19 February 2011

Survivor 22!

And the pairings have been made! There are two tribes already with Boston Rob and Russell the unofficial or maybe official leaders of each. Interesting though, the two tribes were already made. BR/Andria and Russ/Meghan picked buffs out of a hat for their tribe alliance.

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:  ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:  REDEMPTION ISLAND
Boston Rob                            Russell                                     Francesca
Andrea                                    David
Ashely                                    Julie
Francesca                             Krista
Grant                                     Mike
Kristina                                  Ralph
Matt                                       Sarita
Natalie                                  Stephanie
Phillip                                   Steve

Ralph is all excited because "they ain't never had a dumb ass to win this, 'ah they?" Awesome – first quote of the season! And Matt is trying to be more like his saviour. It's all happening.
Mike is an Iraq war veteran. They are in Nicaragua again. Oooh...here come Boston Rob and Russell. Some dude is wearing a formal suit. This season is a ratings grab. Stephanie is going to try and get Russ on her side because she doesn't want to be out. 
Francesca believes that they are both trouble makers and they aren't there to help them out. Steve is the only one that really welcomed Russell and Stephanie did too. Boston Rob's team was all aflutter when he picked the buff putting him on their team.
They found out about Redemption Island rules. They have to take care of themselves while they are out there. When there are two people out there, they have to battle it out and the one who loses ends up going home. At some point in the game, they are going to bring back the person from Redemption Island and they are back in it.
Russell is already talking about being the leader of the group and telling everyone what to do. Awesome. He's not going to sabotage anything this year. Now they better get to building their shelter because there is going to be a lot of rain. 
Ralph the farmer is going to build a decent shack. Now they are going to call him "Steal Wool" and Mike is all excited. He said that Ralph had the most impressive Man Sweater he has ever seen. Awesome!
Matt believes that it really is a blessing that Boston Rob is on the tribe. He said that their group might as well be called Tribe Bliss. Natalie feels a sense of comfort with Boston Rob on her tribe. They are all afraid of what it would feel like if Russell were there. 
Andrea quite nearly cut her own foot off. She then tried to tell this guy that was giving her some good advise. She said that she used to live on a farm and knew what she was doing. I was scared. This annoying guy used to be a federal agent. Because he was a federal agent he's honest. His name is Phillip. He also has seven sisters and so he loves women. Great. No one cares about him and they are already annoyed. 
Kristina is already out there looking for the immunity idol. Boston Rob is going to try and keep people away from there so she can look for the clue. She wants this idol already! Five girls and four guys. Boston Rob is trying to set something up so they don't get picked away one guy at a time - not likely.
Phillip and Rob are male lions and they are sizing each other up. Kristina and Phillip are aligning already. 
Cute little ant eater was watching and a little lizard walked across the water. Sweet.
Russell and Stephanie are going to work together. He's her Parvati. He wants her to get to merge and then they will coast. 
David and Mike are talking lots and they are getting ready to get rid of Russell before they have even talked to him. I think they might be on to something. However, I just worry that as soon as they vote him and he's on the island he's going to start kicking butt against anyone else who goes out there. This would be great for Russell because he wouldn't have the social ignorance working against him. And, you are pretty much free on Redemption from a lot of votes and it's all on you to get through the next round. I hope they work that to their advantage if they want someone out of the game for sure...they could pick someone they actually like to head out there to beat the person on the island...that's a good strategy I think.
Kristina doesn't want Boston Rob around very long. It would be ideal if Boston Rob and Russell were out on Redemption Island they could have their ratings grab with them battling it out all on their own. Kristina is ready to dig up the whole island to find the idol. She's looking everywhere. She's all pokey right away. I hope she finds it. OH MAN. She found it! Awesome. Then she buried it somewhere else. I hope she doesn't forget where she put it. Francesca, Phillip, and Kristina are talking with each other. He's all nosey and huge attitude and telling them that they need to answer his questions. He's annoying. He just wants the last word all the time, maybe he's going to be the one gone. 
First challenge looks difficult. The team that wins, wins fire. The team that loses sends their first person to Redemption Island.
Purple is in the lead initially. Orange is getting yelled at by Jeff. The Purple team is much stronger (Russell's team). Zapatera (purple) are working on the puzzle before orange tribe (Ometepe Boston Rob) made it to the puzzle before purple finished it. Ometepe were able to work together quite well. Russell's tribe was able to finish it before Orange! Awesome. 

Who's going to be the first on Redemption Island? I can't even guess. I hope it's Rob. He can be out there for a long time and then they'll get their showoff out there on Redemption Island. Ashley was all upset because she is worried that she let Boston Rob down. Kristina told Francesca that she has the idol. She's ready to get the idol out there already! She's kind of crazy. I would keep it because Rob could come back into the game. She wants the girls to vote for her and then take out Rob. Francesca thinks that they need to keep Rob in the game. She thinks they should vote out Natalie instead. Kristina is going to think about it. Kristina is pretty cocky right now. Rob now wants to target the strongest women in the game Francesca and then Kristina. I'm not sure who he will vote for. Rob already thinks they have the immunity idol. He's telling them to split the vote and EVERYONE is all smitten with him. Now Phillip is explaining the crapout of the emotional game. Kristina is dragging his butt out on the beach to show him the hidden idol. She doesn't trust him and she told him anyhow.

God, Phillip, put your pants back on. Your fuchsia tighties are creepin' me out.

People keep on focusing on 'going home' but they aren't going home. Phillip is such a ...such a something I really shouldn't say or type. I don't care that you are a 'former special agent.' He outed her immunity idol right then and there. Wow. This is nuts. Phillip needs to go very soon because he's a loose cannon. Why does Rob get to call all the shots! OH MY GOD I hate this season so far. Just use it! Don't give the idol to ROB! I'm so stressed out. This is nuts. Phillip is tense. Kristina decided to NOT use her idol. Smart Girl. Francesca is now on her way to Redemption Island. They also got flint so they can start a fire when they head back to camp. I can't believe Rob tried to get Kristina to give him the immunity idol and if she were to have given it to him, she could have stayed in the game. I'm so glad she didn't give him the idol. 

Well, this year is going to be great. I have been pushed and pulled emotionally in so many directions all in just one hour.

Until next week.   

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