24 February 2011

Week Two: The Lord is With You

Week Two of Survivor 22: Redemption Island highlights are below. I consider it to be like a play by play. If you intend to watch it be forewarned that I disclose everything that happens in the episode. :) I hope you enjoy it.

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:                    ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:                  
Boston Rob                                          Russell                                   
Andrea                                                David                                            
Ashely                                                Julie 
Francesca                                           Krista
Grant                                                  Mike
Kristina                                              Ralph
Matt                                                  Sarita
Natalie                                              Stephanie
Phillip                                                Steve

Alright crew, we're at week two. I'm so excited to see how it all doles out on Redemption Island with Francesca. I hope they send out a weakling and she stays. Not Krista though - that would just be tragic. For Francesca - snap.

(I have to watch American Idol - people are getting the boot and there will only be 24 left after tonight. Do I care? Nope)

Recap: Nah, it's too early. I messed up last week, Matt wanted to call their team, Camp Harmony, not Bliss.

Dream? Boston Rob gets sent to Redemption Island and loses to Francesca and getting sent home. 

Redemption Island - she got there in the dark and she's not sure if she's going to sleep. At least she got flint. Hopefully she can use it. Hang on, couldn't she use the fire in her lamp? Just sayin. No joke, she had a gas lamp in her hands as she was looking for the flint. She could have just used her buff and took the glass cover off. 

Ometepe - they thought tribal was insane. Kristina is so happy she didn't use the idol. Right away Phillip is all over Boston Rob. He said that BR owns his vote until he gets sent to Redemption. Boston Rob, "Lesson learned. Government jobs - stressful". :) They have a secured alliance right away and Boston Rob has already sold out Phillip and is directing everyone around. I don't like Boston Rob. I can't help it. I want to like him. Isn't he supposed to be like America's sweetheart or something? I get the creepy vibe from him like maybe he will get everyone in his tribe to drink some special Kool-aid - yeah, that kind of crazy.

Phillip is still in the fucsia shorts. He has no idea. He's hunting crab and everyone is just laughing at him. I feel bad. I really do. He's choking on his words as he talks about his career with the American Government as a Special Agent. He's got two different pairs of shoes. Nice. 

Zapatera! Ralph is my faovurte so far! He's so great. Russell thinks he's the dumbest person on the face of the earth. I like him, I think he's great. Oooh...Russell might take Krista with him to the final three. Russell is looking for the idol again. I wonder if he's going to find it. Steve and Mike are on to him. I hope Ralph finds it. He could wear it and no one would know since it would be hidden by his man sweater! Oh my goodness! He found it by accident. Fricken awesome. He was rock pickin and found it. He kept wandering around crowing like a rooster. He took it out and now it's his. Awesome. Why would someone go rock pickin? 

The birds and frogs are so cute. 

Matt is sure that God put him in the alliance for a reason. Andrea is really close with Matt. The next showmance perhaps? Boston Rob is on to Andrea. He think she's going to walk Matt around the whole island and he knows it is a scary thing because he did the same with Amber (his now wife) years ago. He thinks Natalie is the perfect partner. He feels like he has to 'drag her ass to the end'. That's not very nice now is it? I can't stand this guy this year. He wants to get rid of Phillip or Andrea (break up the couple) so he can keep the tribe strong. She's all over being in his alliance. Natalie is a professional dancer. What does that mean? 

Immunity Challenge: Phillip  is going to outlast all the men over there, but he's not sure about the women. It's a smashing tile, retrieve a key and then a ball sort of challenge. The breaking tiles challenges are alright. We'll see how it goes. They get fishing gear if they win plus immunity for their tribe. David  from Zapatera is sitting out first because they have one extra person. Grant is awesome at this challenge. He's super fit. Sarita got pretty tired quick. Ometepe is in the lead so far. Andrea did a splendid belly flop - OUCH. Ometepe caught up pretty quick. Ralph is breaking tiles for Zapatera like it was his calling. Phillip can't smash anything. Okay, he smashed 2 and then three and Ralph can't break the last tile. Finally, Ralph broke it. He tapped it lightly about four times before it broke.  

Matt went over and congratulated the other team and that just put a target on him by Boston Rob - he was all upset about it. It was a really decent thing to do and BR was all upset about it. So, that's two in a row that Boston Rob's team is going to tribal. 

