28 April 2011

Splash of Cold Water.

Where'd the 'real' go from my writing? I've been so caught up in ensuring that I write about reality TV and indie music so that the greatness of the art can be exposed and forgot about the greatness of reflective writing. I also forgot about the goodness of being vulnerable and honest. The last few posts are seeming kind of surface'y' and impersonal...fun to write nonetheless.

It's nearing 2am and sleep has eluded me for the past couple of hours. I found it initially after reading a few pages of Mindsight by Daniel Siegel. I'm into it. I'm interested. I'm a bit stuck in the beginning because I'm trying really hard to understand the little brain science he's introducing me to in the first part of the book. I will get through it, I guess I should keep in mind that this is a book of substance and not light literature or fiction. I should take my time with it and absorb it and understand it as best as I can all the while being gentle with myself because I really don't need to get it first time 'round. So, I fell asleep just after 11pm and woke just after midnight reciting all the things I neglected to do on my last day of work. I was beating myself up mentally because I decided to participate in an hour long activity with staff and youth instead of ensuring I filed a few loose papers, send one more e-mail, get the work request out, did that shift get covered, and damn it all I forgot to call so-and-so back. I tried all the breathing stuff I was certain I had mastered...anchor in your breath, count, review your entire day from beginning until you fall asleep, put my thoughts in an imaginary inbox for the morrow, until I finally got up out of bed and played online poker, checked out my stats, and finally read blog postings by friends - Inspiring! Wonderful! Honest reflections of their experiences were met with a thirst for real people living real lives and THAT's what I love to read about and THAT's what I love to write about - Thank you.

Forgetting to call someone back when I should have made the time to call back really fucked me up tonight. I didn't realize it until I was all the sudden awake in the middle of the night and here I am. I am not happy with myself right now. I was going to call and then I forgot (legitimately) and then I thought, later, I'll call later and then well and then I put it off again until I forgot until I was wide eyed in the earliest part of the day. I got my ass out of bed and sent this person an e-mail apologizing for not responding. I tend to beat myself up more than necessary over these things...I think it's because I know I should have called and there is nothing I can do to change it - only thing to do is accept what I didn't do and try and make a change in behaviours that keep me awake at night. But, if it was that important, they would have called back...it can't be all me, right?

Overall, my week has been great. I love it when I go through the 'e-motions' those things which cause us to find movement. I was so frustrated yesterday and today rocked my world. Life amazes me. And now I'm nearly ready to find my way upstairs to my bed for sleepy, sleepy time.

I guess the round about lesson for today is: don't stop being real - don't make writing work-related, leave it life-related and keep having fun with it. I was getting all stressed because the next indie rock playlist is out in less than a week and I hadn't finished the review for April yet and the Survivor update was definitely out later than it should have been for last week's episode and I started to feel disappointed...Jezus. Who cares about that stuff anyhow? I put too much stock in that kind of thing and get carried away...I should just focus on me and reading all these awesome books I shamelessly purchased in the last week.

Lightbulb - do I have PMS right now? am I engaging in negative thinking and overindulging in binge-like shopping for books? Now that's something to gnaw on and get over. "All behaviour has meaning" and that includes me. And btw self, good for you for taking the time to have fun at work. That's the point isn't it? :)

27 April 2011

This week on Survivor! I am still interested in this season. I do have to say though, they really orchestrated a great beginning to the season. I fell in like with nearly every character and now I'm not sure if the ones I liked best are still around. I'm having a hard time keeping keen on what's going on each week. I'll admit, last week I just wasn't feeling it like I usually do. I'm hoping this week brings back some of the oomph I've grown accustomed to.

Bruins punch ticket to second round
On a side note: Boston just won game 7 against the Montreal Canadians. Sweet. Now they will face off against the Philadelphia Flyers. I wish they would have spelled flyers with a ph (phlyers). I've an interest in turning words with fs into words with phs. It's a thing I suppose. Not too sure where I gleaned it from, but there it is.

Will Matt continue on his journey in this game? Will his lord wish him to remain in this game? Will Matt realize that he needs to fight for his right to party? Will Julie prevail knocking him out? Will Mike be the grand champion once again on the Island? Do you think Mike took over reign of the Island of Misfits? Aka Redemption Island.

