28 April 2010


It's getting crazy on V right now. Will the hybrid baby be saved? I can't remember anything from when I watched it as a kid. I'm getting annoyed by the main female character - I can't even remember her name or be bothered to look it up. I'm sure it isn't her personally - I'm sure it's how they have her acting. I get annoyed whenever she looks down at her son's embassy jacket realizing that there is a camera watching their every move.
I also get annoyed with how every time Anna or the journalist is making a sneak attack - when they walk away they look to the camera for a second so that we know that they know that we know. We get it.
I still love it. I love listening to all the ominous music and hearing the surround sound in my house do its thing. Awesome. Also, it is in high definition which helps a lot.
Anna is going to be pissed when she finds out her daughter is a reptile capable of feeling human emotions. Or is she? Or isn't she? Or does Anna already know? Is Anna the real head of the Fifth Column? So many questions left to be answered in a few short episodes. At least I hope it sticks to the way it was - I mean, of course, it has already deviated by having more than four episodes. Bah, I haven't done enough research online to know if these plans are already in the know. I'm just an average gal with questions I only sort of want the answers to.
I have to give props where props are due: My partner suggests that the word of year is: hybrid. I concur.

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