25 June 2011

Operation Tuvalu

Okay, so that ain't funny. Tuvalu is really sinking. The neighbour's "Party Island" has been taken care of. I went out there this morning and decided that I would just up and move it myself. I think they might have put it closer to our house. I'm sure they didn't. So, I put my shorts and tank top on and made my coffee. I brushed my teeth and added a splash of Bailies to the mix. I ventured outside with my sarong to lay on, my book and coffee mug in tow. I set them all down and went over and grabbed hold of the "party island" and done drug it to the front of their property. Nothing wrong with it and no hard feelings and nothing ignorant on my part. We haven't spoken all day. They haven't partied in front of our place either. :)
I'm not sure if they are intentional in their placement of their seadoos or not. However, it is directly infront of our house again. I wonder if tomorrow I will move it...nah. They can be as passive aggressive as they choose to be. Mission accomplished - no more island in front of our place. I just hope it doesn't get ugly. I'm going to remain calm and speak my mind and be honest about it all. Feelings in check are important. I don't need to let my anger overwhelm me. I need to be aware of these things - that's all - be aware of me.

BTW: The book I'm reading right now is "Sit down and shut up" by Brad Warner. So I guess in the short version of the story, I did get out there and sit down and shut up. I suppose my actions spoke for myself. So I added in the movement of the party island. Really, I didn't add anything or start a fight or a war or anything like that. I just went out there moved something back to the proper owner and I sat down and shut up.

24 June 2011

Oh hey...

So, today I am finally having a day at home with the LOML and I am happy. Each day just seems to get better and better. I am trying to recognize when I begin to feel sadness or anger and relate these feelings to my attachments. I have been reading lots and lots by Brad Warner and nearly every other page he reminds us (well the readers and really only me because I'm not sure the others are getting the same thing out of it as me) that we only feel sadness and loss and upset-ed-ness when we have attachement to our things. So, I feel annoyed with the neighbours and their fucking "party island" beached directly in front of my window and I think - "Fuck you guys. Seriously? Why are you putting it right there? Can't you tell that it is disrupting my view?" Maybe not. Maybe they aren't even thinking about me and my house and my view. Maybe they are just enjoying the newness of living near the lake or at least visiting the lake every weekend. And really, I'm only super attached to the view my front window provides. If I forget about the attachement I have to the view, does it really matter if "party island" is parked right in front of my face? I guess not.
So, now each time I look out my window the annoyance is less and less. We will see how I feel tomorrow. I suppose if the feeling does not dissipate I will have to get up and talk to them and see if they can move it. I'm sure they will. I'm sure it won't even be a big deal. I'm sure they will not even be annoyed. I'm really just annoyed with myself for not saying anything. Hmmph. Interesting things this life of mine is. I like it.
Oops, there are no "it"s. There is only me. So, I guess that means I like me. Thinks about it - instead of using the word it, replace it with me. You can even replace it with a person's name. Seriously - example from tonight - little girl went up to my friend and thanked her for singing and told her she was so happy to she played that song she played. My friend replied with, "Oh thank-you I appreciate it." Now, this isn't rude by any stretch and she did say thank-you, but how much more personal could that statement have been if she said, "Oh thank-you I appreciate you." Know what I mean? Not the greatest example. I'm sure you will hear tonnes around you in the next little bit. OH OH OH - okay, so you are sitting around and you say to your partner, "It's a lovely night out tonight." Now! Replace 'it's' with what you really mean, "I feel lovely tonight" or "You are lovely tonight". Just try it. I know it sounds hokey. Perhaps I'm not explaining myself properly which is entirely likely.
Bonne...j'ai fini pour maintenant.