30 March 2011

Survivor 22! Redemption Island Jesus

http://www.armchairsurvivor.com/archives/408 (I borrowed the picture)
Quick update: Who is at home? Or more accurately, who is sitting on the beach somewhere in Nicaragua? Francesca, Kristina, Krista, and Russell. Will Matt 'hang' out for another week? Will we see the second coming right here on American television? Will hope be renewed in a religion slowly being overtaken by rational thought? We'll see, this week on - Survivor.

One question...how is it that Philthy is now the most mentally stable guy on Ometepe tribe? I guess it all comes in one package; good days and bad days I suppose.

I'm waiting out "Pawn Stars" right now. The # 1 joy of watching TV recorded on the DVR? NO commercials to watch - unless I want to. Now I am waiting until we have enough of a time buffer to allow forwarding through the commercials. It is now 17:12hrs and I think we're going to start watching - impatience. Maybe there will be another commercial with a great indie song attached to it.

Are you able enough to win Stephanie? I sort of hope so, but I'm also looking forward to seeing Matt win all the way through. If Zapatera loses this challenge, David might end up there and Matt will have a tougher go at winning against him. We'll see. Steve attempts to be a diplomatic voice uniting the team. David doesn't seem to be too worried about being known as anti-Sarita. Sarita is really skinny - lol - she just called Stephanie's side the dark side.

Redemption Island has some really cool stone carvings. Stephanie is talking about all this junk food and her food cravings. I think she's trying to get on Matt's nerves and I think it's working. Matt is PreMed. I wonder if he will question his God when he starts to practice medicine.

Philthy and BR go to the duel. Phil mentions "The Book of Five Rings". Let your enemy move first. Phil does not want to be controlled. BR thinks he's going only to babysit Phil - "He's dangerous because of his stupidity." That's not nice Rob, not nice at all. The other tribe sent Ralph and David.

12 nights have passed for Matt on Redemption Island. The battle? Matching symbols on turning tables...first to five wins and the loser goes home - or a resort - I'm not sure where they end up when they leave the game. Stephanie won the coin toss and Matt goes first. Matt got first pairing blind. Stephanie did the same thing...pairing blind. Matt gets his second pair. Matt now winning 3-1. 3-2 now. 4-2 lead for Matt. He needs only one more to win this game. She turned over the Warrior and she can't remember - d'oh, she got it. Now we are at 4-3. Matt, with unwarranted confidence did not match his fifth. Stephanie did the same thing to tie it up but she didn't get it right. He did win again! I love this. I might just start believing in God if he wins. Stephanie is crying. They've all cried. Stephanie wants Sarita gone and she let everyone know as much. I hate that they have to burn their buffs! That totally sucks. If I was in the game, I would want it to sell it on ebay. Phil likens Matt to a Samurai Warrior - really nice of him to say that.

Ometepe: Phil asked BR for direction before they go back to the tribe. I think Phil was just trying to do what Rob wants. Now, Rob is all excited because he wants to throw Phil under the bus and let everyone know that Philthy wanted to lie to the tribe. He says he wants everyone on the same page...however, he's friggin lying about having the idol! What a two-faced person. He's just trying to divert attention from him so he can be super sneaky. I wish they would wake up and get rid of Rob. I mean he even married someone to get his hands on that million dollars! Okay, that was a bit much...but still... :o)

Zapatera - they think David will flop because you gotta look at lawyers that way because they think they are above everybody else. According to Ralph that is. David just tried to get everyone out there to go fishing...but they were being a bit pissy with him...he should just go fishing. Julie, "David is bugging me" and then Sarita starts talking about he she wants to punch him in the face. I think they need another punching bag, so they are just picking on him - guess they should have kept Russell.

Ometepe: Oh my goodness...they are worried about saving the crunchy stuff for Rob at the bottom of the rice pot. So, Phil went over there to get some and they wouldn't give him any because it's for Rob. That's hilarious. Philthy just talks too much and it gets on people's nerves. He's the not cool kid in the classroom. I think he may have been just proving a point. I just wish there was one more person on the tribe that he could confide in. It would be brilliant. Now all the girls are like fanning Rob with palm leaves...Phil did mention a truth - in any other society he would be the one given deference only based on his age. He's still trying his damnedest for the tribe's betterment, but they treat him like crap.

The Challenge: Race through obstacles to collect some balls and then get them into the basket at the end of the course. Whomever wins gets immunity and reward: Helicopter ride for a picnic with veggies and fruits and treats - booze and not booze. Second picnic reward. Awesome. I would like to see something like whichever tribe wins gets to trade up one of their choice members for a choice of someone on the other tribe. That would be awesome. I want Ometepe to win because I want Philthy to stick around for a bit. He got stuck though so he might go home if they lose because of it. David just took up the lead for Zapatera...Yes! Rob messed it up for his tribe. I doubt they'll see that though if they make it to tribal. They had to blast through a brick wall for crying out loud! That looked like it hurt. Phil just blasted through the bricks like it was damp paper. Ometepe is in the lead...Grant is really athletic. Zapatera now has five balls in there. (cue Jeff Probst impression) Ometepe wins immunity and reward! That's great, Philthy will be around for another week. Looks like David might be going home unless he can find a crack in someone's loyalty for Sarita since she was limping through the whole challenge.

Truly beautiful views. They landed on top of an active volcano. Neato. Remember last time when they got the volcano reward and they went tobogganing? That was hilarious to watch and it didn't look like great fun. Guess that's why they are having just a picnic now. The echo was amazing. I think Grant got all the baskets for his tribe. They haven't even talked about it. They are not only surviving they are thriving. Poetic though right? So close to the earth's core. I can't believe ROB! I hope he gets a fine for litering! What a jerk. He already has the idol, so he thought it would be a good idea to just toss it to the molten lava below. What an ass. He should get a fine. I hope he does. That was not cool at all.