Let's see what this week brings to Survivor!
Okay, get on with the weekly update. If you ain't watch it last week, read my blog instead :) Shameless plug to those of you who do read it...pardon me.
Steve and Phil make amends. Sort of. Phil isn't sure Steve is sincere in his apology. Steve wasn't really apologizing for thinking Phil is crazy - he just felt bad that Phil thought he was racist. Steve wanted to ensure Phil understood that he is not a racist.
Rob, "Phillip's under my protection." Hahaha! Smart move, I guess...however, I would really like to see Phil win and hopefully the other members of BR's tribe are pissed that he keeps Phil around longer than the rest of 'em.
Ooooh! Phil had another vision and I'm pretty sure he said Jessup (full-blooded Cherokee btw) was his great, great grandfather - anyhow, he was told that he would find his shorts. And he found them! That's awesome. "Don't mess with the undercover specialist." He even got the most famous quote wrong..."You can't stand the truth." Come on.
I do think it's kind of awesome that he found those shorts and hey, maybe GG Jessup showed him the way. Fricken awesome.
On the island of misfits - is it really that bad out there? I do wonder. Matt is declining mentally right now. He's wasting away and missing his family. He's having a hard time talking without crying - wow, the honesty and ability to show his vulnerability is beautiful - he really is you know.
Matt (21 days on Redemption), Mike, and Julie enter the ring. Matt is at peace with whatever happens to him - whether he goes home or stays in the game. I wonder if he really will try his hardest still. Slide your puck through the board to touch the endzone without going off - BOSTON WON TONIGHT!
Bruins punch ticket to second round
I bet that's why they have a hockey-type challenge. They have to go through obstacles. Mike has one already. They need three or something like that. Mike has 2 now. Julie has one. Matt has one. Andrea is all hurt because Matt didn't give her the eyes and smile at her...he just pushed air out his nose like a little dragon at her. He just got safe! He's staying on Redemption Island. It's now between Mike and Julie. Mike stays safe and Julie is hitting Jury Duty. It was almost like - oh fuck off, Jeff...Jesus did a fast for 40 days and Survivor is 39 days - WOW how ironic and cool. Survivor is religion. Now Julie is going to find a church! You know what? Good for her. She's going to try and find something to help give her strength. Julie's house is in foreclosure and she was trying to win this game to save her house. Nobel. However, she is now the second person on the jury.
BR is listening hard to the girls talking - Andrea, Natalie, and Ashley. Andrea thinks Matt is kind of pissed at her...you think? She's all upset and guilty "on a human level, not on a game level" for voting out Matt. BR and Grant are now gunning for Andrea. Maybe she's going to end up going home before Steve and Ralph...here's hoping.
Immunity Challenge - does he have to say, "Once again Immunity is up for grabs." They are doing a log roll. Last person standing wins. The reward? CHOCOLATE CAKE. Fuckers, I want some. Trying to watch calories right now and one smaller snickers bar is 220. My FAVOURITE. I'm going to have one soon. I'm having one soon.
And I got it from here

Grant and Rob are matched up first and Grant wins and moves on! YES! I'm so happy Rob is out. Andrea and Ashley are next and Andrea just fell in seconds. Awesome. Steve is up against Ralph. Ralph moves on! Yes! I miss Ralph, they should show him more. Natalie is going up against Phillip. Philthy is moving on! Sweet. Ashley and Grant - Grant wins and moves on to the final. Next round is Ralph and Phil - Ralph did this weird hand clap thing...I hope he wins and YES it's between Ralph and Grant. C'mon Ralphie boy! Crap. Grant won. Rob is much too happy about this. I hope he doesn't invite Rob to eat the cake with him. ONE person - he's struck and invited Rob. Ralph, "I ain't a gay person" he just wanted to be picked. He chose Andrea. Interesting. What's the twist? There is a twist hidden in a wrapped satchel. They can only eat for two minutes. Grant just said that he wanted Andrea to feel comfortable so he can blind side her with less guilt.
SWEET! Whale tail shots. Interesting point - while looking up different photos for whale tales, I had no idea that they use the same term for the showing of thong underwear much like a plumber's crack. Learn something new everyday I guess.

Ralph, I can't understand you.
Rob, "this is what's going on right now." He wants to keep Steve around because he believes that Steve is no longer in this game. Ralph is still in the game and is a physical threat so Ralph is going home first. Straight away Ashley threw Andrea under the bus and now they are going to vote out Andrea if they have to vote out two people. They aren't allowed to see what is in the package until they get to tribal. Steve tried to talk to Natalie and Ashley about voting out Rob and making a real change in this game because "he's going to take nimrod with him."
Andrea believes that they are all rock solid, but that's stupid...you can't all go to the finals. You will have to start eating your own. I can't stand Rob right now. They are realizing that Steve is not quitting because he used to be in the NFL and he ain't a quitter. Ralph made one final call out to the other tribe to get Rob out now. Jeff thinks that Rob hasn't betrayed Amber since the alliance he made with her...we don't know that for sure.
Rob doesn't play his hidden idol...I hope he goes...but he won't...12th person voted out - Ralph. Fuck sakes. Man are they silly...unless they are using Rob to get rid of everyone else first and then they ditch him.
Ooohhh...the twist - Nice another immunity challenge and then they have to vote out another member.  I hope Steve wins! My prayers are out there! I guess I might be late since I'm watching it after it has all happened.
Memorization game - symbols shown and then you have to repeat. Let's see how it goes. Natalie and Phil are the first ones out. Grant and Andrea are now out. ROB wins immunity - fuck. I'm so pissed. Steve is going to Redemption Island. Or is he? Yes, he's gone. Man, it's going to get ugly...everyone on the former Ometepe tribe is super excited that Steve just got voted out without realizing that they are going to have to start down the line...first, Andrea. After that, Grant.

