08 February 2011

My TOP 3: Canada Reads

I missed the first day. I can't believe it. I was even still in bed just playing Bejewelled before I rolled out at 10:45am. It was my first day off after four - to justify.
I read all the Canada Reads books by two weeks ago and I was really into it. I need to time it better next year. I can't believe how quickly I devoured them. I was worried that it was going to take too long. I was behind last year and never even finished the last one. I didn't want that to happen again.
I can thank this year's first one out for that, Essex County, by Jeff Lemire.
I purchased, Essex County while I was in Yellowknife. This book is my Canada. I grew up there, Essex County. Well, not exactly where he is (which he doesn't mention by the way - there's like five + towns in that part of the world.
I live in Whitehorse, Yukon. Picture it like a triangle. I grew up in Harrow (which is now called Essex - Harrow pride, y'all, it sucks), which is South and East (middle mostly). I live in Whitehorse, located in the North- West. I found the book in Yellowknife, North-middlin. I was there for Union business. Jeff Lemire wrote a , "This is my Canadiana" type of thing for me. I wish it had lasted longer - thanks, Sara. I guess I could say it's defining of a generation and a culture.
Oh man, Canada Reads is about to start - I'm such a nerd.

I got all my books at my bed side with the exception of, The Birth House. That was the first one of the four I hadn't read yet - I feel in love with this book. It was fantastic. I thought for sure I wanted this one to win - even above EC. Weird, I know. Completely different and I adored EC. I really liked the characters - strong women leads. I wish I could reference it - my memory is sometimes short for character names in books. I know the last name is Rare. The old lady was this awesome idolized grandma - my perception. I thought she was super cool with all the natural healing and the graveyard - moving.
I'm listening to it on podcast. I love my computer. I thought it started on CBC today at 10am and I am not going to look for it somewhere else than iTunes so I didn't ruin the ending for myself.
CRAP - 2011 isn't on there yet. I just went to the CBC website to try and find it. I didn't see who got voted out. I know I can find something on facebook - I know it - but I also know that I'll see a spoiler and that would suck.

So, I'll sit up here with my books and my Honeycombs - dry we're out of milk.

Unless: "Bookish people, who are often maladroit people, persist in thinking they can master any subtlety so long as it's been shaped into acceptable expository prose." I love it. That was the first quote I was able to resonate with.

How funny was the sex scene - okay really paragraph? Here it is, I hope it gets your giggle out. "Other writers know how to do vivid sex scenes. They've got the chronology down, first the languorous removal of clothing, some slow dancing maybe to an old Sinatra record, then the nibbling, the rubbing, the sucking, the smelling, the tasting, the barking commands and screaming surrender, yes, yes, and then, finally, 'he enters her.' Well, come right in, my find fellow, and make yourself at home." HOW FUNNY IS THAT LAST SENTENCE? I had to yell it, for emPHAsis.
Any my favourite quote from the entire book? "...I am willing to blurt it all out, if only to myself. Blurting is a form of bravery. I'm just catching on to that fact. Arriving late, as always." I really love those words. She's owning her sadness, not running from it anymore. Better late than never. Almost recognizing that what she sees as weakness is really a strength, sometimes stronger than seeming sanity. That fine line. Unless was the last book that I read for this year's Canada Reads.

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