17 June 2010

Where do you find your solitude?

Solitude is a strange and wonderful creature. We (collective humans) are social creatures by nature - by mamillian standards. Why is it we crave solidute - by we I mean - collective humans? We spend thousands of dollars to enjoy the moments of solitude we do have together. We do not spend that kind of money on social extravaganzas but maybe events like weddings or funerals perhaps.
We buy things like comfortable cars, all terrain vehicles, motorcycles, homes and all that is included inside to be shared by yourself or by a few select others in your family or close knit friend group, and on other things too like computers, musical instruments (arguably for all to share and enjoy - however only played by one a time), computers, music (the listening, not playing sort), education, etc...
So, where have the days of spending our money on social gatherings gone? Were they ever really there? I wonder - socializing really isn't something that one would spend great deals of gold on. Perhaps if we could the amount of money spent to visit with family - wait, that doesn't count as spending 'real' money. In my eyes, visiting family is a necessity, not a commodity one purchases.

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