The other tribe is talking about who to get rid of...Sarita is leading the charge on getting rid of Dave. She was all sick and limping at the end of the challenge and she doesn't think that David is any better at anything than she is. She needs to go, she's scrambling too much right now. I don't think Ralph is totally sold on the idea. David's busting his ass to get wood and he went hunting and stuff and Sarita is just out there scrambling to keep herself in the game. She should go home. Steve is advocating to keep Dave around. I wonder what Julie is going to think about this plan, she was sitting there when Steve was trying to talk Ralph into this new plan to rid themselves of their weakest link. Do they go with trust or strength. Mike wasn't too sure what they were going to do to keep themselves out of this tailspin they are currently in. Remember that cartoon? Tail Spin? I loved it!

I wonder who is going to Redemption? Ralph doesn't know what cohesive means. Or does he? The ones that don't get along well together work harder together because they don't want to sit around and gab - they want to work and get the job done. What is with Steve? He sat there and said that they should get rid of Sarita, but then thinks that a team should be more loyal. I don't get it. Sarita is annoying me. David did a nice thing...Jeff was asking Sarita if she was gunning for David - and then David shut her up and answered for her so she didn't have to feel that discomfort...or maybe he was just sick of listening to her. Let's see...4-2 SARITA! SHE IS GOING TO Redemption Island! She didn't even bring her stuff with her. David said to her, "Don't be too confident." Julie is the only woman left on their tribe.
I hope Matt doesn't get too confident in winning when he goes up against Sarita.

OMETEPE:                      ZAPATERA:
Natalie                             Steve
Grant                               David
Phillip                              Julie
Ashley                             Mike
Andrea                             Ralph
Boston Rob                      

24 March 2011

Survivor 22: Redemption Island

Welcome to another week of Survivor:
So far: Francesca, Russell, and Kristina have all gone home.

I'm hoping, with fingers and toes crossed, Krista kicks around until she's able to get off Redemption and into the merged tribe somewhere down the line. However, I doubt this is going to happen. We are, after all, about to witness the second coming of Matt. I want Krista around because she's my character for the work pool.

Zapatera are getting a little bit 'bickery' and we'll see ... 'what happens this week on - SURvivor'. Maybe they needed Russell to stick around so they could focus their negative energy toward him while maintaining harmony.

Krista is happy to be around Matt because he's positive. They both believe that God has sent them there.

Ewwww, creepy big spider!

Steve's got hurt feelings about getting a couple of votes at tribal - really? He's in the huge fraction of the tribe and Krista and Stephanie had to vote for someone. Stephanie held her ground when he said her vote was stupid. She doesn't really care. I mean really? Who was she supposed to vote for?

Natalie and Ashley had a 'spa' day with dull scissors. I'm not kidding - gross! Natalie was plucking Ashley's armpit hair. They have done nothing around camp. Oooh, Philthy walked over and asked the girls to check the fire. All he wants to do is get people to help out around camp. Listening to them talk - dear me, seriously.

WHAT! I had no idea that Krista was super into God. They sat down and prayed and she got her luxury item; her pink bible - finally they connect via their faith - that's great! Too bad they weren't on a tribe together.

Witness to the Dual? Julie and Mike from Zapatera and Natalie and Andrea from Ometepe.

They will be playing a giant game of labyrinth after collecting three bags with a grappling hook where they will collect one marble for the table game. Whomever wins, stays in the game for now. Krista gets her bag first. Then Matt. Krista gets her second one. Matt then got his second. Krista got her third in three tosses. Now she's on her way to do the table maze (Labyrinth). COME ON Krista! Matt is winning on the challenge and NOOOOO! Matt stays alive and Krista goes home. Dang it all. Dang. Krista gave Matt her bible. What a great gesture. Andrea didn't think so. She was all, "girlfriend" with her eyes. Andrea and Matt kinda have/had a thing goin'. Matt looks really sad that Krista is now gone.  Now Andrea wants him to go because "he can be very dangerous as well". Which I interpret to be: He needs to get gone because he was my man and obviously I didn't mean much to him because he made friends with someone else." Too funny.

Sarita's got a booboo tooth. Julie thinks she's a drama queen princess. Ralph thought it was kind of silly to try and clean her dirty teeth with a dirty stick - she gouged her gums. Now they are talking about unseating her in the game. David is trying to get Stephanie to be more part of the group because he likes her better than Sarita. Let's see what happens.

Cute little red crab in a tree.

Phillip had a reasonable request and Natalie and Ashely were annoyed with him. A storm is coming in and he wanted them to collect wood. BR and Grant just think 'well they are girls and they ain't gonna do anything'. HAHAHA, Ashley was all offended because he doesn't ask the boys to help in the same way as he's been asking them...he does ask the boys. He just doesn't have to ask all the time, they just get up and help. Now Ashley thinks that Phillip is mentally ill because he wants her to pull her weight. At least he said that Andrea does her share. BR mentioned that he needs play peacemaker so the tribe can continue to win and not contribute to dividing the tribe. He likened himself to Arafat - well...I don't know much about that Nobel Prize winner, but there is some speculation. I'm just sayin'.

Stephanie is trying to get back into the tribe. She went to talk to Steve to try and apologize for something she's not really sorry for. Pretty good strategy for her...she's trying to save herself. Steve accepted the apology. Then she planted the seed. She said she really wanted to vote out Sarita. Her and David are trying to work together - Steve was in agreement. Maybe Sarita will be out next. They kept showing Sarita really babying the right side of her mouth.

Nice birdy flying in the sky.

Oooh, Challenge! Looks interesting. I like the tribe colours this year - purple and orange.

Phil is a Gorillion today! He's using both of his totem animals - sweet!

The challenge? To launch balls with a big slingshot and the others have to catch them in a net thing. First to five wins immunity and reward. Sarita is sitting out this one. She's got a sore tooth...what's worse? They will also get reward! They will be brought out to San Juan Del Sur to a nice spot overlooking a lake.

