29 April 2010

Music filled day topped off with Mouton Cadet Bordeaux

We were also enjoying a Malaysian Chicken curry I cooked up this afternoon before my partner got home. It was delicious. I'm not much of a cook, but I have to admit I am getting much better. This schedule of four on and five off is fantastic. I have more time to learn how to do things like cook.

Survivor was on tonight - bah. Amanda got voted out and she was mine and now she's gone and now I am not going to win - craptastic. I'm trying to figure out how to go about putting in a link with a word like the fancy folks I follow can do. I'll figure it out one day. I have no idea what 'mime' thingy is with the enclosure links.

King Russell may have fudged on using the hidden idol and now he's going to have figure out what's what with Parvati and Danielle. Next week definitely looks more interesting than this week's for sure.

Currently reading: Bloodsucking Fiends the second time. Damn, I wish I knew how to do the fancy html stuff. I would have a link for the book if you clicked on it. One day my friends, one day. I’ll have to ask my coworker on my night shift.

My goodness, I have been going crazy listening to music over the past couple of days. I have discovered the old new band Dr. Dog and I’ve rediscovered Emm Gryner Also been listening to Camera Obscura Courtney Love, Pavement (because I said that I liked that someone was going to see them in concert as if I were a huge fan as well and realized that I know nothing about this band), and 30 Seconds to Mars, and M. Ward  he’s so awesome.

I FIGURED IT OUT Bitches...that seems to be the thing to say now-adays - bitches. So, now I know how to do it and can eventually do this much faster - you know the whole link in a word thing...who would have thought all I had to do was hit the link button after highlighting what I wanted to allow someone to link to somewhere else. Oh the internet is getting to be so much fun.

Test 1, 2...

Just trying this out. I read this article and thought it was pretty great. I have been trying to do this in my life at the moment. You know, Dr. Gabor Mate has stated that the way we have protected ourselves in the past, in our childhoods, may have once been affective, but now they are most likely not. Those negative thoughts that circle and dive above your confidence like a vulture in the summer heat will not do you any favours now. So, buck up and come up with some new, positive thoughts to sail you through the day.
Today, before leaving my house I did an eight minute meditation. In ten minutes I was able to focus my thoughts toward the positive and back to me and my day to day. What it means to be me once again became highlighted. I'm having more and more of these days lately. The meditation was purchased on itunes for a buck (completely worth it) from a compilation entitled: Living Meditation, Vol. 2: Guided Meditations with David Harshada Wagner.

28 April 2010


It's getting crazy on V right now. Will the hybrid baby be saved? I can't remember anything from when I watched it as a kid. I'm getting annoyed by the main female character - I can't even remember her name or be bothered to look it up. I'm sure it isn't her personally - I'm sure it's how they have her acting. I get annoyed whenever she looks down at her son's embassy jacket realizing that there is a camera watching their every move.
I also get annoyed with how every time Anna or the journalist is making a sneak attack - when they walk away they look to the camera for a second so that we know that they know that we know. We get it.
I still love it. I love listening to all the ominous music and hearing the surround sound in my house do its thing. Awesome. Also, it is in high definition which helps a lot.
Anna is going to be pissed when she finds out her daughter is a reptile capable of feeling human emotions. Or is she? Or isn't she? Or does Anna already know? Is Anna the real head of the Fifth Column? So many questions left to be answered in a few short episodes. At least I hope it sticks to the way it was - I mean, of course, it has already deviated by having more than four episodes. Bah, I haven't done enough research online to know if these plans are already in the know. I'm just an average gal with questions I only sort of want the answers to.
I have to give props where props are due: My partner suggests that the word of year is: hybrid. I concur.

