24 April 2011

Survivor 22! Let Jury Duty Begin!

Dieting sucks. Okay, I'm being dramatic. Dieting does not suck - plug - not when you're using the Lose it! App from the App Store! I'm actually enjoying it. I watch what I put into my body and ensure that I exercise enough so I can still put some crap in it - like the Glenfiddich and ice I see before me. I've been nursing it for about an hour now. I bought a couple of those airplane bottles a few months ago and there they sat on the counter for an occasion to drink them. Linda decided today was the day we would crack 'em open. She's done her's and mine is slowly being transformed by melting ice. I'll finish it, I'm sure.

Right now I'm reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I was compelled by the NPR.org quote right on the front cover, "This could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill a Mockingbird...If you read only one book...let it be this one." Dear lord, with further inspection of that quote and knowing a little something about how to properly quote or misquote if you will, I now wonder what was written between the 'book...let it be this one' section. There could have been another book title in there. All that being said, I have started reading and find myself already absorbed by minimum four characters.

Survivor is on tonight! I can't wait.
My top three:
Philthy, Matt, and Ralph. I used to have Andrea up there because I thought she was going to stay cool through the entire show and her and Matt were going to be able to hog tie BR and toss him overboard. Alas, this did not happen. Ralph ranked higher on the list earlier in the season with his funny southern way and farmer frame of mind. Alas, he's a paranoid kinda guy right now. He seems to dislike what's going on and he misses being in control. You know though, it might just be that hes' not in the cool crowd and this reminds him of his school days...maybe, you never know. I wonder how hard it would be to sit there and not be in the 'popular' crowd? I would hate it. I know I would. Who am I kidding? I did hate not being a part of that cool crowd. I might be able to overcome some stuff as long as I was not alone. There would have to be at least one other person in the muck with me.
Julie, Ralph, and Steve are going to have to put together a wonderfully choreographed ballet in order to maintain life on the show as we know it. However, I think we will be heading in a different direction. I believe we are going to get the two islands each numbered the same and then they will merge once again. That would be so awesome. Rob would surely find himself at the bottom of that pile.

Oh yeah! Philthy got the second highest metal given out by the United States Army during peace time.

Damn, I was wrong about the Redemption Island scenario. The three of them are going to be heading to battle. Matt is praying like crazy right now, he's not sure what's going on. He wants to be out of the game apparently, but he's not going to stop fighting for his lord. Interesting. I wonder where he was brought up.

The tribes in Murlonio eat separately. Steve is sure that Phil is crazy like it's going out of style. Phil was praying in some interesting language before he put his feather on his head. Maybe his grandfather Jessup taught him some prayers.

Now he is meditating on the rock over-looking the ocean. He is now talking about some Buddhist-type God thing. He was focusing on his ancestors during his meditation. I really don't know if he's crazy or not.

Julie, Steve, and Ralph are eating up all their food. They have so much food, but the other tribe is dwindling in food supply. Phil is pissed about it, so he's going to steal their food. He's stealing and believes the rice belongs to all the members of the tribe. They didn't feel that way when the numbers were closer. This is a crazy psychological game - ain't it? I would like to come up with some questions and follow these people...you know, like three months before and for three months after or something like that. I wonder when that book will come out - "Is there Redemption after Survivor?"

Everyone is able to witness the dual on Redemption Island. Battle? Tiles stacking up eight feet done much like making a house of cards. In fact they have to build a 'traditional house of cards'. Mike is winning at this time....six feet high for Mike, Matt next, and then David. We'll see, Mike is in a very nerve wracking situation - he only has to place one more card and the whole thing is so shaky and the other two are nearing the hieght needed. Mike is the first one to stay alive. Matt is next and David is the first member of the jury. I didn't feel that connected to David, I'm not too bummed out that he's gone. 25 days and Dave is gone. He is the first member of the jury :) Rob is all choked about Matt staying in the game. Those two stay on Redemption and await their next rival.

