11 March 2011

Survivor 22! Weak Four - yeah, I mean weak.

Ya, This week was pretty boring – I’m going to be honest. I had higher hopes with Russell being on Redemption Island.

OMG! Is Russell going home tonight or wha'? Or will it be Matt? Good vs Evil. Russell wanted to 'bitch slap' everyone on his tribe. He's never been voted out before and I think he's feeling exposed. Personally, I think Russell is skeered. 

Ometepe: Rob! hahaha! Quote of the week: "Saggy bottom panties" in reference to Phil's shorts. Rob called out that Phil's junk is hanging out all over the place and he's grossing everyone out. Phil is getting ready to bring out the under cover guy - I'm excited. A friend of mine calls him Philthy. I think I'm going to steal that one.

Zapatera - Krista and Stephanie are worried that one of them are going home unless they win and they aren't having much fun right now. They are praying for Russell right now. Krista is going to start looking for the immunity idol. It’s too bad that she ain’t gonna find it on account of Ralph disclosed to everyone but Krista and Stephanie that he has the idol. Mike is excited that they have control of the game, but they are only controlling two other people - what happens when they are gone? Do you think that Ralph will give you the idol?

Off to Redemption: Philthy picked up the tree-mail and he was super excited to read it to the crew with attempted animated inflection. He is going to Redemption with Kristina to watch the colossal battle between good and evil; going from the other tribe: Ralph and Sarita. Let's see what happens. 

Matt vs Russell is coming up and I can't wait. Matt: "I'm fighting to honour my God" and so he believes that he will end up on top. Interesting. Let's see. Stacking blocks like dominoes. If they trip over the strategically placed trip wires they have to start over again. When they are set up perfectly and then tipped they will release a ball and then this ball will trigger something that raises a flag. Raise the flag and you stay in the game. Matt seems to be kicking butt so far. He didn't get it! He has to restack his line. Russell tries and...he fell short. Matt tries again...AND HE WON! Russell Hantz is going home. There will be NO battle between BR and Russell. I guess Matt's God was there with him. K-Rap. Oh dang, Russell is crying. He had to cover his face. I feel terrible. I'm glad he's a real person. Ouch. Now I'm crying and Matt's crying. So, he's hurt because they took him out on purpose. That is hurtful. Russell disclosed the secrets of the tribe and Ralph told everyone there that he has the idol. Good thing Philthy was there - he was able to say that Ralph was not lying when he tried to call it back when Sarita told him not to say anything. Ralph was so struck and happy that he remains in the game and Russell is gone that he really wanted him to know that he has the idol forgetting that the other tribe has representation at the battle.

I do have to say this about Survivor – I’m happy I was proven wrong. I thought they were going to have some ‘surprise’ twist on Redemption so Russell would be able to stay in the game until there was a showdown between BR and Russ. Thank-you reality TV for not being predictable (all the time).

BR invented a game to get everyone away from camp - told everyone he was constipated so he could get away and search for the idol. He was scrambling to find it. I don't even know if there is another one hidden. Oops, I guess there was another one hidden. Last time he played he pitched the idol into the ocean - this time he's keeping it. He found it in the crook of a tree.

Ralph and Sarita return - and they tell everyone that Matt won. Julie is super happy Russ will not come back and get 'er. Stephanie mentioned that they were too happy he was gone. I guess it makes sense...she was connected with him. He was her friend. Mike tried to explain to her that ‘Synergy and Chemistry’ in the tribe is more important than numbers? What do you think? 

Philthy wants to keep the secret that Ralph has the idol - however, he threw Kristina under the bus when she had the idol. He told everyone who left - Russell and his tears. Then he went off in secret with the boys (BR and Grant). Phil ended up sharing the information about the alliances and who is running the show. Apparently, Sarita is running the show.

Zapatera believes they need to win the Challenge today to show that they are united. Julie was a little nervous about karma since they threw the last challenge. I hope they win it for Krista's sake. I wanna stay in the game. 

Challenge: A commercial for Craftsman tools. Sort of sick really. They had to hammer, saw, shovel, crowbar their way through. Then they went on about Sears...they get a bbq and food for winning along with immunity. Krista sits out this challenge because they have one extra person. Ralph is really good at using his hatchet to release 2 saws. BR took forever and lost time...BR is much smaller than Ralph. This challenge just feels like a big commercial and I'm not feeling it. Mike and Steve are kicking butt on this challenge so far. Zapatera is ahead. Stephanie and Sarita finish laying out the planks. Stephanie was quick with untying the knots. Ometepe nearly catch up though! Ralph hammers 'em home and Zapatera wins reward and immunity! Ralph jumped up and crowed! I love you, Ralph. Rob is all sucky. It must be sad. He did fall behind and they had to try and catch up.

They won a bbq with meat and veggies. 

Chetahs and monkeys in the background - cool. 

Ashley is getting frustrated with Phil and she hopes he goes home...she needs to eat something. I'm worried for her health. Kristina is worried about going home, but she knows Phil annoys people. BR feels threatened by Kristina because she's asking about the idol. They are splitting the vote. I get annoyed with him - he says, "if everyone does what they are told" and it drives me nutty. Grant wants Phil gone and so does everyone else...I hope they can make a decision without worrying about the reprisal from BR. Now he wants them to do as they are told again. I hate it. Phil is going to take control of his fate to survive. BR forgot already that he told Phil that Kristina would be safe. I wonder what he'll bring to tribal! I hope he calls BR out. I can't believe he's the only one that realizes this. 

Tribal: BR tried to ensure that everyone feels that Kristina just joined the tribe and, ‘is she really connected enough to be given another chance?’ Kristina pointed out with prodding from Jeff who was the weakest link; Phil. Phil decided to share that his mother died at a young age, he pushed through high school, and joined the army. He did field sanitation and was given an honourable discharge. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I believe Kristina should have stuck with Phil and she might have stayed in the game. I can't believe he kind of holds control of her fate on the tribe. Let's see where the votes lie. Kristina was sent to Redemption Island

Next week on Survivor: BORING. 

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:                    ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:                  
Boston Rob                                         David                                            
Andrea                                               Julie
Ashely                                               Krista
Grant                                                 Ralph
Natalie                                               Sarita
Phillip                                                Stephanie

Redemption Island:


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