27 April 2010

Survivor meets NHL

Hello! Weekly (give or take) I have been updating the group at work participating in our inner office Survivor lottery. Lots neglect to watch and others like to be caught up - I like to write them.
This year has been crazy on Survivor - King Russell is about to share some words with Queen Parvati for sure. He shouldn't be annoyed though - she did save the Villains' safety of five with her hidden idol. What a brilliant move on her part. She's regained favour - above Russell I should say - of Sandra and Jerri. This could be interesting to say the least. Russell seems to be a bit choked in the "scenes from next week".

JT you are so trusting! I would have liked to have seen him in the game for a bit longer - I guess he had to go now so that one of the other power players can win. I wonder if Amanda will side with the villains in order to secure at least 6th? She might be able to do something like this if she plays it proper. She's going to have to tell Parvati that she was trying to tip her off to do something along those lines in the first place. Parv isn't stupid so I don't know if she'll go for it or not. Maybe just for fun because she will keep her since Amanda's going to have to 'win back her trust'. I don't know what's going to happen - Amanda was my draw in the lottery at work. She's got to do something soon - I'm fearing she is in the same league as Danielle when it comes to being necessary around camp. I wish we got to see more than a glimpse of what's going on. Or we could see alternate edits.

HEY that sounds like a fun contest - they should have a Survivor challenge for film makers/editors to gather all the footage taken and make their own six half hour episodes or something like that from each season as a reunion type box set. I think they should do it. I think the Survivor people would really gain a lot by doing something like that - they could provide the winner with college money or a car or something. Make the contest open to professionals, students, and aspiring and mash it all together in a box set.

I digress...

The WINGS played an amazing game tonight! Aucoin won the oscar for best NOT a penalty, penalty call. I would have been furious. Oh well, that can't explain the devastating loss the Coyotes may never recover from - 6 to 1 Red Wings stole it - right after that not penalty, penalty call, the Coyotes had over a minute of a two man advantage and they couldn't do a thing about it. The Wings were on fire...I could be a bit muddled with my interpretation of the hockey game since I am new to following it. There is another office lottery type thing going on at work. I can't find the sheets with my players on it at the moment. I'll find that and start paying closer attention and provide updates on my status. We were to pick twenty players and two goalies. We get a point per goal and assist and a point per each game won by the goalie and two points if they win by shut out.

Survivor picks: TOP 2 - Parvati and Russell would be awesome. I don't think it'll happen though. Only one of them will be there for final 2, final 3. I hope Danielle isn't there. Nothing personal Danielle, I just haven't seen what you are doing. I guess it was pretty great of you to stand up to Parvati for individual immunity - she calls you her lady in waiting...

Enough - time to get to the television to watch, "V". I love that show. Good feeling memories - also known as 'implicit' memory. I remember really nothing of the show when it was on when I was a kid, but I do have emotion attached to it.

26 April 2010

Walking the Maze in Reverse

I'm going to try and set this up in a much nicer way in the future. The future is subject to individual timelines so best not to make an assumption mine matches yours'. Also, beware of my inability to craft the English language in an educated, grammatical way. Luckily, my macbook pro (version just the other day generation) underlines the spelling errors until I guess correct.

The title, "Walking the Maze in Reverse" is a reference to a thirty-somethings' response to learning about life in a textbook and walking the life maze, as it were, without children. Without children or child free? I prefer child free. Many of us learn lessons in life and can reflect them back to ourselves through our children. However, those of us who are child free may not venture down this path of personal growth until later. At least this is the case for me. And I don't even know what I mean by 'until later'. I don't even know what it is I'm learning here half the time, but I do know that the people and experiences I have had the opportunity to participate in can not be coincidental - not all of it.

My life has changed dramatically and stayed seemingly the same to many. I have switched career carriers from a steady 9-5 Monday to Friday situation to a 4 on 5 off scenario with day and night shifts. This is a huge life change for me and those close to me. I am not home pretty much four days out of nine and am a near zombie for at least one of the five. I'm happier - I'm creating. I'm writing, I'm learning, and I'm reading. I'm also playing the guitar for better or for worse as the cliche goes (is that a cliche?).

Enough for one day - wouldn't want to over-share on this first post.