Next week on - something destroys everything that they've built so far. I'm not sure what Rob was referring to, but we'll see. Now there are four people on Redemption Island - nearly tied up as I thought it might end up being. Redemption really will be a redemption.

Murlonio (Ometepe)
Rob, Andrea, Ashley, Grant, Phil, Natalie (order of elimination if they don't change their patters - Andrea, Grant, Natalie - and no twists are introduced)

Matt, Mike, Ralph, Steve (order of elimination - wait this one is harder to peck out since they were bullied out of the game and all have talent)

Jury Duty
David, Julie (you weren't destined to remain)

Home on the range
Francesca, Russell, Krista, Kristina, Stephanie, Sarita (might have been more interesting if Russell remained in the game)

25 April 2011

BIRP! April 2011

I'm going to be honest here - there was no way I could pick out only 10 from this month's list. There was just no way. Okay, I could have been arbitrary and such, but I didn't want to do that and I thought, "this is something I do for fun and I can have as many songs on this list as I like." So, I followed my gut and here we are...24 this month. I hope you enjoy.

Kiko (103 Words): Absofacto & 10k Cities - Sounds like Tokyo Police Club once you move past the first little intro. I like it. I like it a lot. I like TPC, don't get me wrong here. Check out Absofacto on FaceBook and watch the video if you like:

Counting Sheep: Acrylics I'm going to be honest, you sound like Bright Eyes :) and that's a good thing.

Lose It: Austra
Your voice is amazing. The beat is infectious. I want to cry and I want to dance and I want to sing
all at the same time.

Afraid of the Dark: Big White Clouds

WONDER OF WE feat. STEFFALOOBILLY COMFORT - in the opening beats of this song, I'm caught. There was no way I was leaving this one out of the list.

Real Life: Brothertiger - This one isn't my favourite brothertiger, but that's relative right? I mean I LOVE brothertiger, so to have one that's not as good as another still leaves it better than most everything else.

Belonging: Clock Opera - diggin' the piano introduction and then comes the voice of the phantom. Ha. I love it.

Boring Horror (Sundance Remix): GOBBLE GOBBLE - WAHOOO! Apparently I know someone who knows this guy. That's awesome. I think that means 2 degrees of separation doesn't it? Sweet. We are like best of friends now.

The Dinosaurs of Cabazon: Jacob 2-2 - This song is still here because they use a cut from one of the greatest movies of all time, The Wizard staring Fred Savage. They mixed in the famous, "California"the little autistic boy said when he was trying to get his friend or brother or someone to take him to California to win a video game competition. "California".

Yes, The Wizard was a life-changing movie

White Hill: A Little Nothing

Flying Canoes: Lukestar

Damn These Vampires: The Mountain Goats

Lighthouse: NewVillager

Honey Touches: Ponytail

Forget That You're Young: The Raveonettes

Laws Of Gravity: Rubik

Nomenclature: The Seedy Seeds

How Will I Copulate? (Moranis Mashup feat. Whitney Houston): Star Slinger - OMG I love this remix. I'm listening to it everywhere I go; sitting in training courses, driving car, walking dog, writing blog, reading, eating breakfast - everywhere - even in the shower. I can't stop. Thank-you Star Slinger for bringing me back to some good memories and also letting me giggle a little at the quick and high voice of Whitney (as it should always be).

Please Stay: Summer Heart - sway a little bit wherever you may be, gently tap your heal, and then hum along and you'll share the experience I had with Please Stay by Summer Heart. Such a feel good summer song - late night like in Whitehorse end of July and it's still almost bright out and you reach for a sweater. A good night. Okay, so these folks are no where to be found on the internet...okay, I did only try and look for about ten minutes. Meh, I tried...you can find something out about them I'm sure on the BIRP! website.

Eleven (ft. tUnE-yArDs): Thao and Mirah

My Country: Tune-Yards

6 Billion: Whale Tooth

Mateo: Yohuna

Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl (Broken Social Scene Cover): Young Buffalo

24 April 2011

Survivor 22! Let Jury Duty Begin!

Dieting sucks. Okay, I'm being dramatic. Dieting does not suck - plug - not when you're using the Lose it! App from the App Store! I'm actually enjoying it. I watch what I put into my body and ensure that I exercise enough so I can still put some crap in it - like the Glenfiddich and ice I see before me. I've been nursing it for about an hour now. I bought a couple of those airplane bottles a few months ago and there they sat on the counter for an occasion to drink them. Linda decided today was the day we would crack 'em open. She's done her's and mine is slowly being transformed by melting ice. I'll finish it, I'm sure.

