31 August 2011

Survivor 23 - Ozzy and Coach HAIR again - South Pacific.

Ozzy is back! Coach is back! And for some weird reason Russell’s 19 year old nephew is on the show…so what? Weird. I guess he must have paid off some executives to get him on the show. I hope he’s voted off first. I mean…okay, maybe he’s a nice kid and he should be there and I should be all super supportive…but really, I just want Ozzy to win and maybe they’ll auction off his hair when it’s all over…did you see it? Sweet.

So – Survivor is back and I’m going to need something to distract me from my studies…I will be sending out weekly(ish) updates. 

I do this pool thing at work and I've gotten positive reviews so I started posting it on my blog. I know...it's weird and doesn't really seem to 'flow' with the whole Zen vibe I'm on...but then again...maybe it is completely appropriate. :) 

Either way...I'm so excited Coach is gracing us once again and Ozzy grew out his hair. 

Ozzy...why the hair?
Why Ozzy?

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