08 July 2011

Really or are you just putting me on...

Ever hear a story from someone - okay, of course you have...ever hear a story from someone and think, "wow, are you serious? are you telling me this as a test to see if I will not say anything?" I have often wondered this exact thing. I have heard outrageous stories and have been desperate to share the utter seemingly imagined tales of others with someone and then my paranoia sets in - they know this is crazy and they know I will pass it on and they know it will get back to them and then I will look a fool for believing the story in the first place and an even bigger fool for passing it on. I have this sneaking suspicion that everyone around me is in on the conspiracy and are waiting for me to fail and share a secret I have committed to confidence.
So, last night after I had already written this little post - and still had to finish - I got wind of one such story. I'm still not sure if I wasn't being put on and then I heard myself share stories of old and my cohort began to question whether or not I was in fact putting her on with the tales.
The stories don't even matter. Just review them in your head before you share them and wonder. I guess because people actually write books and movies and other such things of "fiction" from a factual beginning I am starting to train my brain to believe seeming realities masked in fiction are impossible because of their title.
I will think on this post and try to figure out what's the meaning behind it all for me...really. Sounds like I could use a session of zazen.

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