14 April 2011

Survivor 22! Redemption Island Trinity

Everyone before Matt's eventual return to Redemption

Last week, Matt was put on the island once again. I hope he is able to re-re-enter the game. He should have made a brand new alliance. But he didn't and hopefully he will if he gets another chance.

I'm still surprised that Natalie won the first Immunity Challenge. Matt seems to think that BR's word is gospel and if BR wants him to be around he will keep him around.

HAHAHA - Matt just called himself the most naive player in the game of Survivor. "I feel like a moron." He then starts talking about it being God's will to keep him on Redemption Island - it wasn't God's will, it was his own ignorance. If he wanted to listen to God's will, he should have trusted in his instinct - you were created in God's image, Matt - trust yourself.

David thinks BR was mob-style and genius. Even Mike gave Rob kudos. Julie felt it was cold-blooded. Those girls (Ashley and Natalie) are all over BR and totally fanning him with palm leaves.

Ralph was asking about whether or not he was on the chopping block with the two girls that haven't ever made a decision all by themselves since the beginning of the game. Ralph is all paranoid because he doesn't know what's going on from the other tribe and they are all going to the final six. See, right now this is a numbers game: Rob's old tribe still has 6 people and Russel's old tribe only has 5 - guess they shouldn't have had an intentional loss. BR is maintaining the solid six and he wants his team to hate the other tribe and show them their arrogance - BR will stay clean though, he'll let everyone else in the tribe do the dirty work, putting the other tribe down. Rob believes by keeping his mouth shut and only controlling his soldiers he thinks this is going to get the votes of the other tribe. I don't know. Natalie just told Rob that Ralph will vote for Ashley and that Ashley decided not to tell BR and she kept a secret from him. Now, Rob thinks it would be smart to vote out Ashley next because she kept a secret. He's a cocky dictator. I wonder if he will go to therapy after the game. I wonder if he returns home with a superiority complex. I wonder if he's always had this personality trait? Hmm...either way, I hope he's home contemplating it soon. He's making it work though - I figure I hate it so much because I don't like that he is manipulating his tribe-mates. I thought Andrea would be the first with Matt to go against the grain and attempt to rid BR from the game and the island. That would have been the smoothest move ever - but I guess the smoothest move award so far in the game must go to BR.

Philthy is wearing a feather that he found after a meditation. Awesome. He's got it sticking straight up on his forehead, brilliant.

Challenge: dig out a club, smash a tile, take a mouthful of water from an open trough, keep that water in your mouth and then crawl under a thing, spit it into a funnel attached to a measuring cup, and then build a puzzle thing with big blocks.

First six, Julie, Grant, Rob, Mike, Steve, and Ralph. It's so gross watching them spit their water into the tube thing. Grant, David, and Mike make it to the final round for immunity. GET RID OF ROB, people.
Okay, now it's time for David to show how good he is at puzzles. I hope he gets it, but then again, when he gets cocky about it all, I think it might be good for him to be beat by the jocks. GRANT wins immunity - what happened David? I thought you were the best one ever at solving puzzles? I guess this proves you wrong, eh? Unfortunate. I hope BR is sent to Redemption Island. Grant is amazing at challenges.

Rob did say that he wants to vote out Ashley - but it would be pretty dumb to vote her out now would it not? I hope he does it.

Mike's looking for a hail Mary. He compared Rob to a prison guard.

They found that the flag pole had been moved (the five on the other side) and then they thought maybe something was buried so they started digging up the sand. They stopped when they saw the BR Dictatorship heading towards camp. Phil ran over and then BR joined in with shovels so now they are looking for another idol. I can't believe they took over and started looking. Mike and Dave called them the Murlonio crime syndicate. Now BR is all paranoid. It's insane. Now they are trying to figure out who to vote out that will be most likely to beat Matt. Jessup Harry (full blooded Cherokee, great grandfather) came to Philthy in his meditation and he told him that Ometepe would live long in the lore of Survivor. Awesome.

Julie just called it out - Phil said it was this is his Survivor family and then Julie just said, "Matt thought he was your family too."
Dave also called it out saying that Phil sounds crazy right now - like right to his face, "do you know how crazy you sound right now?". Then Philthy turned around and said, "Do you know what you sound like? You sound like someone in the bottom of a sesspool struggling to get out." That was mean and uncalled for. This is that whole psychological test where if you talk down a group of people long enough you begin to feel that way. It's really scary if you think about it. I wonder if Rob realizes what he is creating in people right now. Mike was voted to Redemption Island. I suppose Julie was right about the karma coming back to haunt.

