20 February 2011

Currently on the Bedside Table

What am I reading right now? I'm reading too many books if I'm going to be honest. Nearest to me are:

I am chipping away at it slowly. I guess it's one of those books that I'm going to have to read and then practice, practice, practice. My favourite quote thus far? "If one person keeps calm and smiles at a provocation, the whole world will have a better chance for peace." I resonate with that quote right now. I figure I've been trying to do that lately at work and at home. When I'm agitated by something someone says or does or I feel 'provoked' I smile and breathe and then respond. Kind of like the saying, 'measure twice cut once'. I'm going to think twice react once. First thought will be that I have been annoyed, second thought will be how come. What in me was triggered to feel that way?
Another quote to think about often for me is, "There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way." Cheesy? You bet.

This one has been sitting beside my bed for quite some time now. I am not sure why I hesitate in finishing it. I'm nearly halfway through it. I remember being so enthralled with the book. I tear up sometimes when I think about reading it. Maybe my Grandfather is my 'Big Friendly Giant'. Maybe that's why I get all sentimental when I hold onto this book. I would have read it when I was just a little one in elementary school; in the Jr. School. Jr. School was comprised of grades Kindergarden to three. We had a graduation from three and then ventured off to the Sr. School just one road over.
How fitting to read about reconciling my childhood at the same time as I am reading a book from my childhood.

I'm also putting together a workshop targeting Helping Professionals who may find themselves in the crux of compassion fatigue and struggling to find a suitable solution out. I've gobbled up anything Francois Mathieu has put together - well, what I've had time to read and review and do.

Point of this blog? To see how it's going to look with the changes I made with the template and such.

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