Zapatera got reward. Russell is all about the basket and seeks out the clue from the flippers. He took it and no one saw him do it. HAHAHA - Ralph saw him with the clue and told everyone about it...they are not into Russell at all. Sarita and Mike had a conversation about the hidden clue and stealing of it. MIke is sure he can't trust Russell. As soon as Mike went over and joined the secret conversation between Stephanie, Krista, and Russell, they started slamming Sarita. All of them did. Ralph came over and asked him straight out where the clue is since it belongs to the entire tribe - they all won the challenge. At first he said that there may be a clue and then he said that there wasn't one. Then he through out the famous quote, "If you ain't with me, you're against me." They pounded it out and then Russell got all offended by him asking. Oooh...now Russell is gunning for Ralph. I think Russell's tattoo says, "Keep hope alive." I bet he's got to keep hope alive that he will one day be crowned "Ultimate Survivor." It might have been something special and I'm downplaying it. Oh well. That's my story about his tattoo. 

Oh god, Francesca just journalled (comfort item left for her - journal) that it would suck if Phillip got sent to Redemption. I hope for her sake it's not him. Now Phillip is having a group/family meeting directly after they return from losing the challenge. He's making a last ditch effort to save himself I think. Weird guy. No one had anything to add. Boston Rob called him over and said that he did a good job and that it was a team effort - they lose as a tribe and win as a tribe. 

Kristina wore her idol since everyone knows she has it anyhow. She said she's going to play it for sure. Phillip isn't scared because he's a strong man. And he likes the name of Redemption Island. 

I think they are going to vote for Matt. They are also talking about getting rid of Andrea. It made Boston Rob sick that Matt went over to shake hands with the other team. Grant is an ex NFL'er - explains his insane athleticism. Boston is all paranoid that Mattl is playing a text book game of Survivor and playing the nice guy, but I think Matt's just a play as day nice guy. I mean, I've been wrong before, but that's what I think is going on. 

They are "planning" to vote Kristina and Phillip with Phillip going home. Kristina will use the idol. But that's not what Boston and his followers are going to do. I hope Boston tells Phillip and then Phillip sells him out at tribal counsel and Matt gets to stay. I don't want Matt and Francesca to battle each other. I like them both. Just before the vote, Rob is going to put his right hand on the shoulder of the person he wants Phillip to vote for. He won't tell him before tribal because he doesn't trust him. Damn. Matt is so struck by Boston - I don't get it. OMG, Rob is setting up a challenge for Phillip to prove his loyalty and faith. Man you're cocky Boston. Apparently, if Phillip can pass this testament, he will be brought further into the fold of BR Followers. 

Tribal Counsel - We get to see Phillip's tattoos and he explains their significance in his life. He is a gorilla. He is a lion. That makes Phillip a Gorilion. He's looking forward to going to Redemption Island so that he can battle his nemesis - Francesquoi. The vote? Rob placed his hand on the shoulder of Kristina, indicating to Phil that he is to vote for her. She played the idol. It's now out of the game and they'll probably just hide another one. Dang, Matt got voted out and Andrea is in utter shock - her honey is out of the game and she needs to rethink her alliances. I don't want Matt or Francesca/ to go home. Shoot.

I wish Francesca would have looked for an idol on the island. I suppose that wouldn't really make sense. 

I thought for sure we would have seen someone go home tonight, but they are holding out until next week or something. I hope they don't take the entire island on just two people - boring. Oh in the next week's highlights reel, it looks like they'll be doing more than just Redemption Island.


20 February 2011

Currently on the Bedside Table

What am I reading right now? I'm reading too many books if I'm going to be honest. Nearest to me are:

I am chipping away at it slowly. I guess it's one of those books that I'm going to have to read and then practice, practice, practice. My favourite quote thus far? "If one person keeps calm and smiles at a provocation, the whole world will have a better chance for peace." I resonate with that quote right now. I figure I've been trying to do that lately at work and at home. When I'm agitated by something someone says or does or I feel 'provoked' I smile and breathe and then respond. Kind of like the saying, 'measure twice cut once'. I'm going to think twice react once. First thought will be that I have been annoyed, second thought will be how come. What in me was triggered to feel that way?
Another quote to think about often for me is, "There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way." Cheesy? You bet.

