25 May 2011

oh I could have said it this way instead...

So, in my best Cher impression, "If I could turn back time..." or maybe my best 'Jack 2000' from Will and Grace - I might be closer. However, all that being said, I'm sure you get what I'm trying to convey. I'm pretty happy that my want to turn back time would be to sort of straighten up the introduction I gave today at the EOC meeting in Ottawa...I did get overwhelming positive support from everyone at the meeting. Okay, nearly everyone. There was a lot of interest in bringing this information forward. I even got feedback telling me that this was the most interesting and pertinent information in the past couple of years. Thank-you sister, thank-you wholeheartedly. Great word mash - no red underline for a mistake :)

Oh yeah, the talk was about Compassion Fatigue - what it means and how it can manifest. Please keep in mind I only had a very limited time to express all of this and I didn't fully understand what that timeline would be until shortly before presenting...I didn't ask all the right questions ahead of time. :) I know now to ask or at least to prepare alternatives. Either way...It did go over really well and I'm being my own worst critic, so I should just shut up and listen to the feedback.

So, I would have said something along the lines of:
We are here representing the Equal Opportunities groups within the Public Service Alliance of Canada. Most of these groups rank quite high in the "shitty stuff happens to us" category. I'm not saying this to be negative. I'm saying this because it is most accurate. When shitty stuff happens to me, I tend to fall into the category with anger, cynicism, seeming lack of support, and little hope for finding a way out - at least this is how I used to view my hardship. I believe that we as the EOC body of the PSAC Nationally have a responsibility to the brothers and sisters who need our support the most - well, the most often because white guys still need support. We have a duty to represent them with the fullest of our being. I don't believe we can be full if we ourselves struggling or if we don't know how to recognize when our members are struggling. So, I would have added that to my talk this afternoon. I really hope I can be a part of the 1/2 day workshop either in the form of presenter or in the form of participant. I'm not sure I'll be here after convention. We are having our convention in October. I hope to be the EOC representative. I know that I represent the component well and I will have to ensure that the membership is aware of the work I do while I'm here.

I should get a chance to say this during tomorrow's meeting time :) I might. We'll see what my reflection presents and what the day suggests I should do...you know what I mean.

Otherwise, the day has gone really well. I'm now reading two more books. Okay, I just picked up the first one to start reading:

So far, I give it two thumbs up. I am going to have to find myself a Buddhist group to latch onto in Whitehorse. Everything I've read tells me I really shouldn't zazen or meditate by myself. I mean doing this could lead me to believe I'm the numero uno chick on the planet and I'm destined to lead people to the water and allow them to drink of the wealth of fantasticness I have thought about or not thought about during meditation. If I ever ask you to please carry with your a roll of quarters to a secret location not to be announced until you are on your way and alone on your cellphone - please don't. Please call the authorities and ask them to gently admit me to the local emergency room. Please.  I will continue to sit and relish in my quiet time practice until I find the right teachers - of course any teacher will do. I am right now thinking that Brad Warner and Noah Levine are the teachers for me...so we'll see. I need to research this some and really try and find someone in the Whitehorse area. I wonder if there are any teachers out there who do this sort of sitting thing via Skype. Maybe that will be my medium...huh? What do you think? Will you sit with me on Skype?

Alright, time to finish watching the hockey game and the Boston Bruins relinquish their chance to head to the Stanley Cup one game earlier than need be. I guess Tampa Bay just score a-frickin-gan turning the game to 4-2 in their favour. Shyte. Oh well, I've always got my books to appease me. :) My thoughts aren't that bad either...and the recognition that we are where we are and we're here to experience what we experience and the good and the bad are all okay and inevitable. M'eh - time for bed :) One of the comforts of a hotel room? Television in the bedroom...I don't allow it at home...hehe don't say anything about me liking it :)

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