Ometepe winning 1-0. 2-0. 3-0. Grant is kicking some BUTT. 4-0 (BR caught this one). Mike totally ripped off Grant's shirt trying to keep him away from catching the ball. Not very sportsmanlike is it? 5-0. Grant caught the last one. Boston's team won again. There we go. Let's see if Sarita gets sent to Redemption. Maybe Julie was right to be a little scared for some nasty karma for throwing that challenge to get rid of Russell.
They got so much FOOD! It looked good and healthy too. The view was amazing. There was a Jesus statue there:

BR was checking for the hidden immunity idol under the lobster tails. Grant grabbed the clue and then him and BR go to 'look at the view'. At least he got to read the latest clue and Philthy looked over and saw what they were doing. Phil gets all serious with the cameras explaining how the three of them are: 'Stealth R Us' - Phil is the specialist, Rob is the Mentalist, and Grant is the Assassin! Heck ya! The trinity. He's annoyed and Hell hath no fury like a Gorillion when he's been provoked - he's choked. He served his country for 4 years, 11 months, and 13 days. He's going to smile and when the time comes he's going to 'kick a little ass around here.' Booya!

David is lobbying for Sarita to get gone. Sarita is not going to campaign. She doesn't feel she needs to because she's so loyal. Let's see what happens! Julie and Sarita had a good little chat - she's going to kick around for another week. She's cute and likeable. Julie's not too sure at this point. David is trying his best to sway those left. I don't know. Sarita is aching and they can't sit anyone out for challenges. I think it might come down to what she says at Tribal (Stephanie that is). Ralph just said that if he had been slinging, he would have done better. Stephanie tried to call out Sarita for sitting out. David was all over Sarita for it too. I think Stephanie's age might be shining through right now - she's bickering to trying to stay, but it now sounds desperate. David is really fighting for Stephanie to stay because they need strength right now and Ralph is on board with that strategic thinking. This is going to be a close call tonight for sure. DANG IT - Stephanie was voted to Redemption Island - it's all good, she will have a chance to get back into this game. I think this puts David next in line. They really couldn't trust Stephanie right through to the end because she already told Rob that she would flip to be on his side once the merge happened anyhow.

Anyone notice that commercials are showcasing some GREAT music lately? This is a way to keep my interest. They have a ford commercial with a song by one of my favourites - Jonsi's Go Do. So good.

Next time on - Survivor: Mental fatigue. Dave is a lose cannon and BR has a target on him! Finally. Stephanie has some high hopes of winning out there on Redemption - she might.

OMETEPE:                    ZAPATERA:
Natalie                             Steve
Grant                               David
Phillip                              Julie
Ashley                             Mike
Andrea                             Ralph
Boston Rob                     Sarita

Redemption Island: Matt vs Stephanie
Home on the Couch: Krista, Kristina, Francesca, and Russell.

And on a completely unrelated note: doesn't Scotty on American Idol look like the guy from Mad Magazine? Don't get me wrong, Scotty got TALENT. I hope he either wins American Idol or he places in the top three. He'll have a record deal either way. And he's cuter than the Mad guy.

22 March 2011

Gabor Maté speaks about Addictions and Corrections

This video has a second part to it, you can find it on youtube with the same title just part 2 of 2 on the end.
Gabor Maté, what more to say? He has a message for everyone to hear. He speaks to intrigued individuals and his work is available for just the cost of bandwidth via youtube and other web-based venues. You can purchase his books - see the bottom of this post to order from Amazon.
His words resonate in me. I have a greater understanding of addiction, of pain, of people being people trying to obtain what's best for them in this life. We are all the same. We are all the same, you know, if you strip away all the material things. If I look at one person and realize that they were once just little and tiny and needing their mothers, their fathers - we are all the same. We were not all treated the same, raised the same, or encouraged in the same manner as even our siblings - but down to our core, we are all the same.
We interpret information differently. We heal our pain in different ways - but none of us enjoy pain - some people, this pain is all they know and therein lies the comfort. Heal your mental suffering and the body pain comes in second place. I believe when I engage in my addictive behaviours, I'm thinking to ease some mental suffering and I know I'm not thinking about the suffering of my body or others. For example: When I want to shop for a book, instead of taking that time to walk my dog for an hour, I will walk the aisles of two separate bookstores instead. If I went for a walk with Moksha, we would both be healthier and happier for it. Gabor has said something along the lines of his addiction is not even a blip on the radar for damage to self compared to the most hurting individuals he works with - I hear what he is saying. I can find myself somewhere on this continuum, but not anywhere near the grande scale of those most addicted individuals. I believe they are trying to quell the mental anguish in any way they can. I hope that I am able to convey the compassion we need as a society to help those most in need.

Fantastic read. Gabor Maté, MD is a fabulous writer. I believe he encourages the reader to see past the words and visualize the information and integrate it into their living. I am grateful for his ability as a writer to pose brain science to me, a layperson, in a way that I can comprehend.

20 March 2011

Blalock's Indie Rock Playlist - March 2011

BIRP! Find them on Facebook and you won't be disappointed. I can't believe the work that must go into getting this music out there. Fabulous indeed.

I really enjoyed this month's playlist for sure! I had initially chose about 35 with five star and then after a few listens through I was able to bring it down to 10. I do have to give an honourable mentions to Starfucker, Bright Eyes, Radiohead, Lykke Li, tUnE-yArDs, Tory y moi, Young Galaxy, Young Liars, Foxes in Fiction, Absofacto, Banjo or Freakout...I was glad to see some familiar names, but I wasn't as happy with these ones as the 10 that I have chosen to showcase below :o) I hope you enjoy the mix I have put together.

Locomotive by Alex Winston 
There is something in her voice. I am drawn every time without fail.
I thought I might perhaps be moved by the humour and shock value of Sister Wife last month, but in all honesty, I'm lovin' her voice.