This one has been sitting beside my bed for quite some time now. I am not sure why I hesitate in finishing it. I'm nearly halfway through it. I remember being so enthralled with the book. I tear up sometimes when I think about reading it. Maybe my Grandfather is my 'Big Friendly Giant'. Maybe that's why I get all sentimental when I hold onto this book. I would have read it when I was just a little one in elementary school; in the Jr. School. Jr. School was comprised of grades Kindergarden to three. We had a graduation from three and then ventured off to the Sr. School just one road over.
How fitting to read about reconciling my childhood at the same time as I am reading a book from my childhood.

I'm also putting together a workshop targeting Helping Professionals who may find themselves in the crux of compassion fatigue and struggling to find a suitable solution out. I've gobbled up anything Francois Mathieu has put together - well, what I've had time to read and review and do.

Point of this blog? To see how it's going to look with the changes I made with the template and such.

19 February 2011

Survivor 22!

And the pairings have been made! There are two tribes already with Boston Rob and Russell the unofficial or maybe official leaders of each. Interesting though, the two tribes were already made. BR/Andria and Russ/Meghan picked buffs out of a hat for their tribe alliance.

OMETEPE (orange) Tribe:  ZAPATERA (purple) Tribe:  REDEMPTION ISLAND
Boston Rob                            Russell                                     Francesca
Andrea                                    David
Ashely                                    Julie
Francesca                             Krista
Grant                                     Mike
Kristina                                  Ralph
Matt                                       Sarita
Natalie                                  Stephanie
Phillip                                   Steve

Ralph is all excited because "they ain't never had a dumb ass to win this, 'ah they?" Awesome – first quote of the season! And Matt is trying to be more like his saviour. It's all happening.
Mike is an Iraq war veteran. They are in Nicaragua again. Oooh...here come Boston Rob and Russell. Some dude is wearing a formal suit. This season is a ratings grab. Stephanie is going to try and get Russ on her side because she doesn't want to be out. 
Francesca believes that they are both trouble makers and they aren't there to help them out. Steve is the only one that really welcomed Russell and Stephanie did too. Boston Rob's team was all aflutter when he picked the buff putting him on their team.
They found out about Redemption Island rules. They have to take care of themselves while they are out there. When there are two people out there, they have to battle it out and the one who loses ends up going home. At some point in the game, they are going to bring back the person from Redemption Island and they are back in it.
Russell is already talking about being the leader of the group and telling everyone what to do. Awesome. He's not going to sabotage anything this year. Now they better get to building their shelter because there is going to be a lot of rain. 
Ralph the farmer is going to build a decent shack. Now they are going to call him "Steal Wool" and Mike is all excited. He said that Ralph had the most impressive Man Sweater he has ever seen. Awesome!
Matt believes that it really is a blessing that Boston Rob is on the tribe. He said that their group might as well be called Tribe Bliss. Natalie feels a sense of comfort with Boston Rob on her tribe. They are all afraid of what it would feel like if Russell were there. 
Andrea quite nearly cut her own foot off. She then tried to tell this guy that was giving her some good advise. She said that she used to live on a farm and knew what she was doing. I was scared. This annoying guy used to be a federal agent. Because he was a federal agent he's honest. His name is Phillip. He also has seven sisters and so he loves women. Great. No one cares about him and they are already annoyed. 
Kristina is already out there looking for the immunity idol. Boston Rob is going to try and keep people away from there so she can look for the clue. She wants this idol already! Five girls and four guys. Boston Rob is trying to set something up so they don't get picked away one guy at a time - not likely.
Phillip and Rob are male lions and they are sizing each other up. Kristina and Phillip are aligning already. 
Cute little ant eater was watching and a little lizard walked across the water. Sweet.
Russell and Stephanie are going to work together. He's her Parvati. He wants her to get to merge and then they will coast. 
David and Mike are talking lots and they are getting ready to get rid of Russell before they have even talked to him. I think they might be on to something. However, I just worry that as soon as they vote him and he's on the island he's going to start kicking butt against anyone else who goes out there. This would be great for Russell because he wouldn't have the social ignorance working against him. And, you are pretty much free on Redemption from a lot of votes and it's all on you to get through the next round. I hope they work that to their advantage if they want someone out of the game for sure...they could pick someone they actually like to head out there to beat the person on the island...that's a good strategy I think.
Kristina doesn't want Boston Rob around very long. It would be ideal if Boston Rob and Russell were out on Redemption Island they could have their ratings grab with them battling it out all on their own. Kristina is ready to dig up the whole island to find the idol. She's looking everywhere. She's all pokey right away. I hope she finds it. OH MAN. She found it! Awesome. Then she buried it somewhere else. I hope she doesn't forget where she put it. Francesca, Phillip, and Kristina are talking with each other. He's all nosey and huge attitude and telling them that they need to answer his questions. He's annoying. He just wants the last word all the time, maybe he's going to be the one gone. 
First challenge looks difficult. The team that wins, wins fire. The team that loses sends their first person to Redemption Island.
Purple is in the lead initially. Orange is getting yelled at by Jeff. The Purple team is much stronger (Russell's team). Zapatera (purple) are working on the puzzle before orange tribe (Ometepe Boston Rob) made it to the puzzle before purple finished it. Ometepe were able to work together quite well. Russell's tribe was able to finish it before Orange! Awesome. 