Right now I'm reading "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. I was compelled by the NPR.org quote right on the front cover, "This could be one of the most important pieces of fiction since To Kill a Mockingbird...If you read only one book...let it be this one." Dear lord, with further inspection of that quote and knowing a little something about how to properly quote or misquote if you will, I now wonder what was written between the 'book...let it be this one' section. There could have been another book title in there. All that being said, I have started reading and find myself already absorbed by minimum four characters.

Survivor is on tonight! I can't wait.
My top three:
Philthy, Matt, and Ralph. I used to have Andrea up there because I thought she was going to stay cool through the entire show and her and Matt were going to be able to hog tie BR and toss him overboard. Alas, this did not happen. Ralph ranked higher on the list earlier in the season with his funny southern way and farmer frame of mind. Alas, he's a paranoid kinda guy right now. He seems to dislike what's going on and he misses being in control. You know though, it might just be that hes' not in the cool crowd and this reminds him of his school days...maybe, you never know. I wonder how hard it would be to sit there and not be in the 'popular' crowd? I would hate it. I know I would. Who am I kidding? I did hate not being a part of that cool crowd. I might be able to overcome some stuff as long as I was not alone. There would have to be at least one other person in the muck with me.
Julie, Ralph, and Steve are going to have to put together a wonderfully choreographed ballet in order to maintain life on the show as we know it. However, I think we will be heading in a different direction. I believe we are going to get the two islands each numbered the same and then they will merge once again. That would be so awesome. Rob would surely find himself at the bottom of that pile.

Oh yeah! Philthy got the second highest metal given out by the United States Army during peace time.

Damn, I was wrong about the Redemption Island scenario. The three of them are going to be heading to battle. Matt is praying like crazy right now, he's not sure what's going on. He wants to be out of the game apparently, but he's not going to stop fighting for his lord. Interesting. I wonder where he was brought up.

The tribes in Murlonio eat separately. Steve is sure that Phil is crazy like it's going out of style. Phil was praying in some interesting language before he put his feather on his head. Maybe his grandfather Jessup taught him some prayers.

Now he is meditating on the rock over-looking the ocean. He is now talking about some Buddhist-type God thing. He was focusing on his ancestors during his meditation. I really don't know if he's crazy or not.

Julie, Steve, and Ralph are eating up all their food. They have so much food, but the other tribe is dwindling in food supply. Phil is pissed about it, so he's going to steal their food. He's stealing and believes the rice belongs to all the members of the tribe. They didn't feel that way when the numbers were closer. This is a crazy psychological game - ain't it? I would like to come up with some questions and follow these people...you know, like three months before and for three months after or something like that. I wonder when that book will come out - "Is there Redemption after Survivor?"

Everyone is able to witness the dual on Redemption Island. Battle? Tiles stacking up eight feet done much like making a house of cards. In fact they have to build a 'traditional house of cards'. Mike is winning at this time....six feet high for Mike, Matt next, and then David. We'll see, Mike is in a very nerve wracking situation - he only has to place one more card and the whole thing is so shaky and the other two are nearing the hieght needed. Mike is the first one to stay alive. Matt is next and David is the first member of the jury. I didn't feel that connected to David, I'm not too bummed out that he's gone. 25 days and Dave is gone. He is the first member of the jury :) Rob is all choked about Matt staying in the game. Those two stay on Redemption and await their next rival.

'The Rice Wars' - hahaha! Grant and Rob were singing those words with the "America Fuck Ya" theme from that puppet movie. Okay, so Philthy thought it was a good idea to steal rice from the other tribe. THEN they realized that their container was cracked and they got a maggot infestation in the rice. So, they poured out all their rice onto a blanket and now Phil is begging for the rice pot from the other side of the tribe. Phil turned it into a race thing when Steve called him crazy. I don't think it's a race thing, I think it's a mental health thing. Steve and Julie don't want to give them space in their rice container. Phil is the chief of counter intelligence and an expert in 'wing Chun kung fu'. He also said he was ready to lose it because that's what some black men do, they lose it. Phil is ANGRY that they think he's crazy and he can't stop it. "You don't know me. I never been to jail." I'm upset right now. I guess Phil is sick and tired of getting called crazy after asking sane questions. I mean the questions are sane, but they aren't in the right order of things and he's forgetting everything that he's done in the past. I mean, he did steal their rice first and then they realized that their rice pot had maggots in it and now he is requesting to TAKE their rice container so that the good rice they were able to save doesn't go bad. He shouldn't have stolen it in the first place and then when they noticed that their rice had gone bad, perhaps Julie, Steve, and Ralph would have offered to help out a bit...maybe. They treat them all like shit. I feel for Phil right now, because I can see him losing the ability to keep himself from cracking. He needs to hit his wall of futility and find his tears. He's scared that his tribe will run out of food or the food that they have won't be kept safe and they will go hungry. I wonder if he's known hunger. I'll bet you if he had as a child he would be pretty scared right now and is maybe feeling about that age when he realized he was hungry. Find your Buddha Phil - be honest with yourself and then with the others and they might not see you as so crazy.
Steve is reaching to Rob to get rid of Phil because Phil is crazy. Dear Lord they showed him in his fuchsia panties once again. He's taken his buff and is hanging it over the front of his undies. I can't wait until that buff gets burned up - I bet it would sell in a heart beat for a lot of money. I really hope he's able to either find some sanity and clarity on the final show and talk to us about his experience. His real experience on Survivor.

