06 April 2011

Survivor 22! Redemption Island - Merge Week!

Welcome to the MERGE week! I knew it was coming. I thought we might have had one more week to see what would happen. I do fear that Matt will not be able to make it back into the game, but we will soon find out - won't we? I really hope Sarita doesn't get back in the game...if she does, she won't last very long after the merge - she'll quickly annoy all others and she'll be booted. 
Who's at home? Francesca, Kristina, Krista, Russell, and Stephanie.
I was kind of upset to see the commercials that informed me of the merge and I was also unfortunately shown what the challenge is for Redemption...it's that one where women generally win - the survivors have to maintain their balance as the boards they are allowed to place the sides of their feet get skinnier and skinnier. I really think Sarita's going to win.
Ralph apparently wrote down David's name and Dave '...ain't made at 'cha'.
Ometepe: Rob announces the mail. They all go to the battle. They are merging tonight. 
Mike is going to try and play the other tribe and figure out how to get rid of Rob.
Matt totally ripped a chunk out of the side of his foot - fricken gross enough to hear about it and even worse to show it repeatedly...he kept pulling it back and showing it all raw and near bloody. Ew. I almost passed out. 
They will be merging tonight. Jeff made the official announcement. Brace against a wall while you are perched on very narrow footholds - ones that continue to get more and more narrow as they go along in time. Will Redemption Messiah make it hanging by his toes? He was able to wrap his foot. 
Jeff asks Phillip for his thoughts on how to win...so he suggests that they focus on the task at hand and then they fade in and out because he was apparently talking, talking, talking and he was not ending. He did mention that Matt will be just fine if he continues to have faith. Everyone from Sarita's tribe is calling - Zen baby, zen Sarita. Julie and Steve were her biggest supporters. OMG! MATT WON AGAIN! I can't believe it. I'm so happy. I do believe! I do believe! He's going to be such a target - he won six challenges in a row. I wonder who his Judas will be? Any thoughts? I bet it will be Rob.
One tribe y'all. 
Andrea and Matt share a hug. I wonder when she's going to chew him out for flirting with Krista. Redemption Island will be starting all over again. Interesting. Two shots to get back into the game. Interesting. I like the addition of Redemption Island for sure. 
Feast includes booze and fresh fruit; bread, chicken and veggies I think. There were also mixed nuts. I wish we had some almonds to snack on. They got cut up chicken and they are going to cook later tonight - I think that's gross...they should cook it now and avoid illness. 
Murlonio Tribe- awh! What a cute story. He and Amber have an inside joke about her stuffed animals - Murlonia is the ring leader of all the stuffies. That's cute. Okay, point for Rob. He lied and said that it means something like the meeting across the lake or ocean or some cheesy story like that. They showed a spider making a web in quick motion camera. Neato.

Mike goes over and tries to get Matt and Andrea on his tribe side. 
Matt says he wants to vote out Steve, Phil, and then Rob. He's talking to Andrea right now. He wants to blindside the Ometepe tribe. She's not totally into the plan it seems. I guess he picks Steve first to gain trust and then voting for Phil won't be that big of a surprise because people are getting annoyed with him. And then he would be able to fire the big gun and send Rob home.
Mike was reading the bible with Matt. They were talking about 'man does not live on bread alone'. Rob is paranoid about the Christian Coalition - he goes to church every Sunday. He wants it broken up because he doesn't like people banning together with an interest in kind...he doesn't care what it is...oreo cookies or romantic comedies. Mike is apparently going to Redemption Island if he doesn't win individual immunity. We'll see about that. Mike did seem to be a little insincere reading that bible. 
Individual Immunity is a necklace type thing. They have to stand on a log and balance a ball on a handheld plate like platter. Balls will be added to the platter as time goes by. Phil is not a very balanced person it seems. The log is laying sideways. Julie was the first one out. Ashley is second. Dave third. I was thinking Ralph would be out first. 
Jeff, "Everybody grab your balls, you're safe." I'm not kidding. 
Andrea out forth, Grant (whose toe nails are all black, gross), Matt is out next, Rob dropped out, Phillip out. Ralph, Mike, Steve, and Natalie remain in the challenge. Ralph is out next, Steve, and then ... OOOHhhhh a fly landed on one of Mike's balls, he seems a little distracted now. MIKE backed out of the challenge, it didn't look like anything was wrong...almost like he let her win or something. Natalie won the first Individual Immunity - I'm surprise, I'm being honest. 
Who will go to Redemption? I think it might be Mike. 
Cute Little Lizard
(tried to find link to no avail)
Mike said his feet went numb that's why he fell off the log. Ralph said that he would let Mike use the idol if he needed it. They are gunning for Grant. I like Grant. They are trying to send a message to Rob that they are going to take out his right hand man. Matt is going to be true to the Ometepe tribe even though they voted him out first. If it's God's will he will go home. Matt shared the information with Rob which wasn't in his good interest. Matt might go to Redemption again. He has so little trust in people. Matt is being honest with him and that's all. He doesn't think that people have their own intentions and they will all believe in his words. He will grow. He's a nice person, but he's too trusting. Rob has NO trust in people being honest with him. Matt needs to flip. He has to. If he wants to stay in the game, he has to flip and go with the Zapatera tribe. 
They were showing a variety of snakes

Mike gave Matt a secret note. Now they are promising Matt to the final three if he votes for Grant. So now, Matt has to figure some stuff out and grow. He's going to be a changed person after tonight's vote. 
I wish they would just vote for Boston Rob and get him out of the game like now. They are still like two different tribes. They are all like high-schoolers. Matt preferred being alone in this game. 
Cute Little FROG - are these the kind you lick?
(tried to find the link, but it doesn't work)

Ralph is playing his idol for Mike - shouldn't have done that Ralph - nice gesture though. Matt was once again sent to Redemption Island. David is all impressed. He thought that was a genius move to get Matt out again. I feel terrible. What a downer this week was. I can't believe Matt decided to go with his old tribe. Not a good move at all. Andrea decided to turn against Matt. Guess that's how she let him know she's pissed about his relationship with Krista. Bag. I mean - okay, let's talk about this: Matt thought it over way too much. He had an idea and his idea and belief was to turn against the Ometepe Tribe. That was his initial plan and he went against it. I believe that he was tempted by what his idea of the 'right thing to do' was instead of trusting in himself. That's a problem today don't you think? Not following your gut instinct and try to change yourself so as to match what you THINK others or your 'god' will want you to do. When really? All we have to do is listen to ourselves. Trust in ourselves. You feel me?

Next week on Survivor? Philthy is wearing a feather on his forehead. 

OMETEPE:                      ZAPATERA:
Natalie                             Steve
Grant                                David
Phillip                              Julie
Ashley                             Mike
Andrea                             Ralph
Boston Rob                      

At home? Sarita, Stephanie, Krista, Russell, Kristina, Francesca. 

Redemption Again? Matt.

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