Contact High by Architecture in Helsinki - I'm not kidding; this song starts out sounding like Prince. Seriously. As the song continues, we hear 
the pop shine through with electric beats and synth guitar sounds. I'm really not sure they could look like more fun! Please check out their site. 
I got the picture from their site and I wouldn't want anyone to think I didn't give credit where credit is due. You can find direction to pick up this 
latest single, Contact High from iTunes. I also see they are on facebook.

Neon Love by Armistice 
Starts out sounding a little country and that eerie mystery surrounding a good western movie. I feel like I should have a cigarette smoking away 
in an overflowing ashtray while I think about some serious stuff. Know what I mean? The voices blend well together. By the end of the song I've 
figured out my most disconcerting thoughts and can relax. I am proud to say - this band is CANADIAN :)

Peach, Plum, Pear (Joanna Newsom) by blithe field
You have to listen to the song. It starts out kind of slow, but then the great voice of Joanna Newson kicks in and it is there that I knew I was hooked. I didn't even need to think about whether this song was going to make the final cut (as it were). I dance in my seated position while I key these words getting lost in the music. You can find them on myspace.

Float On by Cities Aviv
The name of the song is the same as one by Modest Mouse...don't be confused. I like this song. I'm pulled in close with the soothing loop beat 
and in comes the old-style hip hop sing song. I'm in this song.
I wanna have fun like 80's Madonna! And you know what? It's almost like I'm on a tropical holiday when the calipso (?) drums start - or maybe it's a drum machine or something. I don't know enough about instruments and stuff to really be informed or intelligent when I write about them! haha! Please be gentle with my descriptions. You can officially 'like' FLASHLIGHTS on facebook!

This song starts out not sounding very happy nor trendy at all. It, in fact, quite nearly gets on my nerves until the voice is introduced. However, it does sound hopeful. The low voice is near depressing, but I'm carried through and I'm not bored with it at all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
Honey Mine (Memoryhouse Remix) by Korallreven
I'm diggin this one straight away. I am loving remixes as of late. I like the continuous loops and familiarity it provides. Each time I listen to it I 
hear something new in the mix.

For What It's Worth by Maggie Eckford
This one is a shoulder shaker and sing along sweet song. The foot stomping happens after hearing the lyrics re: I still love you for what it's worth I still need you...I'm feeling for this singer. Should she let this person go? Or do they deserve her continual pining for?
les neuf soeurs by Mode Moderne

Quiet beginning is just enough to get me to the vocals and then I'm thinkin', "Is this Ian Curtis incarnate?" I had to pick it for that reason alone. I really like this song. I can picture him singing and dancing (well, moving arms back and forth and shaking his head).

Blogger Buzz: What’s New With Blogger

Blogger Buzz: What’s New With Blogger

18 March 2011

Survivor 22 - Redemption Island: Once again staring Boston Rob. Great.

I have hopes for this week. I don't know how I could be disappointed considering last week was so friggin' boring. We'll see :) Good luck to you both Kristina and Matt. 
Last week on Survivor (best Jeff Probst impression) - Russell is gone and BR is kickin' butt and has ultimate support from his tribe mates (minus Kristina and Phil). At least we got to see Russell cry again...there's something. 
OMETEPE: Rain, rain, rain. Philthy has admitted that he is the odd man out...he slept right next to BR and then BR was choked because he stuck his leg right into his back (I'll leave out the blatant crude joke)...get over it. He was wearing his 'pink panties' and I think BR was just a little uncomfortable.
ZAPATERA: Spirits are high. I had no idea...Steve is an ex-NFL'er. I wonder if Grant knows  about that. He is also talking about trying to bring Kristina and Stephanie into the merge. They aren't talking about getting rid of them. They were feasting on delicious fish. 
Who will go to the battle? Krista and Stephanie picked the right numbered tiles to go to the battle. Julie is saying that they are just pawns. I prefer Steve's synopsis. And then Stephanie opened up her mouth and is ready to cause damage if the other tribe wants it. BR and Grant went from the other tribe. They never showed how they chose.
THE BATTLE: Kristina and Matt - loser goes home. Puzzle pieces...collect them all and create a cube. It's a big puzzle, not just a little table...it's 3-D. 
I wish I could be building it...the pieces are like Tetris. I love tetris. Matt thought he had it, but no. He didn't. Kristina was called a gladiator by Jeff. BR was being evasive. Matt asked him about why he was voted out and BR said, "It takes more than one person to vote someone out." Matt won again. I am starting to think Matt may represent the second coming of Christ (no offence). Kristina is going home. I had higher hopes for her. 
This year they are really allowing us to get to know each of the Survivors. 
Stephanie and Krista told Matt that if he wanted to, they were prepared to align with him if they get to the merge...which would give him his g/f on his original tribe and now Steph and Kris from the other one...that's four people in a usual ten person merge. Interesting.

Low and behold I was completely wrong about the above synopsis...crap. I thought Stephanie and Krista were going to be smarter than this. I thought they were trying to show up BR and let him know that not only did they throw the challenge to get rid of Russell because he's 'famous' - BR better watch out...Nope. I was completely wrong. They are all about finding a dude they think is going to take them all the way to the end instead of using their smarts. Damn.

When they show Phil's occupation there's a question mark after Federal Agent. OMG he has pimp shoes. Fantastic. He is reminded of crabs when he sees the girls from his tribe. Maybe he shouldn't tell them that. Andrea and Phil kind of sit on the outs. Ashley and Natalie are kind of lazy it seems. Andrea is annoyed by them. She thinks they are sweet albeit (love that word btw) superficial. Andrea wants to get rid of Ashley or Natalie before Phil. Phil is a good worker. Andrea is a good worker. Andrea is feeling it out with Phil. I hope it works out. He's good for fodder. Now, Phil has asked her if she would like to align with Matt and him. BR is a dictator and Phil the Lord. Awesome! I wonder...I wonder...I wonder...if Philthy is the Lord and Matt might be Christ incarnate - we might have a season on our hands ladies and gentlemen. 