Who's going to be the first on Redemption Island? I can't even guess. I hope it's Rob. He can be out there for a long time and then they'll get their showoff out there on Redemption Island. Ashley was all upset because she is worried that she let Boston Rob down. Kristina told Francesca that she has the idol. She's ready to get the idol out there already! She's kind of crazy. I would keep it because Rob could come back into the game. She wants the girls to vote for her and then take out Rob. Francesca thinks that they need to keep Rob in the game. She thinks they should vote out Natalie instead. Kristina is going to think about it. Kristina is pretty cocky right now. Rob now wants to target the strongest women in the game Francesca and then Kristina. I'm not sure who he will vote for. Rob already thinks they have the immunity idol. He's telling them to split the vote and EVERYONE is all smitten with him. Now Phillip is explaining the crapout of the emotional game. Kristina is dragging his butt out on the beach to show him the hidden idol. She doesn't trust him and she told him anyhow.

God, Phillip, put your pants back on. Your fuchsia tighties are creepin' me out.

People keep on focusing on 'going home' but they aren't going home. Phillip is such a ...such a something I really shouldn't say or type. I don't care that you are a 'former special agent.' He outed her immunity idol right then and there. Wow. This is nuts. Phillip needs to go very soon because he's a loose cannon. Why does Rob get to call all the shots! OH MY GOD I hate this season so far. Just use it! Don't give the idol to ROB! I'm so stressed out. This is nuts. Phillip is tense. Kristina decided to NOT use her idol. Smart Girl. Francesca is now on her way to Redemption Island. They also got flint so they can start a fire when they head back to camp. I can't believe Rob tried to get Kristina to give him the immunity idol and if she were to have given it to him, she could have stayed in the game. I'm so glad she didn't give him the idol. 

Well, this year is going to be great. I have been pushed and pulled emotionally in so many directions all in just one hour.

Until next week.   

09 February 2011

Canada Reads: Day Three

I am disappointed that this debate takes place over only a three day period. I will listen to Q tomorrow to listen about the winning book; the author; the debater.
My prediction: The first book voted out: The Best Laid Plans and the second: Unless with the winner being, The Birth House. I am not sure if this is a true prediction or if it is a wish I'm holding onto. I mean, I guess I really want Unless to win, but there have been a lot of ridiculous arguments against it. By ridiculous arguments I mean:
1. It's too good (really?) - should the Canada Reads' book be good?
2. She's already gotten her fair share of fame (really?) - Carol Shields died in 2003 and I don't think she's fame reaching.
3. People will read her anyway (really?) - I wasn't ever going to read her. I was put off because one of her books was made into a 'made for TV' movie.

I haven't given Sara Quinn her fair due. I love Sara Quinn. Well, as much as you can love someone you don't know at all. I like her music and I like the book that she did the introduction for.
Tegan and Sara - I kind of followed them around for about a year...well, it was convenient. They played in Windsor and then London and then I moved to Peterborough and they played at the coffee shop I attended near daily, The Only. So, there you have it. I was a huge fan a few years back (eight!) and I still get all their new stuff and still enjoy it.

Georges: "I don't do anything to lose." Really? Who does? I wonder what type of deal he had with Debbie Travis. She apparently got him back by voting out her book. His book wasn't that great. It was good enough to make it to the top five - apparently - and she should be happy. She should be happy.