The Challenge: I think it's going to be a balancing act. Andrea gave back her immunity necklace. They have to spin and release a puzzle wheel base and then they have to put the puzzle together on that base and then there is another round after that. First round gets you dizzy. Andrea is in the lead, Grant, Julie, Rob, Ralph, Natalie, Ashley, and Phillip. Rob is moving on first. Julie next. Ralph. Andrea, Steve, and Grant - they all move on to the next round. They have to put together the second ring around their puzzle. Steve and Andrea are the first to make any moves. Julie is fricken buff! Holy. Rob finished first and STEVE was so close. He was so close. Steve is going to Redemption Island.

Who will go to Redemption Island? JULIE! Gross! She hid Philthy's shorts so now he is relegated to wearing just his nasty fuchsia tighties...or wait not tighties as they are stretched all out. He is blaming the girls in his own tribe right now. Ouch, Phil will just go off, like that - snap finger. He needs to go home and get well for a little bit. Rob doesn't "believe that one man should have this much power on an island, but I'm grateful I do." Phil believes that Steve stole his shorts. Jeff is floored by the race card coming out. Ah, now Phil believes that crazy is a synonym for the "n" word. Phil even brought up a story about him and his father in the grocery store and his father was called, "boy" which is a synonym for the "n" word. Phil feels that 'crazy' being used by Steve is the same thing. He also mentioned Richard Pryor's third comedy album. Ashley doesn't know what it means to be an African American man - hmmm, really? Julie came clean about hiding the shorts.
Will Phil go to Redemption tonight? NOPE - Julie is going to Redemption Island, "I guess you're never going to find your shorts." They stood by their man, Phil.

Next week on Survivor - they are all on the edge.

Murlonio Tribe:
Boston Rob (Mentalist)
Grant (Assassin)
Philip (Specialist)

The Island of Misfits (AKA Redemption Island)
King Matt
Prince Mike

On the Jury Bench:

Sittin' at home...
Francesca, Kristina, Russell, Stephanie, Krista, and Sarita.

14 April 2011

Survivor 22! Redemption Island Trinity

Everyone before Matt's eventual return to Redemption

Last week, Matt was put on the island once again. I hope he is able to re-re-enter the game. He should have made a brand new alliance. But he didn't and hopefully he will if he gets another chance.

I'm still surprised that Natalie won the first Immunity Challenge. Matt seems to think that BR's word is gospel and if BR wants him to be around he will keep him around.

HAHAHA - Matt just called himself the most naive player in the game of Survivor. "I feel like a moron." He then starts talking about it being God's will to keep him on Redemption Island - it wasn't God's will, it was his own ignorance. If he wanted to listen to God's will, he should have trusted in his instinct - you were created in God's image, Matt - trust yourself.

David thinks BR was mob-style and genius. Even Mike gave Rob kudos. Julie felt it was cold-blooded. Those girls (Ashley and Natalie) are all over BR and totally fanning him with palm leaves.

Ralph was asking about whether or not he was on the chopping block with the two girls that haven't ever made a decision all by themselves since the beginning of the game. Ralph is all paranoid because he doesn't know what's going on from the other tribe and they are all going to the final six. See, right now this is a numbers game: Rob's old tribe still has 6 people and Russel's old tribe only has 5 - guess they shouldn't have had an intentional loss. BR is maintaining the solid six and he wants his team to hate the other tribe and show them their arrogance - BR will stay clean though, he'll let everyone else in the tribe do the dirty work, putting the other tribe down. Rob believes by keeping his mouth shut and only controlling his soldiers he thinks this is going to get the votes of the other tribe. I don't know. Natalie just told Rob that Ralph will vote for Ashley and that Ashley decided not to tell BR and she kept a secret from him. Now, Rob thinks it would be smart to vote out Ashley next because she kept a secret. He's a cocky dictator. I wonder if he will go to therapy after the game. I wonder if he returns home with a superiority complex. I wonder if he's always had this personality trait? Hmm...either way, I hope he's home contemplating it soon. He's making it work though - I figure I hate it so much because I don't like that he is manipulating his tribe-mates. I thought Andrea would be the first with Matt to go against the grain and attempt to rid BR from the game and the island. That would have been the smoothest move ever - but I guess the smoothest move award so far in the game must go to BR.