They showed one of those AWESOME cute little frogs. 

Julie is still paranoid about something coming back to haunt them because they threw that challenge two episodes ago. Time to let it go, Julie. 

Challenge - Oooh, it looks like a maze. Fun! One person to direct the blind-folded rest of the tribe through a maze with bags of puzzle pieces scattered throughout. When the blind-folded people return with the puzzle pieces, the caller puts the puzzle together. They win immunity and some cheap donuts.
Stephanie is the caller for her tribe and BR for the other. David was all hurt because he feels that he could do better at the puzzle and the calling. However, Sarita believes Steph would do better because she (Stephanie) is 'bossy as all get out'. 
BR's team is first to get all the puzzle bags back. Then Stephanie was right there. 
SHUT UP Jeff. BR dropped a piece. Jeff said, "ONE of the best puzzle solvers in the history of this game" referring to BR. Whatever. Rob found his missing piece. Dang it. The other members of Stephanie's tribe were putting her down like crazy. "That's why David should have been there." OMETEPE won. Stephanie is probably being voted tonight to Redemption Island. 

At least Phil is safe for one more week. They were losing it over donuts. Sugar is good. OOOhhhh! They got coffee too! Rob takes over everything! Grant worked with Rob and he let him go with the coffee tin so he could get the clue. I hope Grant finds out that Rob has the idol and they send BR home. He's having fun messing with Grant and everyone else. "you have to hussel if you want to make a dollar." Boston, you almost messed up there buddy! Did anyone else here it when Grant asked, "Did you find it?" and Boston said, "Ya. I mean, what do you mean?" Something along those lines anyhow. He almost blew the whole thing. So, he went and hid the new clue and gave Grant the old clue. I hope he digs himself a real deep lie hole. 

They showed a turtle burying her eggs. Cool.

Wow, David just threw out there that 'David' will always do puzzles 'from now on in'. Steve finally recognized that the team made the decision and everyone else is blaming Sarita for saying that Stephanie should do the calling and the puzzle. Julie and Sarita were talking about who they should vote out. No one likes Krista, so the character I got in the work pool could end up going to Redemption. Maybe Sarita will call out David and he goes. Who knows. Stephanie and Krista start talking...Stephanie wants Steve to go because he's not healthy enough to be in the game and he doesn't help out around camp. Krista knows there really isn't much scrambling they can do. 

Everyone is laughing at Krista - forget you (thanks Cee Lo Green) guys. Now they say she's being aggressive. Jeff tries to call out the smaller alliances. Krista states that she sees them all in pairs except David - David's the loner. Krista asks if any of the pairs are interested in taking on her and Stephanie to help them get through the next level so they had four. Thunder rolls in the background. Dang it all to you know where in a handbasket. Krista is heading off to Redemption Island. I hope she puts the smack down on Matt. It's time for him to go home. I don't want there to be a 'coming back from near death' type story with Matt. 

Next week on Survivor: "I'm their red-headed step-child," Philthy.

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:                    ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:                  
Boston Rob                                            Steve                                 
Andrea                                                    David                                            
Ashely                                                    Julie
Phillip                                                      Krista
Grant                                                      Mike
Natalie                                                   Ralph
Matt                                                        Sarita

Redemption Island:


17 March 2011

Oh you, Crow!

Oh you, Crow! Today I went for a walk with my dog. I walked up the dirt road towards the campground. I walked and walked. I got to the marker - my friend's old place. I turned around and Crow started squawking at me. I looked up to the left and just above my head. I scanned the sky. "Sounds like it's coming from the sky, Moo."
"Hey, Crow! Where are you? Call me again." Crow squawked again. I looked up. I knew I was being duped by my senses. I knew Crow was in the trees. "Hey, Crow! One more time. I'll find you this time." Once again Crow cawed. This time a little bit longer. I didn't turn my head to look at the trees. I decided to try and hone in my hearing. I listened hard. "Okay, Crow - once more, I'll find you this time for sure." I was again abided by, Crow sang out for a long time. I searched the trees this time and I made sure to look up to the tops of the trees - "There you are crow. I told you I'd find you" - and I lie to you not - both of my shoes came untied. I'm not lying. With a shake of my head and a chuckle just over my breath, I said aloud, "Oh you, Crow!" Moksha and I continued on our way and listened as trickster Crow cackled at me. 

I got the image here.

13 March 2011

Attachment = Love?

I had a coffee date with a friend this weekend. We spend most of the afternoon chatting about some of the experiences we've had at work. The conclusion for me was that the best work I've done with clients and the most fulfilling interactions I've had with coworkers had the common link of love. Even as I'm typing this out, I'm feeling pretty vulnerable. It's amazing how scary it can be for me to admit that I feel love for my coworkers and my clients. I don't know if I've ever been explicitly told to 'not' love my clients, but I'm sure it has been recommended from time to time. I suppose this is why I have nights that include very little sleep and other nights that include vivid dreams of work.
I'm working towards a place where I can calm my mental processing to a dull roar and get sleep. One thing that has worked for me is practicing what I've read in Thich Nhat Hanh's book, Reconciliation: healing the inner child.

