04 March 2011

TRINITY - Survivor 22: Redemption Island

WooHOOOO! I can't wait for this week! I'm home, sitting on the couch, had a great day at work yesterday, and am about to eat dinner with my family. So, any predictions out there? We're all thinking it, but we're all keeping quiet. Who's going? Will it be Matt or will it be Francesquoi? I have no idea - I would kind of like to see Franny beat out Matt. I'm not trying to be mean. But, on the other hand, nah...I'm just going to own it. 

Man, the opening sequence is much too long. However, I really do feel more connected with the participants this year.

Matt and Fran had their meeting and he spoke about how shocked he was re: the big blindside. He's got an upset tummy (see...serotonin). 

Rob's all pumped about the idol leaving his tribe and that Phillip is a good soldier. Awesome. Now Rob's going to have to play Andrea and try and bring her back into the fold so that she keeps playing for his team. 

Oh! They are about to talk about what's goin on at Redemption. They are having a duel in the 'arena'. Sweet - someone's going home for good. Ouch.

Two people from each tribe are going on Redemption: David and Steve were selected via random draw from Zapatera.

Andrea and Ashley are going to Redemption from Ometepe - now Rob is all worried about Andrea talking to her 'island boyfriend.' I think she's the one that will affect some power balance between Rob and the rest of the crew. 

These four folks get to watch Fran and Matt compete to see who's goin' home. Matt thinks he's bound to win because he will have the best underdog story having been blindsided. Fran says she's going to stay. The challenge is one to make a pole, collect a key, and unlock a door. Okay, so it was pretty exciting for the most part and I was all pumped because I thought Fran was going to win by landslide - however, she blew going for the last key and Matt ended up taking it home. Sorry Fran - you're OUTTA here. It is what it is. Peace.

Matt just won the chance to stay in the game and he complained about having to stay on the island. Lots of time to contemplate life. 

When the other four were ready to return to their respective tribes, they were told by Jeff that they were at liberty to share what they want to to everyone else. I hope Jeff's able to keep his mouth shut about it. That's a great advantage heading out to Redemption to watch the battle. 

They return. 'Matt is pissed,' was the message passed on by the gal's to BR's team - Andrea and Ashley that is. So, now BR is all para that Andrea is going to go back to Matt in the end if Matt sticks it out. BR really minimized his role in getting Matt voted to Redemption. Andrea's smart though, she's keeping her opinions to herself - you know, minus the audience.

Steve and David are LIARS! I'm so glad that they lied, that's awesome. LOL - they are talking about blindsiding RUSSELL so that he's all shocked and awed and beat by Matt. I don't know man, that guy had a horseshoe in the last two attempts at Survivor. Ralph now owns this game. He owns it. Now they are talking about making a fake idol - Stephanie, that hasn't worked out in the past...oh wait, it did make a good move once. Hahahaha! The rest of the crew are buying into the trick that Stephanie has the idol hidden...Bahahaha, the funniest Survivor showmance reference so far - 'Russell and his harem' - Steve you funny.

Friggen gross! Russell's got this nasty rash under his pits. He shaved them before he went to the island and he's got all razor burn grody. he's lying there on the bench thing with his "concubines". Mike, Steve, and Ralph came up with an idea they passed it on to David, Julie, and maybe someone else. They are talking about throwing their next challenge so they can get Russ gone - it's a little early, but git 'er done! Good luck guys!

Challenge - Three members tied to a big wheel and the other three spin it around and when one of the three gets their heads dunked under water, they have to take a mouthful and then when they hit the top, they have to spit in a bucket and the quickest tribe to fill it gets to start a puzzle and then they win a reward and immunity. The reward? A couple of canvas chairs, pillows, tarp, lamps...some luxury items. Julie and David didn't seem initially comfortable with throwing the challege, but they all decided to do it...Julie said she wasn't sure if she should or not, but she didn't say anything. David was totally messing up the challenge and going really slow with the puzzle. And he let BR win...I don't know if that was worth it or not. Pretty funny, he only got it because they let him. I can't wait until he gets to the merge and they tell him all about it. That's hilarious. Sorry Rob, but I don't think you would have won. However, that being said, your tribe did win the luxury items and were free from Tribal.

Zapatera - first time at Tribal. OH! I forgot to tell everyone - Steve ended up telling the people in his alliance that Fran actually lost and got sent home. This is after he told Russell and his ladies that Fran won and Matt went home. Russell seems a little suspect, and he should be. His ladies, they don't know the truth either. 

Rob went searching for an idol clue in their reward challenge. He couldn't find it. Phillip was sitting in a chair and Rob made him get up out of it so that he didn't break it and then he said he had to FIX the chair. Seriously? Phillip isn't thinking - or he really just doesn't care about finding the idol clue. He'll do whatever Rob says and as long as he's the favourite guy there, Phil's safe for a bit.

Zapatera - They are so ready for Russ to be gone. Three go to Russell and three go to Stephanie to flush out the idol if Russ actually has it. Russ is all paranoid and now Stephanie is out on a mission to get someone else to vote with them so that Russ doesn't get the boot. She's working on Julie - Stephanie lied and told Julie that she has the idol. Julie/Erin is buying into this plan, I think. She wants to go with someone who will take her to the end...and really, Russ has brought the winners right to the winner's circle. Oohh! They are going to try and get rid of Ralph - AHHH! Will he play the idol? Will Ralph end up getting sent to Redemption? Dear lord! This is so exciting! There was no side chatter before this tribal and I have no prediction! 

Ralph has publicly announced that there is a division in the tribe - Russell and his two ladies and then the other six. Oh, and touche, Russell flat out announces that he believes they threw the challenge. Wow and then Mike just said, we didn't, but 'we got some fat to trim from this tribe'. Stephanie is all 'girlfriend' to the other tribe members as she spoke in praise of Russell and his history and experience. Steve lied with no tells and then David too - right on! That's Survivor. Now they are trying to tell a truism about Russ and his no working and Steph tried to complain again. Then Ralph added his two cents and Jeff did the translation. :) 


Let's see - Sarita was quite happy to cast her vote against Stephanie. OH Dear....we are at 3 for Ralph and 3 for Stephanie and 3 for RUSSELL! I can't believe it. I'm glad he's heading to Redemption! He's going to end up there the whole game and he will make it to the end and I bet he gets back into this game. I can't believe it. I'm so happy Ralph didn't have to out himself about the idol.

NEXT TIME on Survivor - Phil is getting annoying. 

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:      ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:                  
Boston Rob                              Russell                                   
Andrea                                     David                                            
Ashely                                      Julie
Francesca                                 Krista
Grant                                        Mike
Kristina                                     Ralph
Matt                                          Sarita
Natalie                                      Stephanie
Phillip                                       Steve

Redemption Island:

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