Debbie: "I'm an ordinary person who enjoys a good read." She's owning that it's not about her or the other people on the panel - it's really about the books. If it's all about the books, Debbie, how come you didn't finish all the books? She didn't finish the book and she didn't vote it out. Why? Thank you Jian. Thank-you for asking her. And thank-you Debbie for finishing the book last night. I'm glad you heard what we were saying. She's comparing The Best Laid Plans to The Birth House. I'm not sure where she's going with this. WHAT? I don't get it. People clapped, but I don't understand.

Sara: "Everything that's being said, no one is trying to mean, no one is trying to be cruel." I'm pretty sure she's talking about the response Canada is giving and the panelists themselves. Good point to bring us back to reality. I'm pretty sure we're all being respectful. She might be worried about how the other panelists are feeling. Interesting for sure.

Ali: "This is a call to action...in support of the book." I think he's living in the clouds a bit. He thinks that people will go out to look for their Angus McClintock. I don't know if there really is someone out there like that. I would love for there to be someone like that and vote for them...even in the book, he only got in because of a giant scandal. People didn't vote him in.

Lorne: "I love the passion everyone has for books." I now realize I MUST be more IN to Twitter. I have an account, but I don't think I want to spend my time tweeting. This is something I believe could really take over my reality. I must remain more connected to my reality...not the reality out there in cyber-space.

The First Debate:
1. The Birth House: Hasn't been mentioned much. Why not?
Lorne believes this is a folk story being told and he liked the medicine in the back of the book. He also believes it is too regional. He didn't feel that he could relate to it being from the prairies.
Georges believes this book empowers women. Right on, Georges. He doesn't believe that this book speaks to men. He might be right. However, men need women and women need men. If everyone read it - everyone would understand how much men and women have changed and have not.
Debbie has heard from the author saying she's been getting feedback from people who are now going into midwifery and nursing after reading this book - after reading a BOOK. Awesome.
Ali: He enjoyed the book. He was enveloped by it. He would like to see it in movie format. He loved Dora - believes she is an everyman. She has everything against her and she's making it work and it's inspirational.
Sara : She didn't feel invested. To be fair, she was asked, 'what didn't work for you in TBH?'. She wasn't as moved by the book.

2. Unless: This book is a feminist polemic, it doesn't relate to today. What's the question? Did I miss it? Lorne says that women are not being listened to and not heard like yesterday.
Sara: she turned the story to talk about how TBLP has a feminist voice like all the books.

JIAN hear my cry - cut them off! CUT off Debbie Travis when she talks too much. If you really want the debate to go as you laid out - YOU HAVE TO cut them off. You do. Debbie, I hear your passion, but all debaters deserve to be heard. When you talk to much, people get all annoyed with the book. You are speaking for a book with passion, but you can be off-putting at times. Okay, for me because I love the book you are pulling for and I'm getting annoyed. Only because I talk too much and put people off too sometimes. I'll own it.

BOOK THREE VOTED OUT? LORNE why did you vote for TBH? Sara? Seriously? What the hell? Now it's down to the two best books in the entire competition and there you have it. I think Jian should have been the one to take out a book in the case of a tie. Of course Debbie is NOT going to vote for her book to be taken out. Carol Shields', Unless has been voted out.

The Second Debate:
DEAR LORD hear my prayer - Please let The Best Laid Plans to be voted out.

1. TBLP - talks about how he was ignored by EVERYONE and had to self-publish. He won the Stephen Lecock award and then got published. I wonder why he was ignored...hmm...Okay, I don't wonder that much.
Sara: She doesn't think success or lack thereof matters in the end if a book should win or not win. We should pick something we believe is great.
Lorne: He doesn't think we should vote based on the success of a book and if it should win.
Debbie: She thinks an essential book should be gripping and TBLP didn't grip her at all. She thinks that either book could win and it would be great.
Ali: He believes that the story behind the story relates to the book he's campion'ing.
I don't like TBLP. I don't like it. I have a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that The Best Laid Plans will win. I hate it.
Georges: He believes that TBLP is better because it is more current and TBH is not. Frick off, seriously.
Sara: She doesn't believe that the books will inspire anyone. I think TBH will have a great impact on young women to be inspired to do midwifery and nursing.

