24 February 2011

Week Two: The Lord is With You

Week Two of Survivor 22: Redemption Island highlights are below. I consider it to be like a play by play. If you intend to watch it be forewarned that I disclose everything that happens in the episode. :) I hope you enjoy it.

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:                    ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:                  
Boston Rob                                          Russell                                   
Andrea                                                David                                            
Ashely                                                Julie 
Francesca                                           Krista
Grant                                                  Mike
Kristina                                              Ralph
Matt                                                  Sarita
Natalie                                              Stephanie
Phillip                                                Steve

Alright crew, we're at week two. I'm so excited to see how it all doles out on Redemption Island with Francesca. I hope they send out a weakling and she stays. Not Krista though - that would just be tragic. For Francesca - snap.

(I have to watch American Idol - people are getting the boot and there will only be 24 left after tonight. Do I care? Nope)

Recap: Nah, it's too early. I messed up last week, Matt wanted to call their team, Camp Harmony, not Bliss.

Dream? Boston Rob gets sent to Redemption Island and loses to Francesca and getting sent home. 

Redemption Island - she got there in the dark and she's not sure if she's going to sleep. At least she got flint. Hopefully she can use it. Hang on, couldn't she use the fire in her lamp? Just sayin. No joke, she had a gas lamp in her hands as she was looking for the flint. She could have just used her buff and took the glass cover off. 

Ometepe - they thought tribal was insane. Kristina is so happy she didn't use the idol. Right away Phillip is all over Boston Rob. He said that BR owns his vote until he gets sent to Redemption. Boston Rob, "Lesson learned. Government jobs - stressful". :) They have a secured alliance right away and Boston Rob has already sold out Phillip and is directing everyone around. I don't like Boston Rob. I can't help it. I want to like him. Isn't he supposed to be like America's sweetheart or something? I get the creepy vibe from him like maybe he will get everyone in his tribe to drink some special Kool-aid - yeah, that kind of crazy.

Phillip is still in the fucsia shorts. He has no idea. He's hunting crab and everyone is just laughing at him. I feel bad. I really do. He's choking on his words as he talks about his career with the American Government as a Special Agent. He's got two different pairs of shoes. Nice. 

Zapatera! Ralph is my faovurte so far! He's so great. Russell thinks he's the dumbest person on the face of the earth. I like him, I think he's great. Oooh...Russell might take Krista with him to the final three. Russell is looking for the idol again. I wonder if he's going to find it. Steve and Mike are on to him. I hope Ralph finds it. He could wear it and no one would know since it would be hidden by his man sweater! Oh my goodness! He found it by accident. Fricken awesome. He was rock pickin and found it. He kept wandering around crowing like a rooster. He took it out and now it's his. Awesome. Why would someone go rock pickin? 

The birds and frogs are so cute. 

Matt is sure that God put him in the alliance for a reason. Andrea is really close with Matt. The next showmance perhaps? Boston Rob is on to Andrea. He think she's going to walk Matt around the whole island and he knows it is a scary thing because he did the same with Amber (his now wife) years ago. He thinks Natalie is the perfect partner. He feels like he has to 'drag her ass to the end'. That's not very nice now is it? I can't stand this guy this year. He wants to get rid of Phillip or Andrea (break up the couple) so he can keep the tribe strong. She's all over being in his alliance. Natalie is a professional dancer. What does that mean? 

Immunity Challenge: Phillip  is going to outlast all the men over there, but he's not sure about the women. It's a smashing tile, retrieve a key and then a ball sort of challenge. The breaking tiles challenges are alright. We'll see how it goes. They get fishing gear if they win plus immunity for their tribe. David  from Zapatera is sitting out first because they have one extra person. Grant is awesome at this challenge. He's super fit. Sarita got pretty tired quick. Ometepe is in the lead so far. Andrea did a splendid belly flop - OUCH. Ometepe caught up pretty quick. Ralph is breaking tiles for Zapatera like it was his calling. Phillip can't smash anything. Okay, he smashed 2 and then three and Ralph can't break the last tile. Finally, Ralph broke it. He tapped it lightly about four times before it broke.  

