozzy was really strong for her I think. He wanted her to feel her feelings and own them and let them come through so she could get past it. She has 6 kids, she's a teacher, she's always in charge without question I think. That or she's used to having a few quick sips of red wine.  Oh wait, that's me. Excuse me...


Semhar's contribution - how to brush your teeth and you can use pasty ash for tooth paste. Thanks for that. Okay, I'm sure it's smart. Dental hygiene is important.

Cochran, you are charming. You are a provider to the tribe. Good for you for opening your first coconut with a machette.

L'il Russell is out there fishing as soon as possible to provide for the tribe. He wants to have a good social game unlike his familia.

First challenge - They have to scramble under a maze type thing, run through a coconut thing, climb a 10 foot tall wall, OMG Albert pulled mini Hantz up the wall - WOW, okay that kid must weight like 180 or more and with his arms Albert just lifted him up like it was almost nothing. Awesome strength. They had to then dig out a machette and then cut through some rope to drop a tonne of coconuts. They then had to shoot coconuts into a giant net to raise up another bag of coconuts that would in turn raise their flag. Blue tribe, Coach's tribe wins by just ONE coconut. Semhar (Ozzy's tribe) just kept missing and missing and missing. She was so tired and crying and wanting to switch out after just two shots on net. Mikayla - I think she made EVERY basket and her final shot won it for Upalu (blue) Tribe! Heck ya! I was really happy about that finish for sure.

Jim got super pissed because Semhar said she only felt "sorta bad." They are sending someone to Redemption Island.

Their clue about the hidden immunity idol - 'there's a hidden clue for it'. Find that clue and you'll be able to find it easier. I don't know her name...the mortician...she nearly found the clue and she knew it. At least she realizes she was most likely about to touch it.

Semhar was really hurt by Jim's response. I kind of agree she just didn't want someone to call her out because she already felt down and why would another person try to put them down even more. Maybe he should smoke a joint?

Ozzy is trying so hard to save her and tries to get Cochran out of the game because he's not the "cool" kid and he thinks he's weak. He's not though. He's a good, honest player and should stick around. He's the biggest fan ever.

I have an issue with everyone getting on Semhar's case for volunteering to do something when NONE of them stepped up to do it either. No one said, "Hey, I'll do it. I think I should." But, she did say she wanted to do it and she might have been offended if someone jumped up...but you never know unless you try - right? Ozzy just wants the love of his life, his soul mate to stay in this game.

"It's explicitly been stated that I am...". You're awesome Cochran. You were awesome until you thought you were better and cooler than Papa Bear and the other girls. Come on, that's not nice. You are quite nearly the most articulate person I have heard speak. I believe the words he chooses are mostly the best options and most clearly understood by all. He doesn't dumb things down or add more than necessary. Except when he first heard that he was up for potentially getting voted out.

I'm happy Semhar is on Redemption. Hey, maybe it will be a great story of revival from Redemption and she will have some great poetry come out of it. Here's to hoping.

She wept like a banshee as she left tribal counsel. Ozzy, "I should have taught her how to make a fire." Ain't you sweet, Ozzy?

OMG! They ALL voted her out! Even Ozzy voted for her! They were all sure she was going to Redemption. When did Ozzy change his mind? Those sneaky editors! Oh you.

A Limitless Love - poem by Semhar. I like it.


Yukon Gay said...

I would have voted her out too.

Ms.Cakey said...

Maybe Semhar can write a poem about redemption while she is on the island. I hope she leaves soon... I have an issue with her undergarments. I think that if you KNOW you're going to be running around in your undies for weeks, you should pick a more practical brazier. I was kind of offended by her jiggly boobies all over the place during that pathetic attempt at coconut ball. Also, were those socks she was wearing? Or stockings that looked like socks? And why did she pack them? Goodbye to you Semhar. Good luck in becoming the next Jill Scott.

Phumbling said...

I concur! I didn't even know how to express the "socks". They weren't playing soccer after all. And, really, the boobies were a bit much. Come on. Sensible. The show has been on for long enough for them to know. I really don't like her poem.