05 March 2011

BIRP! February 2011 - TWO year bday!

Here's my TOP 10 from Blalock's February Indie/Rock Playlist! I am going to be honest with you - I had a difficult time choosing just 10 from the original 115. First listen - 42 with 5 stars. It took me five listens to before I had only 10 on the list. It wasn't easy and I'm sure my mood effected the decision making process.

Here they are without further adieu (in no particular order - maybe alphabetical):

Battle of the Roses by Phantom Buffalo - I really like the imagery in this song and the beat is so fun. I am reminded of those guys that sang Cloak of Elvenkind - hopefully I will remember Phantom Buffalo longer than I did the other band...Marcy Playground. You can find Phantom Buffalo on Facebook

Highest Peak by JONNY DYLAN HUGHES (not too sure why it was all capped, but for consistency, I too will cap it. This song was quite reminiscent of a medicated Joy Division collaborating with the Pet Shop Boys. I feel like standing up and in a drug induced trance and begin to spin slowly. He's Canadian - awesome. This is a video for a different song by JDH:

In Love, Not Limbo by Of Oceans. This song provides a really good backdrop for writing and meditating - or both at the same time. It also reminds me to wait, which in turn I do and slowing down is usually always good. My honest opinion? The song is too short. Pretty neat! These folks are from Detroit! Just across the river from where I grew up. You can get a free download of both songs via the link above.

Leef I Yaw Eht by Sutja Gutiérrez
He's made it onto the list again this month. The video is just below. 
Be ready though, this song nearly brought me to tears. It is beautiful - the emotions that ring out. 
I found myself moved to dance and wanting to hug someone tight.

Shine feat. Cate Ferris by Nordic Giants - immediately after hearing this song, I searched for it in itunes and bought their four song album, "A Tree As Old As Me" and I wasn't lead astray by Blalock. This song is soothing and I'm not sure what else to say about. I feel a sense of calm and Cate Ferris - her voice seems to possess a childlike quality and I am moved to a more gentle state of mind.

Sister Wife by Alex Winston - I did say that these were in alphabetical order. If I was putting them in order of my favourite - Sister Wife would make the top. I loved this song the first time I heard it. I knew it would make the final cut before I even made it through the entire list. Everywhere I turn, I hear nothing but sister wife this and Big Love that. So, here's a song that puts a quick spin on it and leaves me smiling when it's done - not all - confused like the other information out there.

Starlight by Walter Meego is SO GOOD. I believe this song will top the road trip playlist - it's just that kind of song.

Tightrope (Yeasayer) by Yellow Ostrich: They had me with the first beat of the drum and the cool sounds vibrating throughout. This is a remake of Yeasayer's Tightrope which you can listen to by clicking on it above. Yellow Ostrich's version would be more like the version for your little sister and Yeasayer is a bit more mature. Not too sure which one I like better at this point. There are times when it sounds so much alike I fear that they will lose some of how awesome they are unless you take the time to check out their website.

The White of Noon by Starfucker takes a few seconds to start, but once you hear the piano keyed, you're hooked into it; you've got to carry it through and then you realize you are being carried by a soft voice and you relax into the ride. Ethereal. Here you'll find their myspace page.

Wooden Jetty by QTM: I was searching for something on them but we are all in the same boat it seems - not too sure where to find them...this Twitter post Tiny Mix Tapes will take you to their song. This one track with the loop of baba bababa bababa badabadabadabadadada will have you humming all day if it's the last thing you hear. :)

Until April when I list my favourite 10 from March 2011.

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