06 May 2010

Indie Music’s awesome.

I love indie music. I love it. It’s so relaxed and tells such a nice story. I’m listening to “The French Semester” right now - they are so awesome. And this other band, they are called “Freelance Whales”.

Okay, crux of it is this:
I’ve finally taken a break from work - like a break you know. I’m doing a new job and it’s with the same kids and staff, but I’m taking a break. I was in it Monday through Friday - 8am until 430pm. I started to hate it. I really liked the kids and the job overall, but I was getting tired of the bureaucracy of it all. I was tired of trying out new things. I wanted an established routine with times and expectations laid out. I wanted to work with a team of people who all have the same job I do. I love it. That and I get five days off in a row after working four - yeah, they are 12 hour shifts granted, but then you are done your hours. I really don’t enjoy the night shifts, I do enjoy the seeming alone time when running control or monitoring - there is time to research information I really care about and to study. I can also write. I guess I could have done all that in my other job, but I was selfish. I wanted to have everything. I wanted to have days off with my partner so that we could enjoy full days off in a row instead of just one day one week and two days the next week. Now, we get way more time off together. And, I don’t have to do my homework or writing when we are together - it’s nice that I can if I want to though! Life is good.

So, I was going to write about how with a long break from the reality of the other job for about six months, I’m able to finally get to know myself again. I was so focused on trying to do the right job and make myself some duties I would love to take on, I just had to let that go - the job was becoming my identity and that was not good for me. I did discover that I actually like some hip hop and rap music. I like the beat and there is a lot of good out there. So, anyhow, when I got to know myself again, I realized that hip hop is NOT in fact my favourite genre of music. I like indie music that’s first, then maybe I don’t know yet - still getting to know who I am.

So, now I am getting to know my identity - if that makes any sense at all - and I do what I want and it’s working. I love my new job - it is just great. I work with the same youth, the same coworkers, and I have time for family and friends. It’s all happening. It’s all happening.

Another great album I downloaded - “The Bad Weather” - Horehound and their latest: Sea of Cowards. I love this album. There is one song that catches me every time I listen to it - Jack White makes the guitar sing like a person in tis own right. Unbelievable. I kind of feel like I should be in a weed cloudy room with a bunch of records out and cigarette butts piled high on a wooden coffee table - in one of those crazy old ceramic ashtrays that were so huge and they were never emptied until after the party. You knew it was a good party when the ashtray was emptied prior to the last guest leaving...not that smoking is acceptable anymore. However, when I listen to Sea Of Cowards (180 Gram Vinyl), I don’t feel like being acceptable.

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