Matt went over and congratulated the other team and that just put a target on him by Boston Rob - he was all upset about it. It was a really decent thing to do and BR was all upset about it. So, that's two in a row that Boston Rob's team is going to tribal. 

Zapatera got reward. Russell is all about the basket and seeks out the clue from the flippers. He took it and no one saw him do it. HAHAHA - Ralph saw him with the clue and told everyone about it...they are not into Russell at all. Sarita and Mike had a conversation about the hidden clue and stealing of it. MIke is sure he can't trust Russell. As soon as Mike went over and joined the secret conversation between Stephanie, Krista, and Russell, they started slamming Sarita. All of them did. Ralph came over and asked him straight out where the clue is since it belongs to the entire tribe - they all won the challenge. At first he said that there may be a clue and then he said that there wasn't one. Then he through out the famous quote, "If you ain't with me, you're against me." They pounded it out and then Russell got all offended by him asking. Oooh...now Russell is gunning for Ralph. I think Russell's tattoo says, "Keep hope alive." I bet he's got to keep hope alive that he will one day be crowned "Ultimate Survivor." It might have been something special and I'm downplaying it. Oh well. That's my story about his tattoo. 

Oh god, Francesca just journalled (comfort item left for her - journal) that it would suck if Phillip got sent to Redemption. I hope for her sake it's not him. Now Phillip is having a group/family meeting directly after they return from losing the challenge. He's making a last ditch effort to save himself I think. Weird guy. No one had anything to add. Boston Rob called him over and said that he did a good job and that it was a team effort - they lose as a tribe and win as a tribe. 

Kristina wore her idol since everyone knows she has it anyhow. She said she's going to play it for sure. Phillip isn't scared because he's a strong man. And he likes the name of Redemption Island. 

I think they are going to vote for Matt. They are also talking about getting rid of Andrea. It made Boston Rob sick that Matt went over to shake hands with the other team. Grant is an ex NFL'er - explains his insane athleticism. Boston is all paranoid that Mattl is playing a text book game of Survivor and playing the nice guy, but I think Matt's just a play as day nice guy. I mean, I've been wrong before, but that's what I think is going on. 

They are "planning" to vote Kristina and Phillip with Phillip going home. Kristina will use the idol. But that's not what Boston and his followers are going to do. I hope Boston tells Phillip and then Phillip sells him out at tribal counsel and Matt gets to stay. I don't want Matt and Francesca to battle each other. I like them both. Just before the vote, Rob is going to put his right hand on the shoulder of the person he wants Phillip to vote for. He won't tell him before tribal because he doesn't trust him. Damn. Matt is so struck by Boston - I don't get it. OMG, Rob is setting up a challenge for Phillip to prove his loyalty and faith. Man you're cocky Boston. Apparently, if Phillip can pass this testament, he will be brought further into the fold of BR Followers. 

Tribal Counsel - We get to see Phillip's tattoos and he explains their significance in his life. He is a gorilla. He is a lion. That makes Phillip a Gorilion. He's looking forward to going to Redemption Island so that he can battle his nemesis - Francesquoi. The vote? Rob placed his hand on the shoulder of Kristina, indicating to Phil that he is to vote for her. She played the idol. It's now out of the game and they'll probably just hide another one. Dang, Matt got voted out and Andrea is in utter shock - her honey is out of the game and she needs to rethink her alliances. I don't want Matt or Francesca/ to go home. Shoot.

I wish Francesca would have looked for an idol on the island. I suppose that wouldn't really make sense. 

I thought for sure we would have seen someone go home tonight, but they are holding out until next week or something. I hope they don't take the entire island on just two people - boring. Oh in the next week's highlights reel, it looks like they'll be doing more than just Redemption Island.


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