08 February 2011

DAY 2 Canada Reads

It's on! Right after the news. 
IT'S ON. fist pump. 

Ali VelshiThe Best Laid Plans. Making democracy work and he thinks that the book will be relavent for years to come. I don't know. I don't believe it. He thinks this book is accessable. I think it was written in a real snobbery-type way. He was talking about how smart and literate he is - the character I mean. Sara said that this was a good story-telling book. He thinks that his book is more accessible because it's not written in a hard way. Sara brought up the lovely letters that the Scottish guy wrote to his wife at the end of most chapters. I liked the first couple, but then I think the author carried it on for too long. I don't know. They were good, but they lost some of the strength because there were too many. Debbie slammed the book - awesome. It was boring and she hated it so much she wanted to throw it away and she never even finished it. 

Lorne CardinalUnless. I can't believe a man is championing this book. I hope it wins even more now. Awesome. Carol Shields, she's amazing. I just heard she died in 2003. I feel kind of robbed, why didn't I love your books in high school? Why didn't they make us read any of these books? I would have loved to have read this book in school. Okay, I know this book wasn't out when I was in high school, but I'm sure she must have written books when I was in school. He did a good job talking about how amazing the author is and what a good job she did. Sara said really great things about this book. I'm wondering if she's going to vote on Unless. Some people thought it was written in a tough way. That it's above most people's ability. I don't believe this. I'm glad he brought up the fact that Carol Shields' book is getting a hard go because she's already famous and she's already received the notoriety. He also said the stiffest competition is, The Birth House and I believe that. Discovering where we stand in the world. He referenced when Norah was eating breakfast, an egg, and a plane went overhead and the kid realized the piolet had no idea she was eating an egg.
The second question is about which one will reach the most people. I think it should have been Essex County, but I think with that one gone, it has to be UnlessUnless was really middle class...even with the daughter that was homeless, she ended up having a place to stay and she wasn't drug addicted. I believe the daughter would have had some trauma and drug use and I don't know if it is the way they made it. I think it was pretty idealist and dream-like and ignoring the nasty-ness that is out there on the street. However, it wasn't a book about Norah, it was about the mom.

Debbie TravisThe Birth House. I hope she keeps up the good fight and the book moves forward in the debate. Tradition is getting pushed to the side in this novel in the time period it takes on. It is essential because it is about the changing world during World War 1 and she thinks we are dealing with this type of situation right now. "Using our pasts for the benefits of today." She's good. Debbie thinks her book is the best written of all of the books. She might be right though. I did look up from the words and be a little disappointed that I was living in 2011. Then I would turn on the TV and be happy to have the conveniences of today.
Jian brought up that all the books are white and I have to say that's pretty accurate. I have to say that the book is even all white and all middle class pretty much. There is some poverty in The Birth House. I thought that was pretty good. It offered another dimension to life besides the middle ground. 

Georges LaraqueThe Bone Cage. Oooh, you're selling me on the book. He's trying to tap into how amazing she is and we can be amazing too if we publish our books how she got her's published. I don't know. I want to be Carol Shields awesome. I want to read books written as well as Carol Shields and I want others to read books this good too. It's about the darker sides of Canadian Olympics. He says it's unpredictable...I think that's disjointed for me, not unpredictable. "You can close your eyes and read this book." haha. Oh dear, he said that he actually cried while reading this book. I wasn't connected to this book, not even a little bit. The only real interesting part is when the swimmer has the accident and what comes of it and HE told us - everyone. Now for sure, Canada you don't need to read this book. Jian says, 'spoiler alert' after he said it. I thought that was funny.

WHO IS GETTING VOTED OUT? The online poll thinks, The Bone Cage should be eliminated next. The other one, Unless. It was a close vote apparently. Now for the official one voted out today: The Bone Cage! I'm so happy it is gone because Unless deserves to be around for number 1. The one voted out didn't deserve to win. If it wasn't going to be The Bone Cage it would have had to have been The Best Laid Plans. Tomorrow maybe it will be gone.

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