Rob just told Phil that he will be with him to the top three. I hope he takes him and Philthy wins the entire game. Rob is so cocky and assured. I hope he gets slammed down. Phil is Rob's number one. Natalie and Phil are apparently going to the final three with Rob. He needs to go.

I hope Phil is still against Rob. He is a smart guy and he's complex :)

Ralph is getting paranoid. He's trying to talk about the game with the other side of the tribe. He's pushing it and I hope he gets something out of this. Dave is getting frustrated as well with the whole thing. Oooh, they showed a little green bug trapped in a spider web.

THERE is a second challenge for immunity! Awesome. There is going to be 3 people on Redemption this time! They have to hang from their arms and legs over a dug out pool of water. After so much time they have to let go and with their legs they have to hang suspended over this muddy pond. The last one hanging will win Immunity. Phil and Steve decided that eating was more important. Rob is having a hell of a time trying to get comfortable. I think he gave up. Phil is talking shit about David. Everyone made it to the leg portion. Julie was the next one gone. Grant is out and Ralph fell almost at the same time. David is the only guy still in the game. David has to stick it out or the girls from Cult de BR are - before I even finished typing the words he fell down - going to win. Andrea won immunity this time - Ashley and Natalie let go and let Andrea win it. Man. Which one will head to Redemption? Think they could form an all girl alliance before Rob gets a chance to get Ashley voted out? Maybe pull in Julie? That'll never happen.

The old Russell tribe caught a tonne of fish in their nets. Awesome. BR is telling people that the fish is no good to eat because it had been sitting on the rocks and rigor mortis had set in. Someone just said, "I ain't eatin' dead fish." Julie is really getting annoyed with Rob's style of leadership. If Rob would have caught the fish - they would have all eaten. Grant is making his own decisions...Rob is instructing everyone on his tribe to NOT eat - Not Grant, he went over there and had some. I can't believe how they follow everything he says. Grant and Andrea have to get together and GET RID OF BOSTON ROB. I can't stand his behaviour, he's called himself a general and he's running his tribe like the army. What an arse.

Philip wore the feather once again to tribal. We are dealing with the "Stealths R us" brotherhood. Phil is the Specialist (Infultrate), BR is the Mentalist, and Grant is the destroyer of aspirations (AKA the Assassin). Julie just said, "Rob has complete control over the tribe" and she says that they are really more like a cult. David got sent to Redemption Island. Okay, so now there are three people on Redemption Island. I wonder what the funk is going to happen. I hope they do something crazy. Something super crazy, like maybe they have a little tribe over there where they have to vote out someone each week in a small version and the final two or four standing will either receive votes for the million or they won't. Wouldn't this really F with Rob's plans for victory? Interesting. Maybe they just whittle down the main island tribe until there are even numbers on Redemption Island and then each tribe will vote someone to the jury? We'll see.

Who's left?
Main Island Tribe - Murlonio
- Boston Rob (Figurehead for Cult de BR - Mentalist)
- Andrea (immunity holder - maybe tied for lowest standing in Cult de BR with Ashley)
- Natalie (last week's immunity holder - BR's main circle)
- Ashley (very little standing in the tribe)
- Grant (first immunity holder tonight - Assassin)
- Philip (BR's number 2 - Specialist)
- Julie (one of the next to go)
- Steve (might be the next one to go)
- Ralph (super hairy guy, he'll go soon too)

Redemption Island
- Matt (leader of the misfits)
- Mike (next to be sacrificed)
- and David makes three.

Gone bye-bye
- Francesca, Russell, Sarita, Kristina, Krista, and Stephanie.


c said...

thanks for the up date, I missed the first half hour!!!!
I love the commentary

Connie said...

thanks for the update, I missed the first 30 minutes
p.s. I love your commentary

Sarah said...

I would like to know who your favorites are. Phil is my number one, like if he gets voted off I might have to quit watching. Ralph is pretty amazing too, on one episode, he said, "Dang gum ants," and I have loved him ever since. Grant is really f-n hot, but is he mute? He never speaks, I just look at his bod. So I hope that top three is Phil, Ralph, and Grant, and I will be happy with eith Philthy or Ralph winning the prize monies.