Philthy is wearing a feather that he found after a meditation. Awesome. He's got it sticking straight up on his forehead, brilliant.

Challenge: dig out a club, smash a tile, take a mouthful of water from an open trough, keep that water in your mouth and then crawl under a thing, spit it into a funnel attached to a measuring cup, and then build a puzzle thing with big blocks.

First six, Julie, Grant, Rob, Mike, Steve, and Ralph. It's so gross watching them spit their water into the tube thing. Grant, David, and Mike make it to the final round for immunity. GET RID OF ROB, people.
Okay, now it's time for David to show how good he is at puzzles. I hope he gets it, but then again, when he gets cocky about it all, I think it might be good for him to be beat by the jocks. GRANT wins immunity - what happened David? I thought you were the best one ever at solving puzzles? I guess this proves you wrong, eh? Unfortunate. I hope BR is sent to Redemption Island. Grant is amazing at challenges.

Rob did say that he wants to vote out Ashley - but it would be pretty dumb to vote her out now would it not? I hope he does it.

Mike's looking for a hail Mary. He compared Rob to a prison guard.

They found that the flag pole had been moved (the five on the other side) and then they thought maybe something was buried so they started digging up the sand. They stopped when they saw the BR Dictatorship heading towards camp. Phil ran over and then BR joined in with shovels so now they are looking for another idol. I can't believe they took over and started looking. Mike and Dave called them the Murlonio crime syndicate. Now BR is all paranoid. It's insane. Now they are trying to figure out who to vote out that will be most likely to beat Matt. Jessup Harry (full blooded Cherokee, great grandfather) came to Philthy in his meditation and he told him that Ometepe would live long in the lore of Survivor. Awesome.

Julie just called it out - Phil said it was this is his Survivor family and then Julie just said, "Matt thought he was your family too."
Dave also called it out saying that Phil sounds crazy right now - like right to his face, "do you know how crazy you sound right now?". Then Philthy turned around and said, "Do you know what you sound like? You sound like someone in the bottom of a sesspool struggling to get out." That was mean and uncalled for. This is that whole psychological test where if you talk down a group of people long enough you begin to feel that way. It's really scary if you think about it. I wonder if Rob realizes what he is creating in people right now. Mike was voted to Redemption Island. I suppose Julie was right about the karma coming back to haunt.

Rob just told Phil that he will be with him to the top three. I hope he takes him and Philthy wins the entire game. Rob is so cocky and assured. I hope he gets slammed down. Phil is Rob's number one. Natalie and Phil are apparently going to the final three with Rob. He needs to go.

I hope Phil is still against Rob. He is a smart guy and he's complex :)

Ralph is getting paranoid. He's trying to talk about the game with the other side of the tribe. He's pushing it and I hope he gets something out of this. Dave is getting frustrated as well with the whole thing. Oooh, they showed a little green bug trapped in a spider web.

THERE is a second challenge for immunity! Awesome. There is going to be 3 people on Redemption this time! They have to hang from their arms and legs over a dug out pool of water. After so much time they have to let go and with their legs they have to hang suspended over this muddy pond. The last one hanging will win Immunity. Phil and Steve decided that eating was more important. Rob is having a hell of a time trying to get comfortable. I think he gave up. Phil is talking shit about David. Everyone made it to the leg portion. Julie was the next one gone. Grant is out and Ralph fell almost at the same time. David is the only guy still in the game. David has to stick it out or the girls from Cult de BR are - before I even finished typing the words he fell down - going to win. Andrea won immunity this time - Ashley and Natalie let go and let Andrea win it. Man. Which one will head to Redemption? Think they could form an all girl alliance before Rob gets a chance to get Ashley voted out? Maybe pull in Julie? That'll never happen.

The old Russell tribe caught a tonne of fish in their nets. Awesome. BR is telling people that the fish is no good to eat because it had been sitting on the rocks and rigor mortis had set in. Someone just said, "I ain't eatin' dead fish." Julie is really getting annoyed with Rob's style of leadership. If Rob would have caught the fish - they would have all eaten. Grant is making his own decisions...Rob is instructing everyone on his tribe to NOT eat - Not Grant, he went over there and had some. I can't believe how they follow everything he says. Grant and Andrea have to get together and GET RID OF BOSTON ROB. I can't stand his behaviour, he's called himself a general and he's running his tribe like the army. What an arse.

Philip wore the feather once again to tribal. We are dealing with the "Stealths R us" brotherhood. Phil is the Specialist (Infultrate), BR is the Mentalist, and Grant is the destroyer of aspirations (AKA the Assassin). Julie just said, "Rob has complete control over the tribe" and she says that they are really more like a cult. David got sent to Redemption Island. Okay, so now there are three people on Redemption Island. I wonder what the funk is going to happen. I hope they do something crazy. Something super crazy, like maybe they have a little tribe over there where they have to vote out someone each week in a small version and the final two or four standing will either receive votes for the million or they won't. Wouldn't this really F with Rob's plans for victory? Interesting. Maybe they just whittle down the main island tribe until there are even numbers on Redemption Island and then each tribe will vote someone to the jury? We'll see.