I have read most of the book already and am still marinating in a few of the quotes I've marked so far.
Side note...I've started 'dog-earing' the pages where I find these quotes. I started doing this while reading Carol Shields', Unless because I didn't want to forget the gems hidden in the pages. I'm not that great at memorizing quotes at first glance. This is a good way for me to reach out to my library and find the thinkable words quickly.
"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way. There is no way to enlightenment, enlightenment is the way." I can't stop thinking about this. When I start to feel down, I remember that there is no journey to happiness, I just have to feel it - happy that is. So, I try to do this or at least practice feeling happy even when I'm not feeling all so great.
Love is hard - attachment is difficult. Living in our vulnerability can be scary sometimes, but the greatest feelings come from capitalizing on these moments of discomfort. What a welcome realization to know I do not have to swim through the sludge with people? I can bear witness and encourage the journey forward - because happiness is the journey. Thich Nhat Hanh mentions that there is so much suffering in the world we don't need to add to it with our own thinking errors. I believe it would just double the suffering if every time I hear a story of someone's suffering I took it on as my own...now we have two people suffering instead of just one. I will reflect back love and compassion. So, back to the sleepless night and intrusive dreams - I guess I should remember to embrace love and compassion for myself instead of encouraging the ineffective thought process. :)
I do have to give kudos Dr. Gordon Neufeld. He (I believe) was inspired by John Bowlby's work on attachment with Mary Ainsworth. Dr. Neufeld mentioned at a training I took that Bowlby said something along the lines of (or his wife did...) you can't claim to have discovered love, but he could say that he named attachment. I have thought about this.

11 March 2011

Survivor 22! Weak Four - yeah, I mean weak.

Ya, This week was pretty boring – I’m going to be honest. I had higher hopes with Russell being on Redemption Island.

OMG! Is Russell going home tonight or wha'? Or will it be Matt? Good vs Evil. Russell wanted to 'bitch slap' everyone on his tribe. He's never been voted out before and I think he's feeling exposed. Personally, I think Russell is skeered. 

Ometepe: Rob! hahaha! Quote of the week: "Saggy bottom panties" in reference to Phil's shorts. Rob called out that Phil's junk is hanging out all over the place and he's grossing everyone out. Phil is getting ready to bring out the under cover guy - I'm excited. A friend of mine calls him Philthy. I think I'm going to steal that one.

Zapatera - Krista and Stephanie are worried that one of them are going home unless they win and they aren't having much fun right now. They are praying for Russell right now. Krista is going to start looking for the immunity idol. It’s too bad that she ain’t gonna find it on account of Ralph disclosed to everyone but Krista and Stephanie that he has the idol. Mike is excited that they have control of the game, but they are only controlling two other people - what happens when they are gone? Do you think that Ralph will give you the idol?

Off to Redemption: Philthy picked up the tree-mail and he was super excited to read it to the crew with attempted animated inflection. He is going to Redemption with Kristina to watch the colossal battle between good and evil; going from the other tribe: Ralph and Sarita. Let's see what happens. 

Matt vs Russell is coming up and I can't wait. Matt: "I'm fighting to honour my God" and so he believes that he will end up on top. Interesting. Let's see. Stacking blocks like dominoes. If they trip over the strategically placed trip wires they have to start over again. When they are set up perfectly and then tipped they will release a ball and then this ball will trigger something that raises a flag. Raise the flag and you stay in the game. Matt seems to be kicking butt so far. He didn't get it! He has to restack his line. Russell tries and...he fell short. Matt tries again...AND HE WON! Russell Hantz is going home. There will be NO battle between BR and Russell. I guess Matt's God was there with him. K-Rap. Oh dang, Russell is crying. He had to cover his face. I feel terrible. I'm glad he's a real person. Ouch. Now I'm crying and Matt's crying. So, he's hurt because they took him out on purpose. That is hurtful. Russell disclosed the secrets of the tribe and Ralph told everyone there that he has the idol. Good thing Philthy was there - he was able to say that Ralph was not lying when he tried to call it back when Sarita told him not to say anything. Ralph was so struck and happy that he remains in the game and Russell is gone that he really wanted him to know that he has the idol forgetting that the other tribe has representation at the battle.

I do have to say this about Survivor – I’m happy I was proven wrong. I thought they were going to have some ‘surprise’ twist on Redemption so Russell would be able to stay in the game until there was a showdown between BR and Russ. Thank-you reality TV for not being predictable (all the time).

BR invented a game to get everyone away from camp - told everyone he was constipated so he could get away and search for the idol. He was scrambling to find it. I don't even know if there is another one hidden. Oops, I guess there was another one hidden. Last time he played he pitched the idol into the ocean - this time he's keeping it. He found it in the crook of a tree.

Ralph and Sarita return - and they tell everyone that Matt won. Julie is super happy Russ will not come back and get 'er. Stephanie mentioned that they were too happy he was gone. I guess it makes sense...she was connected with him. He was her friend. Mike tried to explain to her that ‘Synergy and Chemistry’ in the tribe is more important than numbers? What do you think? 

Philthy wants to keep the secret that Ralph has the idol - however, he threw Kristina under the bus when she had the idol. He told everyone who left - Russell and his tears. Then he went off in secret with the boys (BR and Grant). Phil ended up sharing the information about the alliances and who is running the show. Apparently, Sarita is running the show.

Zapatera believes they need to win the Challenge today to show that they are united. Julie was a little nervous about karma since they threw the last challenge. I hope they win it for Krista's sake. I wanna stay in the game. 

Challenge: A commercial for Craftsman tools. Sort of sick really. They had to hammer, saw, shovel, crowbar their way through. Then they went on about Sears...they get a bbq and food for winning along with immunity. Krista sits out this challenge because they have one extra person. Ralph is really good at using his hatchet to release 2 saws. BR took forever and lost time...BR is much smaller than Ralph. This challenge just feels like a big commercial and I'm not feeling it. Mike and Steve are kicking butt on this challenge so far. Zapatera is ahead. Stephanie and Sarita finish laying out the planks. Stephanie was quick with untying the knots. Ometepe nearly catch up though! Ralph hammers 'em home and Zapatera wins reward and immunity! Ralph jumped up and crowed! I love you, Ralph. Rob is all sucky. It must be sad. He did fall behind and they had to try and catch up.

They won a bbq with meat and veggies. 

Chetahs and monkeys in the background - cool. 

