03 November 2010

Dental Hygienist

Ah, the wonderful dentist. I called yesterday to book a quick appointment to see what is really bothering my front tooth. Well, okay, it's not the front tooth, but the one right beside the front tooth on the right hand side. My teeth aren't the straightest or prettiest teeth on the planet, but they have always been quite healthy. Anyhow, I was there waiting for my appointment while I was reading
Basketball Diaries by Jim Carroll.

I'm enjoying the book so far. I was going to lend it out to the kids I work with at the youth custody facility, but apparently they have already read it. I was also going to bring in the film for day program one day - however, I'm not sure if I will be judged by the other staff for bringing in another video that has some stuff in it that the kids might gain from. Okay, that was not fair. I guess it depends on who's working and stuff like that. So, I will probably bring it in one day for them to watch, but I have to watch it before I bring it in. I know that it is a heavy video with some pretty extreem topics, but it's nothing that these guys haven't either seen or been through in their lives.

Back to the dental appointment. The dentist said that he can't tell what's going on with my tooth and to go back in a week if there is anything that he can find. Apparently, my teeth are still quite healthy as well as the gums.
I had murderous thoughts about the dental hygienist however. She did the cleaning. She put me through pain. It is my fault. If I didn't take care of my mouth as I should have. I get it now. I understand. I get it. I will ensure that I floss my teeth and brush a few times each day - for at least one week. It's like I get scared that all of my teeth are going to fall out and I know that I have to care for my mouth. I know that the heath of our mouths/teeth/whathaveyou is a direct link to the way we care for ourselves, so I have to be better. I'm going to try my best. The dental hygienist is there to let us know what we are doing wrong and they put us through pain so that they can really drive home their point. I'm wondering if these people go to school for this so that they can hurt other people and get paid for it. That might be it. I had much more profound words to write before I started and now I'm at a loss. Bottom line: she is a sadist.

What song should I end this with? How about something super obscure and not very related to the above. I guess it could be related with respect to the youth I work with:

Bone Thugs and Harmony: These are the Days of our Lives.

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