'The Rice Wars' - hahaha! Grant and Rob were singing those words with the "America Fuck Ya" theme from that puppet movie. Okay, so Philthy thought it was a good idea to steal rice from the other tribe. THEN they realized that their container was cracked and they got a maggot infestation in the rice. So, they poured out all their rice onto a blanket and now Phil is begging for the rice pot from the other side of the tribe. Phil turned it into a race thing when Steve called him crazy. I don't think it's a race thing, I think it's a mental health thing. Steve and Julie don't want to give them space in their rice container. Phil is the chief of counter intelligence and an expert in 'wing Chun kung fu'. He also said he was ready to lose it because that's what some black men do, they lose it. Phil is ANGRY that they think he's crazy and he can't stop it. "You don't know me. I never been to jail." I'm upset right now. I guess Phil is sick and tired of getting called crazy after asking sane questions. I mean the questions are sane, but they aren't in the right order of things and he's forgetting everything that he's done in the past. I mean, he did steal their rice first and then they realized that their rice pot had maggots in it and now he is requesting to TAKE their rice container so that the good rice they were able to save doesn't go bad. He shouldn't have stolen it in the first place and then when they noticed that their rice had gone bad, perhaps Julie, Steve, and Ralph would have offered to help out a bit...maybe. They treat them all like shit. I feel for Phil right now, because I can see him losing the ability to keep himself from cracking. He needs to hit his wall of futility and find his tears. He's scared that his tribe will run out of food or the food that they have won't be kept safe and they will go hungry. I wonder if he's known hunger. I'll bet you if he had as a child he would be pretty scared right now and is maybe feeling about that age when he realized he was hungry. Find your Buddha Phil - be honest with yourself and then with the others and they might not see you as so crazy.
Steve is reaching to Rob to get rid of Phil because Phil is crazy. Dear Lord they showed him in his fuchsia panties once again. He's taken his buff and is hanging it over the front of his undies. I can't wait until that buff gets burned up - I bet it would sell in a heart beat for a lot of money. I really hope he's able to either find some sanity and clarity on the final show and talk to us about his experience. His real experience on Survivor.

The Challenge: I think it's going to be a balancing act. Andrea gave back her immunity necklace. They have to spin and release a puzzle wheel base and then they have to put the puzzle together on that base and then there is another round after that. First round gets you dizzy. Andrea is in the lead, Grant, Julie, Rob, Ralph, Natalie, Ashley, and Phillip. Rob is moving on first. Julie next. Ralph. Andrea, Steve, and Grant - they all move on to the next round. They have to put together the second ring around their puzzle. Steve and Andrea are the first to make any moves. Julie is fricken buff! Holy. Rob finished first and STEVE was so close. He was so close. Steve is going to Redemption Island.

Who will go to Redemption Island? JULIE! Gross! She hid Philthy's shorts so now he is relegated to wearing just his nasty fuchsia tighties...or wait not tighties as they are stretched all out. He is blaming the girls in his own tribe right now. Ouch, Phil will just go off, like that - snap finger. He needs to go home and get well for a little bit. Rob doesn't "believe that one man should have this much power on an island, but I'm grateful I do." Phil believes that Steve stole his shorts. Jeff is floored by the race card coming out. Ah, now Phil believes that crazy is a synonym for the "n" word. Phil even brought up a story about him and his father in the grocery store and his father was called, "boy" which is a synonym for the "n" word. Phil feels that 'crazy' being used by Steve is the same thing. He also mentioned Richard Pryor's third comedy album. Ashley doesn't know what it means to be an African American man - hmmm, really? Julie came clean about hiding the shorts.
Will Phil go to Redemption tonight? NOPE - Julie is going to Redemption Island, "I guess you're never going to find your shorts." They stood by their man, Phil.

Next week on Survivor - they are all on the edge.

Murlonio Tribe:
Boston Rob (Mentalist)
Grant (Assassin)
Philip (Specialist)

The Island of Misfits (AKA Redemption Island)
King Matt
Prince Mike

On the Jury Bench:

Sittin' at home...
Francesca, Kristina, Russell, Stephanie, Krista, and Sarita.

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