14 December 2010

Whilst Building a Fire

So, I built a fire today and had some type of epiphany with respect to living and helping and all that jazz. As I was balling up the newspaper and then picking out the perfect quarter piece and then choosing out the kindling I knew that the fire would start pretty quick. My problem with the whole fire thing is getting too confident that the fire is ready to handle more wood than it's ready for.
Ah ha, I had my moment. I realized that putting too much wood on a fire is going to just snuff it out entirely. And there you have it: Don't put too much wood on your fire or you're just going to snuff it out and then you only end up with a whole bunch of smoke and no flames. You have to be patient and then gradually put more and more wood on the fire, when the fire is going strong you aren't going to suffocate. I guess that would be something along the lines of when life is going strong you can take on the world and burn it into something you can use. Not too many people can use smoke - unless they are trying to pull magic tricks or suffocate.

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