16 January 2011

The Last 70 on Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist

There were some gems hidden in the 110 song January 2011 playlist. Most of them were found in the first 40 tracks in alphabetical order from song name. The final 70 songs left me with about 9 in the 5 star range. I'm not sure if my mood was off when I was listening or what. I did notice that there were more depressing songs in my list. I did end up finding and purchasing albums from Millionyoung, Walk the Moon, Perfume Genius, and The Naked and Famous. I do not regret acquiring any of them and they will be enjoyed repeatedly! I'm also going to look into Of Monsters and Men.

Little Talks: Of Monsters And Men - I'm right into this song as soon as it starts; quick and then a duet. Kinda feels like the Pogues. The woman singing reminds me of Kate Nash a bit. I love the horns. Leaves me doin' a dance in my chair.

Rebel Ghost: Jeremy Lee Given - This song is pretty laid back and I think it's depressing, but it is more of a sauntering, lazy kind of depressing which is just more relaxed and okay with the situation I figure.

Sentimental: Millionyoung - This song inspired me to actually purchase the album. I'm not disappointed so far. I like the opening and who can argue with a drum machine? That's what I thought.

Shutter Speed: Little Light - Her voice captures me in the first note and the tabbed guitar.

Gia Margaret and Alain de Courtenay

Skinny Ghost: Happy Trendy - I love the 'shhh, shhh' straight away. I'm more relaxed now then when the song first started. I have to be honest - this is song is much more depressing than I'm normally drawn to. I wonder if it's the electronic beats.

Texico Bitches (Star Slinger Remix): Broken Social Scene - Well, the original is awesome and now I'm totally loving the Star Slinger Remix. I'm right lovin' the electronic mixes. Now I just have to get the young people I work with to give it a try - I'm sure they'll love it.

We: The Shout Aways - The video below is for a different song. Now, this is the type of song I find myself drawn to time and again. So good. It sounds and feels nostalgic to a band I used to listen to quite a few years ago, but I can't find the name in my memory bank at the moment. I wonder if it's 'Sugar'?

We Come Out At Night: Snake! Snake! Snakes! - The drums catch me and then his voice raises the bar of intrigue and before I knew it, I was rockin' out to Snake! Snake! Snakes!

Wise People: Lemuria - Now this is a good song. I love female lead vocals. I feel stronger as a woman when I hear music like this. I know, I know, it's only a song and all that jazz (well, you know what I mean) but that's the point - getting out there and having a voice "...and I certainly matter."

Zodiac Name: Shake The Baron - High hat and drums, leg shakin' and singing along. I nub it. The only problem I have in the song is the "You make me feel" lyrics since no one can make you feel anything. I guess anything but a drum beat! haha! Maybe they were on with that one and I'm mistaken.

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Anonymous said...

witty and funny. Thaz why I love you girl! "No one can make you feel.." lol :) <3