12 August 2011

Damn PO Box Elf.

I'm bitchy. Ya. I woke up in an okay mood...slowly of course...check facebook, play backgammon and bejewelled, check mail. My books have been delivered. The note said that they dropped off a card as they attempted to deliver. I wonder where the elf was that lives in the mailbox. I wonder why he never collected and signed for my package. Damn PO Box elf. 
I should get a new one. So, I'm pretty excited to go and pick up my courses! I can sift through the books and really feel them. I'm going to open the package and then figure out what I need for back to school supplies :) hehe. I'm pretty excited about that purchase. I think I'm going to get some pencils for math, a calculator (maybe), new pens! oh joy! I love new pens, and I think a couple of notebooks. Lined. Fancy covers. Retail therapy of sorts. I'm a nerd at heart and I really loved picking out school supplies when I was a kid. It's even better now because I can get a real LeKit if I want to and no one will stop me.
How awesome is that pencil box? We'll see what wonders I will find at Walmart. I don't care. Judge away. I've already spent a tonne of cash on the courses...I'm going to save a couple of bucks at Walmart on supplies. I could go to staples...but I would get lost in nerd nirvana for hours. I have plans today. I'm going to see "The Change Up" yes on purpose.

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Nancy Crutcher said...

where did you get this? This thing is great! I got a pen fetish, and i want to store my excellent pens in something great like this!!!