28 October 2010

Music Moments

I absolutely love being in my house. I love listening to my favourite music on shuffle and just sitting back playing on the computer, reading my pick of the week Graphic Novel, and doing whatever I want whenever I want to. I love it.
Today's adventure brought me outside riding my bicycle while my dog ran alongside for the most part. After that, I picked up her crap and realized that having a dog can teach you a bunch about life. If you keep on top of the shit throughout the year, you aren't floating in it in the spring. Also, if you let the shit pile too high, you are resentful of yourself and taking time for yourself. I tend to get pissed off at myself when I let shit pile up be it proverbial or literal. So, I learned something today as well.
After I picked up the poop, I started a fire. Then, I went outside to fill up the wood bin with some quarter pieces, full logs, and split wood for kindling.

Once seated in a warm home with Hellboy, Vol 2: Wake the Devil, I turned on the kettle for a gross cup of instant coffee. All the while, my favourite songs have been playing in the background. I even got a phone call from the love of my life - hereafter referred to as loml.

Hellboy is a pretty good series so far. I've only read the first one. I have seen both movies and they made me giggle, so I thought for sure these series of books would make me laugh even more.

I'm also reading The Grand Design and am really enjoying it. I have found a few sections left me laughing out loud and realizing that I'm a nerd and I get nerd humour. I gather this is a draw to Stephen Hawking. He has a way to include the layperson in on the grand scheme of it all. In reference to the second question asked in the book: Are there any exceptions to the laws, i.e., miracles? Hawking and Mlodinow write, "Plato and Aristotle, the most influential ancient Greek writers, held that there can be no exceptions to the laws. But if one takes the biblical view, then God not only created the laws but can be appealed to by prayer to make exceptions - to heal the terminally ill, to bring premature ends to droughts, or to reinstate croquet as an Olympic sport." So funny, right?

Well, procrastination aside, I should conclude this update and return to the house work I have been avoiding all day. It is now nearly 1430hrs and RaRaRiot are playing a suitable cleaning to song.
I hope you enjoy your day and your company as much as I am this fine autumn afternoon.

24 October 2010

Travelling VIA Rail

Hello! It has been some time now hasn't it? I am sitting in executive/business/supersaver/free-booze-n-food business class in old jogging pants (which were never worn for jogging) and a hooded sweatshirt designed by Douglas Coupland with a Roots label.
The past month has been filled with travel adventure. Time spent on personal development at The Haven. I completed another session of Come Alive which brought lots of insight and future promise. I realized a dream and I am going to pursue it (at least I plan to in this moment).
The second portion of the travelling was dedicated to PSAC (Public Service Alliance of Canada) meetings in Ottawa.
The third adventure consisted of spending time with family and promising to be a positive role model and teacher to my Godson. In that promise I am to provide support to his parents and assist in his spiritual development. I am sure I am supposed to be advocating and promoting a positive Catholic view. I can do this so long as I am able to promote the love Jesus speaks of in the bible and leave the nit-picky rules laid out by the more conservative factions of the faith. However, if it comes down to it, I will promote the vision and direction his parents are most adamant (not the right word, I can't think of it at the moment) towards.
My dream? To be a counsellor. At Haven. Somewhere people want to hear the stuff I am so passionate about. I fear I put my thoughts out there too much for people. I think I come across as self-righteous and I am trying to figure out how to share without being annoying. I think I'm failing with some and with others they enjoy it. I am sure if I could be a counsellor the people I would talk to would want to hear my feedback. In fact, they would ask for it. Even if they didn't like what I said, I would be okay because they would have asked for it. I'm trying to strike a balance with family. I have done a lot of reading and studying on communication and what works and what does not, but for some reason - okay here is the self-righteousness - they don't always want to hear what I have to say.
I don't know what to do with what I have been taught. It gets to be so difficult when other people don't want to play by the same rules of communication. I wish there was more of this type of conflict arising situations practiced at the Haven. Maybe they get into more detail with these types of difficulties during phase 1. I hope to be participating in Phase 1 next fall - or winter - or spring.
I'm two drinks in on the VIA train to Toronto.
I arrived home safe and sound after about eight hours in transit. During the second half of the trip from Toronto to Ottawa, they had to fill the train with passengers from another scheduled train because the tracks they were supposed to travel via (get it via Via?) was dealing with a derailment. Awesome.

Okay - I'm still on track with the dream.
Mild annoyance during travel? I was question every time I went through the first class line ups because of my attire. Okay, I know, I know, I brought it on myself - what did I think? Did I truly believe that wearing worn jogging pants and an ill-fitted t-shirt covered by a hooded sweatshirt with thumb holes would say to people: "Now there's a first class rider?" I didn't.

What was I reading? 

I actually met the Gerry Fewster who wrote Don't Let Your Kids be Normal when I was at The Haven. Nice man. He signed my book, "To Lisa, who is obviously not normal." AWESOME. :o)