2. Which of the books would you recommend to someone you love (Valentine's Day): Lorne said he would give TBLP to his brother or some crap like that...sorry, I'm annoyed. Sara said she would gift TBLP to her dad - whatever. Georges said he would give TBLP to someone because of love and the letters that Angus wrote to his dead wife - whatever.
Ali: TBLP made him laugh and cry. He thinks it will inspire people to vote and understand politics.
Debbie: Change begins at home and it is inspirational, TBH. It says you can make it and have a voice.

FINAL VOTE: I'm pissed. I can't believe The Best Laid Plans won this entire thing. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It wasn't a great book at all. REALLY? Canada Reads, you need to make some changes. So, because MORE WOMEN read we are going to vote in a book so that we can ENCOURAGE more men to read. Why not actually listen to women who are reading and encourage that. I don't know. I can't really speak honestly about it right now. I'm living in an angry place. If more women are listening to the show - why are we, in this country, pandering to men? Here we go again, let's coddle the men of this country. How about we do exactly what The Best Laid Plans proved: Men will be held up and cradled by women. Women will train and teach men to run the country and take all the credit and sit back and relish in the success that MEN have in this country instead of WOMEN. I mean, Carol Shields' Unless is definitely alive and well - Women are only good - not great. That is the message I heard after this year's Canada Reads.

08 February 2011

DAY 2 Canada Reads

It's on! Right after the news. 
IT'S ON. fist pump. 

Ali VelshiThe Best Laid Plans. Making democracy work and he thinks that the book will be relavent for years to come. I don't know. I don't believe it. He thinks this book is accessable. I think it was written in a real snobbery-type way. He was talking about how smart and literate he is - the character I mean. Sara said that this was a good story-telling book. He thinks that his book is more accessible because it's not written in a hard way. Sara brought up the lovely letters that the Scottish guy wrote to his wife at the end of most chapters. I liked the first couple, but then I think the author carried it on for too long. I don't know. They were good, but they lost some of the strength because there were too many. Debbie slammed the book - awesome. It was boring and she hated it so much she wanted to throw it away and she never even finished it. 

Lorne CardinalUnless. I can't believe a man is championing this book. I hope it wins even more now. Awesome. Carol Shields, she's amazing. I just heard she died in 2003. I feel kind of robbed, why didn't I love your books in high school? Why didn't they make us read any of these books? I would have loved to have read this book in school. Okay, I know this book wasn't out when I was in high school, but I'm sure she must have written books when I was in school. He did a good job talking about how amazing the author is and what a good job she did. Sara said really great things about this book. I'm wondering if she's going to vote on Unless. Some people thought it was written in a tough way. That it's above most people's ability. I don't believe this. I'm glad he brought up the fact that Carol Shields' book is getting a hard go because she's already famous and she's already received the notoriety. He also said the stiffest competition is, The Birth House and I believe that. Discovering where we stand in the world. He referenced when Norah was eating breakfast, an egg, and a plane went overhead and the kid realized the piolet had no idea she was eating an egg.
The second question is about which one will reach the most people. I think it should have been Essex County, but I think with that one gone, it has to be UnlessUnless was really middle class...even with the daughter that was homeless, she ended up having a place to stay and she wasn't drug addicted. I believe the daughter would have had some trauma and drug use and I don't know if it is the way they made it. I think it was pretty idealist and dream-like and ignoring the nasty-ness that is out there on the street. However, it wasn't a book about Norah, it was about the mom.

Debbie TravisThe Birth House. I hope she keeps up the good fight and the book moves forward in the debate. Tradition is getting pushed to the side in this novel in the time period it takes on. It is essential because it is about the changing world during World War 1 and she thinks we are dealing with this type of situation right now. "Using our pasts for the benefits of today." She's good. Debbie thinks her book is the best written of all of the books. She might be right though. I did look up from the words and be a little disappointed that I was living in 2011. Then I would turn on the TV and be happy to have the conveniences of today.
Jian brought up that all the books are white and I have to say that's pretty accurate. I have to say that the book is even all white and all middle class pretty much. There is some poverty in The Birth House. I thought that was pretty good. It offered another dimension to life besides the middle ground. 

