05 May 2010

Another Gem from Dr. Mate


I tried the “share” thing offered on the website where I drew this information from. The article is primarily about the childhood epidemic of obesity. Very interesting read.

The more and more I read of Dr. Gabor Mate’s work, the more I really connect with what he has to say. This latest article is once again about bringing it back to our childhoods and hopefully bringing it back to the childhoods of our children in the here and now teaching us what we can do to lessen the effects of our own trauma, loss, parental depression, etc...so that the effects are not as reaching in our own children.

It’s not about blaming our parents or even their parents, or your parents - it’s about accepting that these things work in cycles and trying our best to deal with our “stuff” so we can take care of the generation right now.

I hope you get something from the article. I know I have.

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