Who's left?
Main Island Tribe - Murlonio
- Boston Rob (Figurehead for Cult de BR - Mentalist)
- Andrea (immunity holder - maybe tied for lowest standing in Cult de BR with Ashley)
- Natalie (last week's immunity holder - BR's main circle)
- Ashley (very little standing in the tribe)
- Grant (first immunity holder tonight - Assassin)
- Philip (BR's number 2 - Specialist)
- Julie (one of the next to go)
- Steve (might be the next one to go)
- Ralph (super hairy guy, he'll go soon too)

Redemption Island
- Matt (leader of the misfits)
- Mike (next to be sacrificed)
- and David makes three.

Gone bye-bye
- Francesca, Russell, Sarita, Kristina, Krista, and Stephanie.

11 April 2011

Alex Winston & Star Slinger

I'm not sure who I'm more infatuated with right now - Alex Winston or Star Slinger. When I saw Star Slinger put out a remix of Alex Winston's, Sister Wife - I had fallen in love - their love child is my favourite song right now! Alex is from Detroit, Michigan. All the greats are from Detroit. Okay, not all but a lot of them. I used to live in Windsor, Ontario - so close. Maybe she'll be playing when I'm there for a visit next month. Fingers crossed!
I hope you enjoy it as I do - listen to it HERE. You can also find Star Slinger on Facebook.
You will also be able to hear Choice Notes also by Alex and remixed by Labyrinth Ear. You can find Labyrinth Ear on Facebook.

 Alex can be found on Facebook as well :)

06 April 2011

Survivor 22! Redemption Island - Merge Week!

Welcome to the MERGE week! I knew it was coming. I thought we might have had one more week to see what would happen. I do fear that Matt will not be able to make it back into the game, but we will soon find out - won't we? I really hope Sarita doesn't get back in the game...if she does, she won't last very long after the merge - she'll quickly annoy all others and she'll be booted. 
Who's at home? Francesca, Kristina, Krista, Russell, and Stephanie.
I was kind of upset to see the commercials that informed me of the merge and I was also unfortunately shown what the challenge is for Redemption...it's that one where women generally win - the survivors have to maintain their balance as the boards they are allowed to place the sides of their feet get skinnier and skinnier. I really think Sarita's going to win.
Ralph apparently wrote down David's name and Dave '...ain't made at 'cha'.
Ometepe: Rob announces the mail. They all go to the battle. They are merging tonight. 
Mike is going to try and play the other tribe and figure out how to get rid of Rob.
Matt totally ripped a chunk out of the side of his foot - fricken gross enough to hear about it and even worse to show it repeatedly...he kept pulling it back and showing it all raw and near bloody. Ew. I almost passed out. 
They will be merging tonight. Jeff made the official announcement. Brace against a wall while you are perched on very narrow footholds - ones that continue to get more and more narrow as they go along in time. Will Redemption Messiah make it hanging by his toes? He was able to wrap his foot. 
Jeff asks Phillip for his thoughts on how to win...so he suggests that they focus on the task at hand and then they fade in and out because he was apparently talking, talking, talking and he was not ending. He did mention that Matt will be just fine if he continues to have faith. Everyone from Sarita's tribe is calling - Zen baby, zen Sarita. Julie and Steve were her biggest supporters. OMG! MATT WON AGAIN! I can't believe it. I'm so happy. I do believe! I do believe! He's going to be such a target - he won six challenges in a row. I wonder who his Judas will be? Any thoughts? I bet it will be Rob.
One tribe y'all. 
Andrea and Matt share a hug. I wonder when she's going to chew him out for flirting with Krista. Redemption Island will be starting all over again. Interesting. Two shots to get back into the game. Interesting. I like the addition of Redemption Island for sure. 
Feast includes booze and fresh fruit; bread, chicken and veggies I think. There were also mixed nuts. I wish we had some almonds to snack on. They got cut up chicken and they are going to cook later tonight - I think that's gross...they should cook it now and avoid illness. 
Murlonio Tribe- awh! What a cute story. He and Amber have an inside joke about her stuffed animals - Murlonia is the ring leader of all the stuffies. That's cute. Okay, point for Rob. He lied and said that it means something like the meeting across the lake or ocean or some cheesy story like that. They showed a spider making a web in quick motion camera. Neato.

