26 April 2010

Walking the Maze in Reverse

I'm going to try and set this up in a much nicer way in the future. The future is subject to individual timelines so best not to make an assumption mine matches yours'. Also, beware of my inability to craft the English language in an educated, grammatical way. Luckily, my macbook pro (version just the other day generation) underlines the spelling errors until I guess correct.

The title, "Walking the Maze in Reverse" is a reference to a thirty-somethings' response to learning about life in a textbook and walking the life maze, as it were, without children. Without children or child free? I prefer child free. Many of us learn lessons in life and can reflect them back to ourselves through our children. However, those of us who are child free may not venture down this path of personal growth until later. At least this is the case for me. And I don't even know what I mean by 'until later'. I don't even know what it is I'm learning here half the time, but I do know that the people and experiences I have had the opportunity to participate in can not be coincidental - not all of it.

My life has changed dramatically and stayed seemingly the same to many. I have switched career carriers from a steady 9-5 Monday to Friday situation to a 4 on 5 off scenario with day and night shifts. This is a huge life change for me and those close to me. I am not home pretty much four days out of nine and am a near zombie for at least one of the five. I'm happier - I'm creating. I'm writing, I'm learning, and I'm reading. I'm also playing the guitar for better or for worse as the cliche goes (is that a cliche?).

Enough for one day - wouldn't want to over-share on this first post.

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