21 December 2010

They all got to see it. Not me. Not at night anyhow.

21 December 2010: Last night was a lunar eclipse. I saw it not. The weather got all selfish and stuff and didn’t open up the sky one bit. Apparently this is the first time in like FOUR CENTURIES a lunar eclipse coincided with winter solstice and everything. I wanted to see it. I knew I wasn’t going to be witnessing it and maybe the moon knew herself. She presented in red and aglow to me yesterday morning when I was driving to work. It was awesome. I only saw it a little bit and the angle the road I was driving on to the mountain the moon was falling behind it was gone in just one short bend in the road and I never really had the change to see it from the same angle. Next time I’m going to pull over. However, I still have a vivid picture in my mind of the way it looked and if I stopped to take a picture, I might have missed the essence of it all.
Of course I might not have and I would have this amazing picture for the rest of my life – it’s a chance you take.
I do wonder if that’s what the moon looked last night behind the clouds. The other day an astronomer guest on "Quirks and Quarks"  said that the moon is a big nuisance to the sky, dang Dr. Mike Brown  That’s not a nice thing to say about my friend.
I’m stalling. I don’t want to go to town and I don’t want to get firewood or clean out my dresser or my side of the closet or anything. Okay, I don’t want to take a shower because I don’t know what I’m going to wear and I’m not sure where my other pair of jeans are that I like to wear and I don’t want to make the bed. I’m feeling relaxed and quite comfortable on the couch right now with my blanket, computer, and hardly have to move to reach for cup of coffee. I’m even listening to Christmas music as a way to try and get myself into the Christmas spirit. Everyone should listen to this Christmas album and department stores should use it too. I'm not sure, maybe they already do, I did my shopping pre-Xmas sounds. I used to love it when I was a kid. I’m sure it’s on account of my mom making sure that we were making Christmas cookies and decorating and school had us awash in anything Santa. We hardly learned about the Winter Solstice. I’m not sure where I learned about it from. Maybe we did in nursery rhymes – on a more creative bent through art classes (language arts specifically I guess). I mean what do you call it when you’re in first and third grade? I’m glad to think about those things now. Pretty interesting to think that I attended a Public School and we didn’t talk anywhere near … hold on, maybe they ddin’t talk about either one much. They must have avoided it altogether and the talk was on the school yard. I don’t think when we were making decorations at Christmas time we focused on a Creche/Nativity – more on Christmas Trees, Santa Claus, and stars. Oh and Candy Canes for sure.
Well, I suppose this music and creative writing is helping to slip me into a Christmas spirit. Now I have to do the bummer thing and check my banking and ensure that I don’t spend over budget. “Know your limit, Stay within it.” See, I learned something from the casino!

Favourite Song on the album download tagged above:

The Pogues ft: Christy MacColl - Fairytale of New York

17 December 2010

Travel Thoughts

Sometimes I feel like a child. I am sitting on the airplane right now. The person in front of me has insisted on putting their chair back to the full on recline position. I decided that it would be appropriate to adjust and readjust the screen on the mini-television on the back of her chair. I know it was annoying, but I also know that there is not much more space for me to continue with my day. Now I sit here and type as furiously as possible in order to annoy further. I even decided to put my seat back just a little bit to show her. It shows her nothing because it doesn’t affect her at all. I wonder if putting her seat back was in retaliation to the person in front of her putting their seat back. Nope. I just looked and the seat in front her is NOT reclined, she’s just a bitch. That’s it and that’s all.
I was thinking about two hours ago that I can use a public washroom without worrying about what anyone else thinks of my bathroom experience. I wonder if she’s feeling the same type of thing as she sits there all comfortable in her reclined chair. I hope she puts it up when she’s supposed to. If the light comes on I almost feel like being that person who calls for the attendant so that I can request she put her seat back forward while the seatbelt sign is on because I’ll feel that my safety is at risk. I wonder how well that will go over. I bet she freaks out. I thought it was funny in my thoughts.
I love these moments when I feel like a kid all over again, but with humour and honestly.
I’m almost ready to stop typing on the table on the direct back of her chair. Let’s see if it’s even possible with her head nearly in my lap. Joke’s on me, it’s actually much more comfortable for me to type this way. I wish she would have taken the hint. I would love it if we had phones and could call each other in the seats that do not permit you to talk to the person near you with your head in your lap. I would ask the person two rows ahead of me to please recline their seat as far back as possible and then continue to recline even when it’s not possible so that she would see exactly what she has put me through. I wonder if she’s even experienced this type of invasion of privacy? I guess this goes back to me not knowing everyone else’s story.
Okay, that silly bitch! I just got up to use the washroom. Upon my return I decided I would nonchalantly check out space hog in front of me. She’s leaning forward so much because her chair back is too far back and she can’t see the screen well enough! She’s just being a space hog bitch. Dang.

The flight back has been much more pleasant, so far. There is no one sitting in front of me insisting on putting the seat back as far as he/she possibly can. All I know is, I enjoyed an hilarious film, “Fubar 2” 
and then a quickly little nap, about 1.5 hours, and now I’m going to get my second coffee for free on the flight. No booze this time. Today is a money saving day for sure. I will enjoy something to eat at the airport in Vancouver and if I can find that other book for Canada Reads, I’m going to purchase it for sure.
This morning I had a bit of a freak out because I thought I had lost my cheque.
I just watched the plane lady put the ice scoop directly into this person’s cup that already had pop in it! I would have asked for a different cup of pop myself. She then put the scoop back into the ice tray. I hope the woman she’s working with will point out her error to her. THEN, the travesty that befell myself; she never filled up my cup with coffee. I got about 2/3 of a cup and they are small cups to begin with. The nerve. Then, she never gave me a napkin – must be a cost saving measure; not handing out napkins, giving less than full cups of coffee, and just being gross enough to veer those of us with a sensitive pallet away from ordering anything else that we may be entitled to for free. Sure, now that I write entitled to, they will take away the free juice, pop, water, coffee, tea.  
I wrote this while I was heading to and back from Ottawa, Ontario. I have been home for about a month and took the time to write again and found it. 

14 December 2010

Whilst Building a Fire

So, I built a fire today and had some type of epiphany with respect to living and helping and all that jazz. As I was balling up the newspaper and then picking out the perfect quarter piece and then choosing out the kindling I knew that the fire would start pretty quick. My problem with the whole fire thing is getting too confident that the fire is ready to handle more wood than it's ready for.
Ah ha, I had my moment. I realized that putting too much wood on a fire is going to just snuff it out entirely. And there you have it: Don't put too much wood on your fire or you're just going to snuff it out and then you only end up with a whole bunch of smoke and no flames. You have to be patient and then gradually put more and more wood on the fire, when the fire is going strong you aren't going to suffocate. I guess that would be something along the lines of when life is going strong you can take on the world and burn it into something you can use. Not too many people can use smoke - unless they are trying to pull magic tricks or suffocate.