07 January 2011

Indie Music Review :o)

I've had a bit of a love affair going with Blalock's Indie/Rock Playlist lately. You see, on this website, you can download 100+ songs for free - all indie and mostly great. I have decided to review each month for you! I don't know if you'll like the same type of music I do, but I challenge you to review it for yourself if you've got the time. You won't regret it.

I'm about 40 songs into it and I've labelled 13 of them 5 Star on my itunes. I like doing that. I just pick out my five star favs and create a playlist. I end up listening to every song I absolutely love until I play them down to four star favs. You know what I mean. You know.

The Tops of the first 40 are (in no particular order):
1. 2 Player Demo Version: Slime Featuring Vondelpark - as soon as it starts it feels like a really great song from way back in the day. And of course, I'm hooked and sunk with the falsetto and hand clap harmonizing. This song is laid back fo' sho'. This one takes no effort to like or listen to - is that what they mean by 'easy listening'?
2. Ah, no: Sutja GutiĆ©rrez - WARNING - the video has topless women dancing around in a living room. No word of a lie, I was snapping my fingers by the last minute and then swaying back and forth while typing this until it was done. Great song for sure.
3. Anna Sun: Walk the Moon - Foot tappin' an' eyes closin' good music. It slows down for reflection about half-way through and it takes a few seconds/bars but it picks up again. I was just left with that feeling of reflection and is this really a happy song about sadness? - a kind of necessary life happening comforter - sometimes too heavy, but always soft and hug-like in a time of needed comfort.
4. Break/Hands: CAMERAS - The vocals alone at the beginning gently pull you in and then percussion and violin get you to make eye contact - songs like this I love you know, the voice is just as much an instrument as everything there - that's a great band that can hold you tight like that. I do find that it is more of a raw element, holding you accountable to feel something.
5. Choir of Angels: Big White Clouds - reminiscent of country, blues, and favourite church hymn type of feeling. I guess like visiting family or the nostalgia experienced when cherishing memories. There's also hope infused throughout. So nice when the female voice(s) join in. I'm in love with this song. "Now I know I'm so much braver" resonates with me in this moment - I'm much more brave then when I was a child and I'm so happy for it. "...and I can't wait until I can show you" so good.
6. Country and Western Songs: The Western States Motel - reminds me of video games with the synth starting us out. I find this one almost like really good white guy rap with the bass beat and country hint. This one I like mostly for the story that carries it on. The video isn't for this song.
7. Africa (Toto): Golden Ages - This one got a four star, but I like the electronic versions of great 80's music.
8. Falling Asleep: Painted Palms - I feel like a teenager again in this song - dream-like really. Hence the title, right? I didn't even realize that until after I wrote it. Haha! See, it feels good this song.
9. Foley Mountain: Pre-Raphaelites - Great story and it starts our right away. This is a band I would really like to see at Atlin Arts and Music Festival! "That day I found you with my jacket..." I love it. They seem like a fun kind of band that dances all over the stage and infects the audience with muppet-like dancing on the grass in front of the stage. FUN! They even give you about half a minute to rest at the end when it gets slow and acoustic.
10. Girls Like You: The Naked And Famous - Starts out to me like NiN (trent resnor kinda like). And then it gets poppy and good. Not so dark is what I'm trying to say I guess. It might even turn into a bit like Bowie.
11. Giant Hands: Dog And Panther - Sort of a fifties sound with an mix of "Death Cab" and "Postal Service", I never remember that guy's name. I like that there is whistling involved - one of those lost arts, I'd say. I dig the aching electric guitar needing to be held until the very end of the song. At least I think it's a guitar! haha! Sometimes I can't help but laugh at myself.
12. Green Tops: Totally Nebular - I want to stand up and cheer! I want to know how to wield a baton! And then you drop it and reality kicks in - that awkward stumble, but they manage to stand up gracefully so it works.
13. Highway Steam: Hooded Fang - nice beat straight away. Making horns work in a pop song is what catches the fans for sure, I think. Then you add the boy voice in the lilting British style - what more could you ask for? 

Let's be honest - this list was an entire day's work and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was also able to put off cleaning the house for a total of 4 hours. I would walk around and sort of do stuff throughout, but let's be honest...it took me four hours to listen to music, write the reviews, find videos and links, gather some firewood, chop some kindling, and dust here and there. Before I started this I made my famous spaghetti sause - it sits in simmering goodness as I type. I hope you enjoy this music as much as I have! When I get another day to sit and listen to music for review, I will.

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