Ashley is getting frustrated with Phil and she hopes he goes home...she needs to eat something. I'm worried for her health. Kristina is worried about going home, but she knows Phil annoys people. BR feels threatened by Kristina because she's asking about the idol. They are splitting the vote. I get annoyed with him - he says, "if everyone does what they are told" and it drives me nutty. Grant wants Phil gone and so does everyone else...I hope they can make a decision without worrying about the reprisal from BR. Now he wants them to do as they are told again. I hate it. Phil is going to take control of his fate to survive. BR forgot already that he told Phil that Kristina would be safe. I wonder what he'll bring to tribal! I hope he calls BR out. I can't believe he's the only one that realizes this. 

Tribal: BR tried to ensure that everyone feels that Kristina just joined the tribe and, ‘is she really connected enough to be given another chance?’ Kristina pointed out with prodding from Jeff who was the weakest link; Phil. Phil decided to share that his mother died at a young age, he pushed through high school, and joined the army. He did field sanitation and was given an honourable discharge. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I believe Kristina should have stuck with Phil and she might have stayed in the game. I can't believe he kind of holds control of her fate on the tribe. Let's see where the votes lie. Kristina was sent to Redemption Island

Next week on Survivor: BORING. 

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:                    ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:                  
Boston Rob                                         David                                            
Andrea                                               Julie
Ashely                                               Krista
Grant                                                 Ralph
Natalie                                               Sarita
Phillip                                                Stephanie

Redemption Island:


05 March 2011

BIRP! February 2011 - TWO year bday!

Here's my TOP 10 from Blalock's February Indie/Rock Playlist! I am going to be honest with you - I had a difficult time choosing just 10 from the original 115. First listen - 42 with 5 stars. It took me five listens to before I had only 10 on the list. It wasn't easy and I'm sure my mood effected the decision making process.

Here they are without further adieu (in no particular order - maybe alphabetical):

Battle of the Roses by Phantom Buffalo - I really like the imagery in this song and the beat is so fun. I am reminded of those guys that sang Cloak of Elvenkind - hopefully I will remember Phantom Buffalo longer than I did the other band...Marcy Playground. You can find Phantom Buffalo on Facebook

Highest Peak by JONNY DYLAN HUGHES (not too sure why it was all capped, but for consistency, I too will cap it. This song was quite reminiscent of a medicated Joy Division collaborating with the Pet Shop Boys. I feel like standing up and in a drug induced trance and begin to spin slowly. He's Canadian - awesome. This is a video for a different song by JDH:

In Love, Not Limbo by Of Oceans. This song provides a really good backdrop for writing and meditating - or both at the same time. It also reminds me to wait, which in turn I do and slowing down is usually always good. My honest opinion? The song is too short. Pretty neat! These folks are from Detroit! Just across the river from where I grew up. You can get a free download of both songs via the link above.

Leef I Yaw Eht by Sutja Gutiérrez
He's made it onto the list again this month. The video is just below. 
Be ready though, this song nearly brought me to tears. It is beautiful - the emotions that ring out. 
I found myself moved to dance and wanting to hug someone tight.

Shine feat. Cate Ferris by Nordic Giants - immediately after hearing this song, I searched for it in itunes and bought their four song album, "A Tree As Old As Me" and I wasn't lead astray by Blalock. This song is soothing and I'm not sure what else to say about. I feel a sense of calm and Cate Ferris - her voice seems to possess a childlike quality and I am moved to a more gentle state of mind.

Sister Wife by Alex Winston - I did say that these were in alphabetical order. If I was putting them in order of my favourite - Sister Wife would make the top. I loved this song the first time I heard it. I knew it would make the final cut before I even made it through the entire list. Everywhere I turn, I hear nothing but sister wife this and Big Love that. So, here's a song that puts a quick spin on it and leaves me smiling when it's done - not all - confused like the other information out there.

Starlight by Walter Meego is SO GOOD. I believe this song will top the road trip playlist - it's just that kind of song.

Tightrope (Yeasayer) by Yellow Ostrich: They had me with the first beat of the drum and the cool sounds vibrating throughout. This is a remake of Yeasayer's Tightrope which you can listen to by clicking on it above. Yellow Ostrich's version would be more like the version for your little sister and Yeasayer is a bit more mature. Not too sure which one I like better at this point. There are times when it sounds so much alike I fear that they will lose some of how awesome they are unless you take the time to check out their website.

The White of Noon by Starfucker takes a few seconds to start, but once you hear the piano keyed, you're hooked into it; you've got to carry it through and then you realize you are being carried by a soft voice and you relax into the ride. Ethereal. Here you'll find their myspace page.

Wooden Jetty by QTM: I was searching for something on them but we are all in the same boat it seems - not too sure where to find them...this Twitter post Tiny Mix Tapes will take you to their song. This one track with the loop of baba bababa bababa badabadabadabadadada will have you humming all day if it's the last thing you hear. :)

Until April when I list my favourite 10 from March 2011.

04 March 2011

TRINITY - Survivor 22: Redemption Island

WooHOOOO! I can't wait for this week! I'm home, sitting on the couch, had a great day at work yesterday, and am about to eat dinner with my family. So, any predictions out there? We're all thinking it, but we're all keeping quiet. Who's going? Will it be Matt or will it be Francesquoi? I have no idea - I would kind of like to see Franny beat out Matt. I'm not trying to be mean. But, on the other hand, nah...I'm just going to own it. 

Man, the opening sequence is much too long. However, I really do feel more connected with the participants this year.

Matt and Fran had their meeting and he spoke about how shocked he was re: the big blindside. He's got an upset tummy (see...serotonin). 

Rob's all pumped about the idol leaving his tribe and that Phillip is a good soldier. Awesome. Now Rob's going to have to play Andrea and try and bring her back into the fold so that she keeps playing for his team. 