Georges LaraqueThe Bone Cage. Oooh, you're selling me on the book. He's trying to tap into how amazing she is and we can be amazing too if we publish our books how she got her's published. I don't know. I want to be Carol Shields awesome. I want to read books written as well as Carol Shields and I want others to read books this good too. It's about the darker sides of Canadian Olympics. He says it's unpredictable...I think that's disjointed for me, not unpredictable. "You can close your eyes and read this book." haha. Oh dear, he said that he actually cried while reading this book. I wasn't connected to this book, not even a little bit. The only real interesting part is when the swimmer has the accident and what comes of it and HE told us - everyone. Now for sure, Canada you don't need to read this book. Jian says, 'spoiler alert' after he said it. I thought that was funny.

WHO IS GETTING VOTED OUT? The online poll thinks, The Bone Cage should be eliminated next. The other one, Unless. It was a close vote apparently. Now for the official one voted out today: The Bone Cage! I'm so happy it is gone because Unless deserves to be around for number 1. The one voted out didn't deserve to win. If it wasn't going to be The Bone Cage it would have had to have been The Best Laid Plans. Tomorrow maybe it will be gone.

My TOP 3: Canada Reads

I missed the first day. I can't believe it. I was even still in bed just playing Bejewelled before I rolled out at 10:45am. It was my first day off after four - to justify.
I read all the Canada Reads books by two weeks ago and I was really into it. I need to time it better next year. I can't believe how quickly I devoured them. I was worried that it was going to take too long. I was behind last year and never even finished the last one. I didn't want that to happen again.
I can thank this year's first one out for that, Essex County, by Jeff Lemire.
I purchased, Essex County while I was in Yellowknife. This book is my Canada. I grew up there, Essex County. Well, not exactly where he is (which he doesn't mention by the way - there's like five + towns in that part of the world.
I live in Whitehorse, Yukon. Picture it like a triangle. I grew up in Harrow (which is now called Essex - Harrow pride, y'all, it sucks), which is South and East (middle mostly). I live in Whitehorse, located in the North- West. I found the book in Yellowknife, North-middlin. I was there for Union business. Jeff Lemire wrote a , "This is my Canadiana" type of thing for me. I wish it had lasted longer - thanks, Sara. I guess I could say it's defining of a generation and a culture.
Oh man, Canada Reads is about to start - I'm such a nerd.

I got all my books at my bed side with the exception of, The Birth House. That was the first one of the four I hadn't read yet - I feel in love with this book. It was fantastic. I thought for sure I wanted this one to win - even above EC. Weird, I know. Completely different and I adored EC. I really liked the characters - strong women leads. I wish I could reference it - my memory is sometimes short for character names in books. I know the last name is Rare. The old lady was this awesome idolized grandma - my perception. I thought she was super cool with all the natural healing and the graveyard - moving.
I'm listening to it on podcast. I love my computer. I thought it started on CBC today at 10am and I am not going to look for it somewhere else than iTunes so I didn't ruin the ending for myself.
CRAP - 2011 isn't on there yet. I just went to the CBC website to try and find it. I didn't see who got voted out. I know I can find something on facebook - I know it - but I also know that I'll see a spoiler and that would suck.

So, I'll sit up here with my books and my Honeycombs - dry we're out of milk.

Unless: "Bookish people, who are often maladroit people, persist in thinking they can master any subtlety so long as it's been shaped into acceptable expository prose." I love it. That was the first quote I was able to resonate with.

How funny was the sex scene - okay really paragraph? Here it is, I hope it gets your giggle out. "Other writers know how to do vivid sex scenes. They've got the chronology down, first the languorous removal of clothing, some slow dancing maybe to an old Sinatra record, then the nibbling, the rubbing, the sucking, the smelling, the tasting, the barking commands and screaming surrender, yes, yes, and then, finally, 'he enters her.' Well, come right in, my find fellow, and make yourself at home." HOW FUNNY IS THAT LAST SENTENCE? I had to yell it, for emPHAsis.
Any my favourite quote from the entire book? "...I am willing to blurt it all out, if only to myself. Blurting is a form of bravery. I'm just catching on to that fact. Arriving late, as always." I really love those words. She's owning her sadness, not running from it anymore. Better late than never. Almost recognizing that what she sees as weakness is really a strength, sometimes stronger than seeming sanity. That fine line. Unless was the last book that I read for this year's Canada Reads.