15 May 2011

Survivor 22 - Pre-Finale Episode :)

Holy F I thought this was lost in the cyber world trash can...lucky for me they didn't do a delete on the trash can and it ended up back in my edit posts folder :) Yes.

We're getting down to the wire! I wonder if this coming Sunday will be the date to crown the newest Survivor.

Who's left?
Redemption Island: Matt, Mike, Ralph, and Andrea
Ometepe: Boston Rob, Ashley, Natalie, Philthy, Grant

Who's on the jury?
David, Steve, Julie

Who's home on the range?
Francesca, Stephanie, Kristina, Krista, Russell, and Sarita

Who will go to Redemption next? I truly hope that it's Boston Rob...however, I don't want him to have that amazing come back from Redemption and all that nonsense. Who will it really be though? Probably Ashley. She hasn't done too much.

Ashley loves a good blindside. I hope she loves it when she's the next one. Rob gets all nervous because Ashley and Natalie were talking. Natalie is interested in keeping it real with Rob - silly girls. BR thinks Ashley is sneaky. He's been waiting 10 years to get to this point. He needs this all to go just right and he has to keep control. I hope his ass gets voted out soon. If he wins - I won't be able to say that he's not a good player.

I'm torn - do I like the vocal singing? Matt was most hurt by Andrea and then she showed up at Redemption and it didn't seem like she even said hi to Matt. Andrea says that Matt is always giving her evil eyes at the duels. She called him on being all wishy-washy and having a heart to heart with Rob so I think she got him with that one. Ralph didn't offer up his place on the area where they sleep because when she was on Ometepe they didn't offer them anything when they did merge. She was crying quit a bit at the 'duel'. They really need to change the name of this fricken thing - this is not two people.

They have to compete in a maze thing and then they have to put together a puzzle. Ralph is kicking some serious ass. He's already working on the second section. Mike was next and then Matt...Andrea was last. Now they are all working on the puzzle. Matt was quite calm through the entire thing. Ralph has fallen behind and the other three are getting there. Mike has finished his puzzle. Andrea keeps copying off of Ralph...cheater. "You will become a member of the jury and that blows," Jeff - thanks a lot. Ralph is now in the jury. He didn't win. He did so well at the beginning of the duel.

Rob thinks that he's got more heart in this game than anyone else. He is now seeing that Redemption Island is going to throw a wrench into his game plan. He wants it to be over with now.

Baby Monkey inserted here:

I think Natalie should have some rice. They are cranky and tired and exhausted and they don't want to eat all of their food. Ashley doesn't want to eat the rice. I think she should. Grant wants to get rid of Ashley. Philthy thinks that Grant should eat and he was getting in Andrea and Natalie's faces. "Don't lie on me." All Phil tried to tell the young ladies that they just don't need as much rice to eat - which is correct. Oooh! Natalie just said that Grant and Rob are 'normal' and this is why they argue with him and not them. Now Rob is calling Phil crazy...the girls were yelling "psycho" at Phil. I wish they would listen to what he says. Rob just threw Grant under the bus telling Natalie that Grant wants to get rid of Ashley. Ashley is going to try and get a big move going here. I like what Phil has done. He is yelling at both of the girls so that they are closer and closer. She went to Rob and Natalie on how to get rid of Grant. She thinks it would be the best plan. Rob just gave him his word that he will not vote him out.

I don't know...why is it that Rob has never been on the list of people to go? I guess he was when Matt had that great idea and then flipped.

Anyone else hate the saying, "Threw him under the bus"? Where does that originate? Not nice at all. Scary in fact.

Cool - they made a swing thing and it looks like fun. Rob has promised Natalie once again that he has her back. He is pretty excited to get rid of Ashley so I think that means she's going to win immunity tonight and then what are you going to do? Will you go back on your word to a sweet and innocent 19 year old girl and vote her out? Will Natalie be the next one sent? Or will he go against Grant?

Immunity Challenge? With one hand they have to do like a barrel of monkeys kind of thing and grab a puzzle bag and then they have to put the puzzle together...it ends up being like a fish type of thing. Grant is ahead right now. Phil second and then Rob with their first sections done. Natalie sucks at this puzzle. Ashley is kicking butt for sure. She's in the lead with Grant just behind. Ashley is the first one back with the last section of the puzzle...Rob is right behind him. Phil is working on it too. ASHLEY wins IMMUNITY and reward. I knew she was going to win. HAHAHAHAHA - suckas. She also got reward. It is a 3 course meal. AWESOME - she picked Natalie for the reward. The two girls - hahaha. I'm so happy about this right now. I think though, they might think about getting rid of Natalie so that they don't have that solid two alliance. You know, even though they are in a pretty strong three way alliance - Rob, Grant, and Phil.

I'm pretty sure Grant is getting voted out tonight. Unless he finally wakes up and asks for the immunity idol they found together. Rob is exhausted because he has to do all this dirty work because he doesn't want them to start thinking about voting him out. So, he has chosen to do all this dirty work to save himself. Are they calling Phil Shemp? Or are they calling him Chef? So, Grant believes that Natalie is going home. Grant is pretty sure that he can trust Rob. Doubt it.

The girls got some great food - nachos, pizza, chocolate cake, pasta with white sauce, cheese cake...tonnes of food. They are all stuffed and feeling sick. They are so skinny. They really could use it. Rob is sitting there eating boring old rice. So, now Rob is nervous and he will end up voting out Natalie.

Rob never feels vulnerable and he just lied at the tribal meeting. Why the hell is it okay that the three men have a tight alliance and it's not okay for the girls? I am perplexed by the gender disparity shit that happens in this game. They need a woman alongside Jeff Probst to balance it out a bit more.

Sorry S.R. - Grant is engaged and he's crying because he loves her so much - he has a great gift out there - her beautiful spirit is back there waiting for him at home. Rob even got to talk about how much he loves his wife and his daughter. Boo hoo...they make money being on the show and they have a chance to win a million dollars. Guess they are just tired. Will Grant say anything about this hidden immunity idol when/if he is voted off? Best thing Rob could have done is vote out Natalie. He did vote out Grant! I can't believe it. He's a sucker. I hope Natalie beats him in the end. Jeff keeps on saying that only one person will return to the game from Redemption. Even when he was talking to cameras, he didn't think that Rob could have betrayed him. Funny thing? Both Phil and Rob voted his ass to the island. Sucka.

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