29 April 2010

Test 1, 2...

Just trying this out. I read this article and thought it was pretty great. I have been trying to do this in my life at the moment. You know, Dr. Gabor Mate has stated that the way we have protected ourselves in the past, in our childhoods, may have once been affective, but now they are most likely not. Those negative thoughts that circle and dive above your confidence like a vulture in the summer heat will not do you any favours now. So, buck up and come up with some new, positive thoughts to sail you through the day.
Today, before leaving my house I did an eight minute meditation. In ten minutes I was able to focus my thoughts toward the positive and back to me and my day to day. What it means to be me once again became highlighted. I'm having more and more of these days lately. The meditation was purchased on itunes for a buck (completely worth it) from a compilation entitled: Living Meditation, Vol. 2: Guided Meditations with David Harshada Wagner.

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Phumbling said...

click on the test 1, 2... title and it will send you directly to a really interesting article.