11 April 2011

Alex Winston & Star Slinger

I'm not sure who I'm more infatuated with right now - Alex Winston or Star Slinger. When I saw Star Slinger put out a remix of Alex Winston's, Sister Wife - I had fallen in love - their love child is my favourite song right now! Alex is from Detroit, Michigan. All the greats are from Detroit. Okay, not all but a lot of them. I used to live in Windsor, Ontario - so close. Maybe she'll be playing when I'm there for a visit next month. Fingers crossed!
I hope you enjoy it as I do - listen to it HERE. You can also find Star Slinger on Facebook.
You will also be able to hear Choice Notes also by Alex and remixed by Labyrinth Ear. You can find Labyrinth Ear on Facebook.

 Alex can be found on Facebook as well :)


Anonymous said...

L: Let me know if posting w links boosts your readership.. i'm curious. <3 Jen

Unknown said...

Hey Jen :) Yes. I think so. When people do a google search - or so it seems from the stats, they get the links I put there. Also putting buzz words in the title helps. I think.