23 September 2011

Ruffles Onion Dip and Survivor 23

This week we find out if Semhar is going to have more fodder for her poetry by getting punted out. Maybe she could write a poem about Ruffles Onion Dip. It's so good.
Upolu won immunity last week and Semhar got set to the island by the Savaii tribe. Cochran is going to have to step it up so that he doesn't get sent there next. It would truly suck if he lost to Semhar. 
Oh dear lord...she whining and crying about how she gave her team her all and they sent her away, "figures" she says. What does that mean? She has abandonment issues and doesn't understand how people can be so mean. Hahahaha! You are on Survivor. Now she's repeating her poetry...dear lord. "I don't miss you, I miss feeling loved." Wow. 
Cochran doesn't want to be the antsy, paranoid, nerd kid that he has been. He wants to be cool and collected. We shall see. Ozzy identifies with his passion. Could he sound more like a pot-head? I'm just wondering, dude. Ut oh, Ozzy and the tall skinny dude (Keith) are making plans and they want to bring Jimmy into the mix. Teehee, they could be Jimmy (hendrix), Bob (marley), and Keith (richards). 

Upolu Tribe: Coach is working Edna. He is her friend and not in the alliance. He is wondering if anyone found the idol. Edna is alligning herself with Coach because he's strong and she's one of the smallest females. Now he feels that he needs to protect her. Christine might have the idol. Who knows?

Savaii Tribe: Cochran is cutting coconuts without being asked to do so. His mother is super protective and she doesn't want him to be using a matchette without supervision. Haha. 
Ozzy is "fishing" for the idol. He's climbing trees...he's so good at that. I think he's going to find it. He found this massive tangle of vines and roots and there it was. He found it without the silly written clue. He found another hiding place up high in a tree and he may be the only person who can climb it.

Back at Upolu: L'il Hantz and Coach are chatting. He believes Coach has honour and integrity. Now he's being very ungodly not telling him that he is Russell's nephew. So, now he's going to tell him. Coach is silly. So, Brandon shows him his tattoo with Hantz written on it..."Uh, that's not your last name is it?" Now, Coach is scared because he doesn't want to get voted out by Brandon like Russell voted him out. L'il Hantz is going to be a man of his word and he's going to play "like a man of God." Now they are praying. Awesome. They are continuing to bring religion into this game. I wonder if that many people, statistically speaking (like out of 18 people), in the USA are that religious. Maybe they are. I have no idea. 

Off to Savaii: Elyse is praying to her ancestors to help her figure out how to catch fish. The men went out and the women were on the beach. I'm not sure where Cochran is. Jim, Keith, Ozzy, Elyse, and Whitney. Jim wants those five to make it to the end. So, they are going to kick out Papa Bear, Cochran, and Dawn just because they aren't part of the cool crew. I hope the outcasts step it up...but in true Survivor history, they probably won't. 

Blue Tribe: Mikayla, Albert, and L'il Hantz are going fishing. Mikayla is pretty tough. Brandon doesn't like her and even when he talks about her his voice shakes and he feels that she is using her "seductive ways" to get people drawn in. "Being a married man, I have to stay away from that stuff." So, he doesn't want her in the game because he can't control his urges? He wants to blame her instead of admitting his own urges? Oh ya, that's right - being a married man and all he couldn't possibly have those sorts of thoughts about another person.  

Christine doesn't have the idol, but she's still looking. She didn't find the idol but she did find the clue to find the idol. 

The Challenge:
Upon arrival, all of Upolu were eating delicious fruit. They are showing up the other tribe that they eat together, they are strong and they will stick together and win together. We shall see. 
They are doing this may pole type thing for keys and then they have to move a bunch of crates around until they get the winning crate to the right spot. They are getting a reward of comfort - pillows, blankets, a hammock. Oh yes, and immunity.
Edna is sitting out for the Upolu Tribe. 
Let's go! Savaii is having trouble right off the bat. Cochran is the target messer upper. 
Upolu made it through and Stacey is unlocking the tribe. They are working the puzzle now! Upolu is taking their time and Savaii is flying through the puzzle. Blue team has to step it up. They have lost their lead I think. Or at least that's what Jeff is saying and seeing as he knows how to win the challenge, he's probably right. Savaii just overtook the other tribe. Savaii won immunity and reward. Huge come back victory. I wonder who the blue team will send away. I kind of hope it's Mikayala so she can kick Semhar's butt. 

Yummy! We are having Ruffel's Onion chip dip and regular Lays ripple chips. So good.

3 for Christine, 3 for Stacey, and I'm not sure who else they are going to vote for...I think they will be voting for Mikayla because L'il Brandon has a wife and family and he feels uncomfortable. Coach believes that Brandon has demons that he is facing on a daily basis. He's threatened by her because she's a strong woman and so Sophie is worried because she's strong too...well, I don't think you make him as nervous. HAHAHAHAHA! Coach just asked Mikayla to step away from their conversation. "They think I'm not trusable," Mikayla said. Edna can't lie. Christine was asking her about what was going on. So, L'il Hantz is pushing for Mikayla. No one understands his logic. 

So, he's all fricken paranoid...she's not flirting with anyone and Brandon is being a dink. I think he needs to get sent to Redemption and he needs to get beat out of the game by Semhar. Let's see what transpires. I think Brandon is a dangerous person. He's trying to protect himself by keeping everyone away instead of dealing with his "demons" as Coach puts it. He turns people into demons to be battled, but really...look to yourself, Brandon. Mikayla's "seductive powers" are your own projections.

Coach is being made a fool...he's trying to turn Christine and Stacey against Mikayla. But they didn't bring her name up at all. Jeff is trying to clear things up. Now, Coach won't say who told him the information. So, he's showing loyalty by not saying anything. Mikayla wants to know if Stacey or Christine are voting her out. So, Brandon puts his hand up and comes clean about his information sharing for getting rid of Mikayla. Albert is pretty much calling out Brandon and his character and his personality shining through...something along those lines. I don't know who will get sent to Redemption today. And Jeff keeps saying that they are going home...they aren't going home they are going to redemption island. Christine does not play the hidden idol. I don't think she has it. Who voted for SOPHIE? Oh no you didn't! Leave her alone. Stacey, Edna, Christine, and Sophie all got one vote and then two for Stacey and three for Christine. And now three for Stacey...one vote left. Christine is off to Redemption Island. No one voted for Mikayla. 

Next week on Survivor...I think Brandon is losing it. Stacey voted for Sophie. I hope she's next to go. 
Survivor quote of the week? "I don't know what his problem was, but he's a tool." Christine in reference to Coach. Awesome. 

Here are your Survivors!
Blue Team - Upolu Tribe
Rick "the Rancher" 
Brandon Hantz 

Red Team - Savaii Tribe
Papa Bear 

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