Oh! They are about to talk about what's goin on at Redemption. They are having a duel in the 'arena'. Sweet - someone's going home for good. Ouch.

Two people from each tribe are going on Redemption: David and Steve were selected via random draw from Zapatera.

Andrea and Ashley are going to Redemption from Ometepe - now Rob is all worried about Andrea talking to her 'island boyfriend.' I think she's the one that will affect some power balance between Rob and the rest of the crew. 

These four folks get to watch Fran and Matt compete to see who's goin' home. Matt thinks he's bound to win because he will have the best underdog story having been blindsided. Fran says she's going to stay. The challenge is one to make a pole, collect a key, and unlock a door. Okay, so it was pretty exciting for the most part and I was all pumped because I thought Fran was going to win by landslide - however, she blew going for the last key and Matt ended up taking it home. Sorry Fran - you're OUTTA here. It is what it is. Peace.

Matt just won the chance to stay in the game and he complained about having to stay on the island. Lots of time to contemplate life. 

When the other four were ready to return to their respective tribes, they were told by Jeff that they were at liberty to share what they want to to everyone else. I hope Jeff's able to keep his mouth shut about it. That's a great advantage heading out to Redemption to watch the battle. 

They return. 'Matt is pissed,' was the message passed on by the gal's to BR's team - Andrea and Ashley that is. So, now BR is all para that Andrea is going to go back to Matt in the end if Matt sticks it out. BR really minimized his role in getting Matt voted to Redemption. Andrea's smart though, she's keeping her opinions to herself - you know, minus the audience.

Steve and David are LIARS! I'm so glad that they lied, that's awesome. LOL - they are talking about blindsiding RUSSELL so that he's all shocked and awed and beat by Matt. I don't know man, that guy had a horseshoe in the last two attempts at Survivor. Ralph now owns this game. He owns it. Now they are talking about making a fake idol - Stephanie, that hasn't worked out in the past...oh wait, it did make a good move once. Hahahaha! The rest of the crew are buying into the trick that Stephanie has the idol hidden...Bahahaha, the funniest Survivor showmance reference so far - 'Russell and his harem' - Steve you funny.

Friggen gross! Russell's got this nasty rash under his pits. He shaved them before he went to the island and he's got all razor burn grody. he's lying there on the bench thing with his "concubines". Mike, Steve, and Ralph came up with an idea they passed it on to David, Julie, and maybe someone else. They are talking about throwing their next challenge so they can get Russ gone - it's a little early, but git 'er done! Good luck guys!

Challenge - Three members tied to a big wheel and the other three spin it around and when one of the three gets their heads dunked under water, they have to take a mouthful and then when they hit the top, they have to spit in a bucket and the quickest tribe to fill it gets to start a puzzle and then they win a reward and immunity. The reward? A couple of canvas chairs, pillows, tarp, lamps...some luxury items. Julie and David didn't seem initially comfortable with throwing the challege, but they all decided to do it...Julie said she wasn't sure if she should or not, but she didn't say anything. David was totally messing up the challenge and going really slow with the puzzle. And he let BR win...I don't know if that was worth it or not. Pretty funny, he only got it because they let him. I can't wait until he gets to the merge and they tell him all about it. That's hilarious. Sorry Rob, but I don't think you would have won. However, that being said, your tribe did win the luxury items and were free from Tribal.

Zapatera - first time at Tribal. OH! I forgot to tell everyone - Steve ended up telling the people in his alliance that Fran actually lost and got sent home. This is after he told Russell and his ladies that Fran won and Matt went home. Russell seems a little suspect, and he should be. His ladies, they don't know the truth either. 

Rob went searching for an idol clue in their reward challenge. He couldn't find it. Phillip was sitting in a chair and Rob made him get up out of it so that he didn't break it and then he said he had to FIX the chair. Seriously? Phillip isn't thinking - or he really just doesn't care about finding the idol clue. He'll do whatever Rob says and as long as he's the favourite guy there, Phil's safe for a bit.

Zapatera - They are so ready for Russ to be gone. Three go to Russell and three go to Stephanie to flush out the idol if Russ actually has it. Russ is all paranoid and now Stephanie is out on a mission to get someone else to vote with them so that Russ doesn't get the boot. She's working on Julie - Stephanie lied and told Julie that she has the idol. Julie/Erin is buying into this plan, I think. She wants to go with someone who will take her to the end...and really, Russ has brought the winners right to the winner's circle. Oohh! They are going to try and get rid of Ralph - AHHH! Will he play the idol? Will Ralph end up getting sent to Redemption? Dear lord! This is so exciting! There was no side chatter before this tribal and I have no prediction! 

Ralph has publicly announced that there is a division in the tribe - Russell and his two ladies and then the other six. Oh, and touche, Russell flat out announces that he believes they threw the challenge. Wow and then Mike just said, we didn't, but 'we got some fat to trim from this tribe'. Stephanie is all 'girlfriend' to the other tribe members as she spoke in praise of Russell and his history and experience. Steve lied with no tells and then David too - right on! That's Survivor. Now they are trying to tell a truism about Russ and his no working and Steph tried to complain again. Then Ralph added his two cents and Jeff did the translation. :) 


Let's see - Sarita was quite happy to cast her vote against Stephanie. OH Dear....we are at 3 for Ralph and 3 for Stephanie and 3 for RUSSELL! I can't believe it. I'm glad he's heading to Redemption! He's going to end up there the whole game and he will make it to the end and I bet he gets back into this game. I can't believe it. I'm so happy Ralph didn't have to out himself about the idol.

NEXT TIME on Survivor - Phil is getting annoying. 

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:      ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:                  
Boston Rob                              Russell                                   
Andrea                                     David                                            
Ashely                                      Julie
Francesca                                 Krista
Grant                                        Mike
Kristina                                     Ralph
Matt                                          Sarita
Natalie                                      Stephanie
Phillip                                       Steve

Redemption Island: