17 March 2011

Oh you, Crow!

Oh you, Crow! Today I went for a walk with my dog. I walked up the dirt road towards the campground. I walked and walked. I got to the marker - my friend's old place. I turned around and Crow started squawking at me. I looked up to the left and just above my head. I scanned the sky. "Sounds like it's coming from the sky, Moo."
"Hey, Crow! Where are you? Call me again." Crow squawked again. I looked up. I knew I was being duped by my senses. I knew Crow was in the trees. "Hey, Crow! One more time. I'll find you this time." Once again Crow cawed. This time a little bit longer. I didn't turn my head to look at the trees. I decided to try and hone in my hearing. I listened hard. "Okay, Crow - once more, I'll find you this time for sure." I was again abided by, Crow sang out for a long time. I searched the trees this time and I made sure to look up to the tops of the trees - "There you are crow. I told you I'd find you" - and I lie to you not - both of my shoes came untied. I'm not lying. With a shake of my head and a chuckle just over my breath, I said aloud, "Oh you, Crow!" Moksha and I continued on our way and listened as trickster Crow cackled at me. 

I got the image here.

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