30 March 2011

Survivor 22! Redemption Island Jesus

http://www.armchairsurvivor.com/archives/408 (I borrowed the picture)
Quick update: Who is at home? Or more accurately, who is sitting on the beach somewhere in Nicaragua? Francesca, Kristina, Krista, and Russell. Will Matt 'hang' out for another week? Will we see the second coming right here on American television? Will hope be renewed in a religion slowly being overtaken by rational thought? We'll see, this week on - Survivor.

One question...how is it that Philthy is now the most mentally stable guy on Ometepe tribe? I guess it all comes in one package; good days and bad days I suppose.

I'm waiting out "Pawn Stars" right now. The # 1 joy of watching TV recorded on the DVR? NO commercials to watch - unless I want to. Now I am waiting until we have enough of a time buffer to allow forwarding through the commercials. It is now 17:12hrs and I think we're going to start watching - impatience. Maybe there will be another commercial with a great indie song attached to it.

Are you able enough to win Stephanie? I sort of hope so, but I'm also looking forward to seeing Matt win all the way through. If Zapatera loses this challenge, David might end up there and Matt will have a tougher go at winning against him. We'll see. Steve attempts to be a diplomatic voice uniting the team. David doesn't seem to be too worried about being known as anti-Sarita. Sarita is really skinny - lol - she just called Stephanie's side the dark side.

Redemption Island has some really cool stone carvings. Stephanie is talking about all this junk food and her food cravings. I think she's trying to get on Matt's nerves and I think it's working. Matt is PreMed. I wonder if he will question his God when he starts to practice medicine.

Philthy and BR go to the duel. Phil mentions "The Book of Five Rings". Let your enemy move first. Phil does not want to be controlled. BR thinks he's going only to babysit Phil - "He's dangerous because of his stupidity." That's not nice Rob, not nice at all. The other tribe sent Ralph and David.

12 nights have passed for Matt on Redemption Island. The battle? Matching symbols on turning tables...first to five wins and the loser goes home - or a resort - I'm not sure where they end up when they leave the game. Stephanie won the coin toss and Matt goes first. Matt got first pairing blind. Stephanie did the same thing...pairing blind. Matt gets his second pair. Matt now winning 3-1. 3-2 now. 4-2 lead for Matt. He needs only one more to win this game. She turned over the Warrior and she can't remember - d'oh, she got it. Now we are at 4-3. Matt, with unwarranted confidence did not match his fifth. Stephanie did the same thing to tie it up but she didn't get it right. He did win again! I love this. I might just start believing in God if he wins. Stephanie is crying. They've all cried. Stephanie wants Sarita gone and she let everyone know as much. I hate that they have to burn their buffs! That totally sucks. If I was in the game, I would want it to sell it on ebay. Phil likens Matt to a Samurai Warrior - really nice of him to say that.

Ometepe: Phil asked BR for direction before they go back to the tribe. I think Phil was just trying to do what Rob wants. Now, Rob is all excited because he wants to throw Phil under the bus and let everyone know that Philthy wanted to lie to the tribe. He says he wants everyone on the same page...however, he's friggin lying about having the idol! What a two-faced person. He's just trying to divert attention from him so he can be super sneaky. I wish they would wake up and get rid of Rob. I mean he even married someone to get his hands on that million dollars! Okay, that was a bit much...but still... :o)

Zapatera - they think David will flop because you gotta look at lawyers that way because they think they are above everybody else. According to Ralph that is. David just tried to get everyone out there to go fishing...but they were being a bit pissy with him...he should just go fishing. Julie, "David is bugging me" and then Sarita starts talking about he she wants to punch him in the face. I think they need another punching bag, so they are just picking on him - guess they should have kept Russell.

Ometepe: Oh my goodness...they are worried about saving the crunchy stuff for Rob at the bottom of the rice pot. So, Phil went over there to get some and they wouldn't give him any because it's for Rob. That's hilarious. Philthy just talks too much and it gets on people's nerves. He's the not cool kid in the classroom. I think he may have been just proving a point. I just wish there was one more person on the tribe that he could confide in. It would be brilliant. Now all the girls are like fanning Rob with palm leaves...Phil did mention a truth - in any other society he would be the one given deference only based on his age. He's still trying his damnedest for the tribe's betterment, but they treat him like crap.

The Challenge: Race through obstacles to collect some balls and then get them into the basket at the end of the course. Whomever wins gets immunity and reward: Helicopter ride for a picnic with veggies and fruits and treats - booze and not booze. Second picnic reward. Awesome. I would like to see something like whichever tribe wins gets to trade up one of their choice members for a choice of someone on the other tribe. That would be awesome. I want Ometepe to win because I want Philthy to stick around for a bit. He got stuck though so he might go home if they lose because of it. David just took up the lead for Zapatera...Yes! Rob messed it up for his tribe. I doubt they'll see that though if they make it to tribal. They had to blast through a brick wall for crying out loud! That looked like it hurt. Phil just blasted through the bricks like it was damp paper. Ometepe is in the lead...Grant is really athletic. Zapatera now has five balls in there. (cue Jeff Probst impression) Ometepe wins immunity and reward! That's great, Philthy will be around for another week. Looks like David might be going home unless he can find a crack in someone's loyalty for Sarita since she was limping through the whole challenge.

Truly beautiful views. They landed on top of an active volcano. Neato. Remember last time when they got the volcano reward and they went tobogganing? That was hilarious to watch and it didn't look like great fun. Guess that's why they are having just a picnic now. The echo was amazing. I think Grant got all the baskets for his tribe. They haven't even talked about it. They are not only surviving they are thriving. Poetic though right? So close to the earth's core. I can't believe ROB! I hope he gets a fine for litering! What a jerk. He already has the idol, so he thought it would be a good idea to just toss it to the molten lava below. What an ass. He should get a fine. I hope he does. That was not cool at all.

The other tribe is talking about who to get rid of...Sarita is leading the charge on getting rid of Dave. She was all sick and limping at the end of the challenge and she doesn't think that David is any better at anything than she is. She needs to go, she's scrambling too much right now. I don't think Ralph is totally sold on the idea. David's busting his ass to get wood and he went hunting and stuff and Sarita is just out there scrambling to keep herself in the game. She should go home. Steve is advocating to keep Dave around. I wonder what Julie is going to think about this plan, she was sitting there when Steve was trying to talk Ralph into this new plan to rid themselves of their weakest link. Do they go with trust or strength. Mike wasn't too sure what they were going to do to keep themselves out of this tailspin they are currently in. Remember that cartoon? Tail Spin? I loved it!

I wonder who is going to Redemption? Ralph doesn't know what cohesive means. Or does he? The ones that don't get along well together work harder together because they don't want to sit around and gab - they want to work and get the job done. What is with Steve? He sat there and said that they should get rid of Sarita, but then thinks that a team should be more loyal. I don't get it. Sarita is annoying me. David did a nice thing...Jeff was asking Sarita if she was gunning for David - and then David shut her up and answered for her so she didn't have to feel that discomfort...or maybe he was just sick of listening to her. Let's see...4-2 SARITA! SHE IS GOING TO Redemption Island! She didn't even bring her stuff with her. David said to her, "Don't be too confident." Julie is the only woman left on their tribe.
I hope Matt doesn't get too confident in winning when he goes up against Sarita.

OMETEPE:                      ZAPATERA:
Natalie                             Steve
Grant                               David
Phillip                              Julie
Ashley                             Mike
Andrea                             Ralph
Boston Rob                      

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