Mike goes over and tries to get Matt and Andrea on his tribe side. 
Matt says he wants to vote out Steve, Phil, and then Rob. He's talking to Andrea right now. He wants to blindside the Ometepe tribe. She's not totally into the plan it seems. I guess he picks Steve first to gain trust and then voting for Phil won't be that big of a surprise because people are getting annoyed with him. And then he would be able to fire the big gun and send Rob home.
Mike was reading the bible with Matt. They were talking about 'man does not live on bread alone'. Rob is paranoid about the Christian Coalition - he goes to church every Sunday. He wants it broken up because he doesn't like people banning together with an interest in kind...he doesn't care what it is...oreo cookies or romantic comedies. Mike is apparently going to Redemption Island if he doesn't win individual immunity. We'll see about that. Mike did seem to be a little insincere reading that bible. 
Individual Immunity is a necklace type thing. They have to stand on a log and balance a ball on a handheld plate like platter. Balls will be added to the platter as time goes by. Phil is not a very balanced person it seems. The log is laying sideways. Julie was the first one out. Ashley is second. Dave third. I was thinking Ralph would be out first. 
Jeff, "Everybody grab your balls, you're safe." I'm not kidding. 
Andrea out forth, Grant (whose toe nails are all black, gross), Matt is out next, Rob dropped out, Phillip out. Ralph, Mike, Steve, and Natalie remain in the challenge. Ralph is out next, Steve, and then ... OOOHhhhh a fly landed on one of Mike's balls, he seems a little distracted now. MIKE backed out of the challenge, it didn't look like anything was wrong...almost like he let her win or something. Natalie won the first Individual Immunity - I'm surprise, I'm being honest. 
Who will go to Redemption? I think it might be Mike. 
Cute Little Lizard
(tried to find link to no avail)
Mike said his feet went numb that's why he fell off the log. Ralph said that he would let Mike use the idol if he needed it. They are gunning for Grant. I like Grant. They are trying to send a message to Rob that they are going to take out his right hand man. Matt is going to be true to the Ometepe tribe even though they voted him out first. If it's God's will he will go home. Matt shared the information with Rob which wasn't in his good interest. Matt might go to Redemption again. He has so little trust in people. Matt is being honest with him and that's all. He doesn't think that people have their own intentions and they will all believe in his words. He will grow. He's a nice person, but he's too trusting. Rob has NO trust in people being honest with him. Matt needs to flip. He has to. If he wants to stay in the game, he has to flip and go with the Zapatera tribe. 
They were showing a variety of snakes

Mike gave Matt a secret note. Now they are promising Matt to the final three if he votes for Grant. So now, Matt has to figure some stuff out and grow. He's going to be a changed person after tonight's vote. 
I wish they would just vote for Boston Rob and get him out of the game like now. They are still like two different tribes. They are all like high-schoolers. Matt preferred being alone in this game. 
Cute Little FROG - are these the kind you lick?
(tried to find the link, but it doesn't work)

Ralph is playing his idol for Mike - shouldn't have done that Ralph - nice gesture though. Matt was once again sent to Redemption Island. David is all impressed. He thought that was a genius move to get Matt out again. I feel terrible. What a downer this week was. I can't believe Matt decided to go with his old tribe. Not a good move at all. Andrea decided to turn against Matt. Guess that's how she let him know she's pissed about his relationship with Krista. Bag. I mean - okay, let's talk about this: Matt thought it over way too much. He had an idea and his idea and belief was to turn against the Ometepe Tribe. That was his initial plan and he went against it. I believe that he was tempted by what his idea of the 'right thing to do' was instead of trusting in himself. That's a problem today don't you think? Not following your gut instinct and try to change yourself so as to match what you THINK others or your 'god' will want you to do. When really? All we have to do is listen to ourselves. Trust in ourselves. You feel me?

Next week on Survivor? Philthy is wearing a feather on his forehead. 

OMETEPE:                      ZAPATERA:
Natalie                             Steve
Grant                                David
Phillip                              Julie
Ashley                             Mike
Andrea                             Ralph
Boston Rob                      

At home? Sarita, Stephanie, Krista, Russell, Kristina, Francesca. 

Redemption Again? Matt.

02 April 2011

So hexcited for BIRP! April 2011

OMG, I just started to download the lastest BIRP! playlist and checked out who would be on it this month. There are so many I'm looking forward to already - Gobble Gobble, Star Slinger, Big White Clouds (yes!), Cool Runnings, The Ravonettes, Absofacto and 10K Cities, Explosions in the Sky, Gold Panda, Broken Bells, tUnE yArDs, The Morning Benders, Brothertiger, We are Trees...There were also a few rated five stars and I don't recall having heard anything by those artists - so I'm pretty excited!
I still have quite some time to wait. Boo. Guess this means I'll try and get the album art up here with a link somewhere and then I'll go clean the house :) Check back in a few (days) and I'll have my reviews with some videos if you like! :)

BIRP! April 2011
You can stream it if you don't want to download the whole thing if you want 
Sweet! I figured out how to move the picture around and change the size of it and stuff like that.